Friday, July 22, 2011


I have thought about Norway today as it was just last night, or afternoon, that I had a bad feeling about something. Not to say it has anything to do with Norway at all. But it was first in the afternoon which is why I quit watching my movie and then later that evening.

I feel the same way this evening. Not a bad feeling maybe, but something very sad. It's 10:25 p.m. and just this heavy sadness. It's not me either, I really feel it's something else.

The last time I sensed danger was, I believe, the day before yesterday. I believe it was Wednesday. It was serious enough that I went to bed thinking this economic problem needs to be resolved quickly and the U.S. is in danger.

But maybe my feelings were misplaced. Possibly, it was another country that was about to be in danger. I thought it was the U.S. I haven't had this sense of danger, or impending danger, for some time actually. But I did feel it was something on a national level, or larger level, not having to do with me alone.

My thoughts at the time, not knowing what it was about, is that we need to prepare and be prepared. I am not kidding. It was such an urgent sense of danger that I almost wrote about it, and almost wrote that we need more military, and more security and more preparedness at this time and must get out of the economic slump. But just as I was sensing this and thinking it was the U.S., Norway was bombed, so maybe my sense of danger was going there. I don't know really.

After a sense of danger, there was a "bad feeling" but some of that, I did discover, is somewhat personal and then some of it might not have been.

Tonight, I sense deep sadness and a very heavy spirit and it must be from someone I care about or, if not, I really don't know.

I get some kind of impression now, of, "they are trying to kill your Dad" but I don't know what that means. Plotting of some kind maybe. I don't know. It just came to mind now and probably means nothing and is definitely not something that has come to mind earlier at any time.

The danger, or sense of danger, was very real. It felt the same as when I was in Washington D.C. and could feel all these conflicting energies and sometimes sensed real danger. I never knew what it was, but I figured it had to do with being in a location where a lot of different countries and embassies, diplomats, and spies, and military, mix, and then something is going up or down with some group. I had the same feeling when I was taking a bus from Nashville to Knoxville. It was a very serious feeling of some kind of danger. I am sure there are great people I missed out on meeting there, as I'd wanted, but there was a very strong intuitive feeling of something so dangerous I was literally about to get off of the bus and thought about it several times and had to read my Bible repeatedly and call my family. My hands were covered with cold sweat. I have had a number of things happen and it's sad when you get "used" to horrific things. But then when there is a sudden unexplained level of fear or danger, it makes me wonder.

Which is also true when I sense a very heavy and sudden sadness, and know somehow that although most would say the origin is within myself, I somehow know it's somewhere else but I can't put my finger on it.

I used to think that I sensed danger regarding hostage situations. That somewhere in the world, there were people taken hostage and I somehow picked up on the vibe or energy. But then other times, I'd find out at the same time, there were confrontations with some kind of groups, whether it's "criminal" or freedom fighters and police or law enforcement, or what, and involving people dying.

Sometimes I don't sense deep sorrow around the time of an event that is major but I later get something from reading scriptures that seems to connect in some way. Like, I didn't feel anything when the Russian ship went down, I mean, I had not sensed anything, but later I read a passage from scripture about Paul's ship that went down and he and all his men came onshore floating on bits and pieces that were makeshift rafts, and it made me think of the Titanic.

The strange thing about the sense of danger, is that it was so imminent and the urge to say something very drastic was right there, and then I didn't. Then it went away, about the time explosions were carried out in Norway. It sort of makes me wonder if possible some people knew something ahead of time and tried to warn. I mainly felt this way on Wednesday I think. I think it was Wednesday night I sensed danger, Thursday this deep and heavy sadness, and then today, off and on sadness. No impending danger like before, where I was ready to ring a bell and say get things together and prepare yourselves.

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