Friday, July 15, 2011

Deleted Computer Forensics (before Appeal hearing) & Kate Mid.

I am really not happy right now.

I protected my computer all across the U.S. and intentionally disabled it at one point, to preserve it for later computer forensics and some idiotic computer person (who is not going to go unnamed) deleted and erased EVERYTHING from my laptop when it was not necessary.

I asked why everything was erased and what happened to my computer and I was told this computer person said it was "the only way" to get the virus off of it.

Which is B.S.

I'm not an idiot and I knew what kind of virus was on it before and there was no reason, at ALL, to delete everything off of my entire computer.

It was a normal adware virus. I left it on, and disconnected my laptop and took the battery out and didn't plug it in again, with the purpose of having the whole thing analyzed, maybe by someone from a different country, or by someone I trusted.

Instead, some lying American IDIOT, did a favor for a lot of people.

And then I get on and still, my laptop is still being networked to another user who thinks THEY are the owner and all my buttons for not sharing my laptop are in the mode where you can't change anything.

I know who wanted to cover up some of their crap too, Chris Rozollo and his "team". He's the one that got onto my laptop in the first place, after I got to Wenatchee for the first time. Then I come over to the first place where I had to plug in my computer, and someone parks a truck with a camper that looks just like his vehicle in the parking lot.

I think it's partly Mossad someone is protecting.

I disconnected everything before the Wedding & Funeral with Kate and William and then the assasination of Osama the next day.

I had disconnected and not allowed anyone to get their hands on my laptop and went only to hotels and libraries instead. I refused to use my laptop because I was preserving my right to have someone and some groups, caught for crap they were doing and things that could be traced by forensics, and I was also preventing someone from trying to do their own forensics with my computer.

I knew someone wanted to get into it. Someone involved with intel or who didn't want intel to track things.

And sure enough, after all this time, someone went in and wiped everything out, after first nosing through all I had first and allowing others to add or edit things they had already.

What an incredible lie.

It was a malware virus. There was ZERO need to erase everything from my laptop just like there was no reason for someone to steal my other computer back and take it from the hands of a former military man. He lied too, in Wenatchee, claiming he didn't know what happened to it. He knew exactly what happened to it.

I'm finding out who did this with my laptop. This guy deleted everything included all the places I connected to, for wi-fi. There was a list.

At any rate, no one would be interested except for whoever was behind the whole Pakistan and Kate and William stuff. I was tortured by people who were pushing for middletons. It was really great.

Anyway. I need to keep my mouth shut more. I don't know what happened in L.A. but maybe someone did something or coordinated with someone who was against me and not very pleasing but something tells me she went down a notch in estimation for some reason. But I wouldn't know why. All I know is that for the first time, when I asked a question, I got an unflattering response for something to do with her. And that's not saying it's always right. But usually, it was pretty neutral or positive, no matter what my feelings were about her family or someone backing them. But maybe something went down that wasn't so great in God's eyes, I don't know. And that is all I'm going to say. And it was the first time I thought it is possible to have favor and then start to lose it. I wondered if she had personally done something that God didn't like. Or associated with people that God didn't like, directly or indirectly. Something about poison. But I didn't get all of it. It was just something to do with poison. And a tree. Equivilated with a poison tree. I can't say anything else. It's too complicated but just remember, God misses nothing. NOTHING. I swear to God, and every single other time, even if I felt someone connected to them was "off" I never got anything about her (other than cheating or some kind of impression of her with another man with dark brown hair), until then. All other times, not one thing ever came up wrong. So I guess I wonder.

Not to say I'm a perfect person. But I haven't drawn the poison card yet and hope to God I never will. And hope no one I associate with draws it either, or to try to support me.

It was the first time I ever asked God, "Did she do something wrong?" and wondered and thought, "I guess she did". This was about a week ago when I asked and I kept it to myself. She was in L.A. when I asked the question or right after she left. The only reason I think there was maybe something to it, is because I had also asked a question about something else that had to do with me, and it turned out to correspond to something, to a plant my mother had purchased when I first arrived from TN. It sounds weird, but I just felt there was something going on. And all I can say is that it had something to do with a poisonous tree.

And then something really weird happened involving a tree and I got in trouble for "walking all over it" because "it's dangerous".

I went out and walked on it in my flip flops with a bottle of water in one hand and a snail in a shell in my other hand. I found the shell and it made me think of my grandpa Garrett. So I didn't let go of it as I walked up to the top of a tree that had been stripped of a large section of its branches.

