Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie To Watch: Extreme Measures

Everyone needs to see this movie.

I kept looking at the cover and noticing it was made in 1996. It is a timeless movie and feels very modern.

It's about the use of humans for non-consensual research.

I completely relate to almost all aspects of this movie, and identified strongly with both the victims of such research, and the doctor who was framed and falsely arrested to keep him from talking and to discredit him.

It was an interesting movie collage. I happened to see "Missing" by Costa-Grava and then I was replaying the movie "The Clearing" (about a kidnapping) when I went to bed. I played it low while I fell asleep and first watched it on the 4th of July.

Then I watched "Extreme Measures", thinking it was about use of surgery to change ones appearance and it was totally different from what I thought it would be. And there is a comment there, "Why use homeless people?" The answer was, "They think they won't be missed."

And I thought about the movie "Missing" at that exact moment.

Next, I threw on "Random Hearts", which was only strange to me because I had just watched "Extreme Measures" and looked at the date on it and wondered if P. Diana had ever seen the movie, and then the next movie "Random Hearts" kept calling this detective/officer "Dutch" throughout the movie. Sort of oddly disconcerting.

But really fascinating and therapeutic for me, to see these movies.

Which is maybe why I enjoyed reading so much as a child: If no one will speak the unspeakable or can be related to in ones own small hemisphere, maybe in the world of books, or movies,

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