Friday, July 1, 2011

poem & costa gravas (new favorite find)

mai oui gens soulet souvant
porquoi dennaiz chou

I wrote this last night, and just thought I'd let random words come to mind and find out later if anything made sense at all (creative process) but I don't know!

mot gen se gens
delecroix en-caux

(funny. I wrote the word caux while taking off my shoes and thinking the inside by my toes hurt (bunion?) and looked up the word caux and it means callus! and I was just rubbing my callus!) but I was thinking of the word sounding like ahn-caw and that's different.

I saw a movie last night. I thought it was very good, I loved it, and it was from 1982. I immediately noticed the colors and lighting and the framing of the shots. It looked like one of those cheap movies but there was a lot of artistic sense to it. It was called "Missing", a true story about an American man who goes missing during a coup in S. America and it turns out the CIA is suspected in having him bumped off, at the end, but you never suspect this until the end. And then they couldn't get the discovery they needed for proving this because the U.S. kept it classified. But he was assumed to be communist or a spy, or as they said, "just knew too much" and his wife and father searched for him and it's about this tangle of diplomats, Department of State people, etc.

I loved it but then I was po'd about my own life and couldn't sleep.

The only news I've read today is about Hillary Clinton wearing a scrunchie. I haven't been watching much news. I also read the article about Mexico. And that's it.

I was wondering why French was coming to mind yesterday and I really don't know. It comes and goes I guess.

I just looked up "sounds like 'caw', french" online and found calisse, which is French for church and it has the same "caw" "cah" sound. What was coming to mind was something like en (on) cah and that's as far as I got and I thought, "How would I spell the sound 'cah' or 'caw' in french? and I thought maybe caux. Oh. Shoot. It doesn't mean church, it means chalice.

Haallloo Dan Brown, where are you when I need you?

So there are probably a lot of other things that start with "cah" or "caw". oh,and user en-ca. Why! fancy meeting YOU here sir! en-ca! mademoiselle, en-ca? en-caul? woo, weird.

moving on now.

I looked up gen se gens. Did I mean to write sont cest gens? I don't know. What was the point then of writing "mot" first? I like the lyrics to Dis-moi Qui Sont Ces Gens by Damien Saez. I put a link above, for this song.

The translation is "Who Are These People?"

I tried to listen to it a second time but it went to the next song, called "B.o.B--Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore). It's on a playlist I guess.

Anyway, the song I had in my head all day was not French. It was a worship song by Hillsong, or that they do, with a chorus about "strength will rise when we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord..."

And then I felt like listening to hip hop or pop so I put on pandora for george michael and skipped ahead of several slow songs to "Freedom" and then listened to MJackson's "Smooth Criminal" and then my pandora password wouldn't work.

I just got online but it wasn't the first thing I did. The first thing I did when getting to the house today was to make floral arrangments for the house by clipping off branches and fern fronds, berries, and flowers. I made one with a peach rose and a raspberry colored wild rose with a yellow center, one long and large fern frond, some twigs with grey white and green moss growing on it (dried nicely), holly or some prickly leaf branches, and then I made another. The rose one looked best. I made one with fir branches and calla lilies (white) the day before yesterday.
I wrote a poem out of french that I didn't know would make sense and just put down words. It sort of works. I looked all the words up afterwards, but the conjugations might be raw.

I also looked up the filmmaker of "Missing", the movie I liked, and it's a Greek guy named Costa-Grava, who moved to France. "Missing" was originally done in French! and won the Palm d'Ors award and best screenplay adaptation in 1982 (oscars). I read about him on wiki and was happy to find out he has more movies that I'd like to see. All of them are sort of political intrigue and he himself was once imprisoned (or his father was) over politics. His most recent film is called "Amen" and is about how the Pope XII knew that Jewish people were being murdered en masse by the Nazis. I'd like to see all of them.

Here is the "poem" I wrote, but it's not good, and not really a poem:

tou le monde
blase, frisse, enchante
bousch le bouch
quelque chon (chose)
porquoi assayez laissez-faire
raisson non
un bete une bete
emilou amelia
violette et apricots
peche et vino blanc
diamondes a la tete
tightened around my neck
like a noose

So, um, if anyone makes any sense of that at all, bravo. It took me about 5 minutes of wracking my brain marbles to see if I could cough something up

voila! serche

looked up the word and it's spelled cerche

kiss-kiss and goodnight
I learned how to flip an egg today. I missed the 1st try, caused a fire the 2nd try, and made it on the 3rd attempt. And then I got nervous and kept screwing up after I got it right. It wasn't a big fire, just a mini-fire.

At one point, I screwed up so much I started flipping a piece of bread in a heavier pan and my right hand got tired so I switched to my left and then someone asked if I was left-handed. I said, "No, my right hand just got tired." He said, "I wouldn't be able to do it at all with my left hand" and I said, "Well, when you see me juggling, you'll know I have it down." (No, no plans for the circus.) Oh great. Someone just piped up and asked if I wanted to talk about my plans. What plans. Staying alive and avoiding torture?

goodnight again. bon nui

(looked it up and it's spelled "bonne nuit")

So bonne nuit.

Thanks for the helping hand mind readers

Garfield says arrggghhh

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