Oh, just so ya know, I didn't dance on it or anything. I just balanced on it and went to the top to investigate. And then got off of it before it rotted out further with me on top of it.

Have a good night.

There are people who work according to the flesh and then people who operate in the spirit.

All I know, is I'm not done being mad about what has happened to me and my son. We were tortured.

I really don't think any of you know what torture is like. My son and I were tortured. Repeatedly. No, more like, without ceasing. Ever. I was drugged, doped, and tortured and I'm trying to figure out why it's stopped and I guess I don't care, and I guess it bums a lot of people out and depresses them, but I am still trying to shake it off.

I lost time with my son.

So I guess I feel like if I get some kind of a message about maybe something not being right for some reason, sometimes it's good to keep it to yourself and other times, it's important to not be afraid to ask questions and then wonder. Not say absolutely without confirmation maybe, but it's not always wrong.

Every time before, that I was asking or challenging something, not even knowing I was doing it, I was being locked up and detained and having my reputation smeared, on top of being harassed and tortured.

I will move on and put it in the past. I will try not to bring it up in a post again, but honestly I don't want to keep thinking about it either.

Everything can change.

I can't change the past but I am just trying to move forward.
I am getting the name of the computer person responsible though.

He erased all of my documentation and evidence of corruption with former lawyers and other email documentation I had saved.

He erased all of it to protect them in the face of this "Appeal" and my announcement to the Koch firm that I didn't want them representing me.

I had saved everything and only deleted email after moving it to folders.

And then today my mother hands me a folder with an agreement in it.

I guess that was the fucking deal?

The fucking U.S. government criminals cover up their shit and delete my ability to defend myself in exchange for not prosecuting something they knew they should have never gone after me for in the first place?

I just realized this FUCKER deleted EVERYTHING that I had on the crappy and corrupt public defenders I had, and my email exchanges with Washington state social workers.

I had moved all of the important information to folders and named them.

One was made just for Justin Titus, who the Koch firm is trying to defend.

I am trying to cut back on my swearing by the way, and I have, but I'm upset about a few things.

I had no chance to give input about my Appeal at all and they trapped me into a catch 22 where they made their entire argument one they knew I couldn't disagree with.

The entire argument is that I should have had a right to a termination trial attorney, which I can't fire them over, they know, without jeopardizing my ability to have any Appeal at all. So they picked something that would backfire on me if I tried to get rid of them when they have done all these other things that are not befitting a firm, including refusal to communicate with their client, and giving the state an way "out" of being held accountable for other things they should answer to, like withholding evidence. They give everyone a chance to save face and keep their corruption out of the record by not including me in decision-making at all and then the argument is that just because I've had problems in the past with lawyers, doesn't mean I would have in termination trial or that I didn't have the right to representation.

They basically know that if I try to fire them it proves the state's point, and makes it look like I've had a problem with all of them and it's just me. And the problem is, these firms have ALL done really bad things. It's not my fault if they are all bad and covering for others.

So basically, they tried to tie my hands and a lot of lawyers are being protected and I can't really argue.

And then I said to my family, "So then what? I get a termination trial lawyer and it goes back to visitation and the whole idea that I'm mentally ill, or was, sticks?"

That's not okay with me. I said, "What are they going to say? 'She had a nervous breakdown for several years, right after we defamed her and she and her son were trying to file lawsuits and in the middle of their torture, but now she's fine?"

How about "Thank you for your service Ms. Garrett. Here is your son. Oh, and we're sorry that you never consented to being in the military."

I told my Dad some of these people are still trying to use me. I just need a normal job, and I don't need to work with someone whose objective is to "get into" my head. I said, "I didn't sign up for the military." My Dad said, "I don't know that they'd take you even if you applied" and I said, "YEAH. Why buy the COW if you can get the milk for FREE."

I should be getting major compensation packages for me and my son.

Last night, I thought about it. I prayed for a miracle.

I was warned not to, and told, "You might get what you ask for" and because I've been so paranoid about it, "a miracle", in the past, I haven't even dared to pray for one. But I did. And it really doesn't matter what someone stole from me before because whatever is next is better. It's like someone trying to make a dress for you and putting all this work into it and people tear it away. And then the real godfather comes in: God. And whatever God intends is going to be better than what people try to ruin in the first round. Which doesn't mean I expect a pumpkin and all these things turning into something grand. It's just possible that something can work out

I don't think the State of Washington has any room to talk, frankly.

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