Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Night

I did not sleep at all. I tried to sleep but didn't sleep all night. I had one impression at about 1:30 a.m. of a man warming his hands or rubbing his hands over a fire, like a campfire. And then I thought it looked like long towels in the trees to the right of the fire but the towel(s) was sort of separate. I saw a campfire and then I saw a long towel hanging and someone used it and I thought it was part of the same scene but I don't know. I thought, "Who would be making a fire at this time of night?" It was 1:30 a.m.

And then that was after some strange music collage featuring Adel Jones, some singer I ended up with randomly, though I know I have seen one of his videos before, a long time ago. It was so strange.

When I was walking later in the evening, and looking out across this pasture, before I got back to the house, I had the song "You Raise Me Up" come to mind. But I forgot about it until later when it came up again on youtube.

I went from the Cheeseburger silly song to wanting to hear "O come, o come, Emmanuel" so I listened to a version by Enya that started with "Blessings to you from Ireland" or something. Then I listened to the same song by Sixpence None The Richer. Then, by Selah, which had a story video with it. From there, a version by Adel Jones. And then I clicked on a link thinking it was another version and I decided to not look until almost halfway through, and the link I had clicked on had a boy but when I started watching it was a man, Adel. And then it progressed and the video incorporated him as a man and as a boy. Back and forth. So I watched this a few times. Then I clicked on an icon of a round field with snow and it was Adels, "You Raise Me Up". Which was the same song I had in my mind earlier that day. And the other weird thing is that it was so loud there was this persistent honking throughout the whole song and I had decided to close a window before playing it and either the window or a car in the distance, made this squeak or honk sound first, just once. I thought, "That was odd" and then I played the song and it was "honk, honk, honk, honk, honk..." Just as I was writing this the dryer started making the same sound, but a squeak, with the same rhythm and then it stopped. It only did it while I was writing about that. I don't know how to quite explain it all. But then, due to the taurine in a Red Bull I drank, I think, I was wide-eyed all night.

Oh! and then, after all these songs about emmanuel and immanuel, I turned to the scriptures and read from the OT first and read about more of the temple arrangments, to the silver trumpets and horns that were to be blown by priests, and then I flipped at random to read something from the NT and I was on the page preceding the beginning of the NT, which is just a facepage that says NT. So I turned and it was Matthew and the geneology of Jesus and then I read to the second chapter, which is about...of course! "Immanuel".

I sensed really good and calm energy at some part while watching the music videos but then I guess I went to bed a little confused about some things.

I had watched to a certain point and then felt sort of afraid to keep watching, which sounds weird, but I was thinking I don't want to jinx anything or maybe I should just stop here but then I thought, no, if you feel led to keep watching for some reason, sometimes God leads you to what you are to see and if not, so what? So I trusted God and then I ended up on Holy Night at the part of fall on your knees by Adel Jones and then You Raise Me Up and then I thought that's where I was stopping for the night. Then I did a scripture reading and went to bed and tried to sleep all night and didn't sleep a wink all night.

5. at 1:55,

and then I went to bed, read, and then later had some impression of a man rubbing his hands above a burning fire and then something regarding a towel. There was a towel hanging. Oh yeah, and then I read a different section of the scripture because I went from reading Matthew about Immanuel to King Herod trying to kill Jesus and plotting to do it with a large group of priests and others who said, "It has already been prophesied, a ruler will come out of Bethlehem." So they pointed to what a prophet had written and told Herod if he didn't kill them, his throne would be challenged. So I looked at the footnote for this and it said the prophesy was in Micah so then I read Micah 5:2.

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