Saturday, July 16, 2011

Machjet lpp6010n: Must Have It (bridge over troubled waters)

I must have it.

I will have it.

It is mine!

I just got excited by technology. This is the best thing ever and I'm buying one. Problem is, I'm looking for where to buy it...went to LG and went to Memjet, and how do I get my HANDS on it?
I neeeeeed it nooooooww.

I was so excited, I signed up for their newsletter, which I don't get very excited over usually.

I am shopping again. I'm looking at the market and what do I want? I want "fast" and economical. I scoured monochrome laser printers in the higher ranges, thinking of saving money in the long run, and then finally, after looking at reviews of HP, Xerox, and some other brands, I finally just typed in what I wanted, money being no object.

I went to the PC world and it asked how fast did I want my printing? I went for "under 10 ppm" and found the Machjet.

60 pages in a minute!

I went to the homesite and watched the video of it.

Love it, love it, love it...have to have it.

It's even compact. My main question is how many pages it will store. Oh, and I was thinking, it looks very fluid but what is a paper jam at that speed like?

I'm not getting a cheapo multi-machine this time around. I spent too much on inkjet cartridges.

So I was thinking about paying more for a laser machine, just to save on overall cost and because they last longer and then I found this and knew it was the machine for me. Lucky stockholders out there.

I want that printer, and then I was looking at scanners and I want a portable one that scans paper and books and whatever. And then I want, separately, a fax machine. Combining fax with my printers, in the past, has been a disaster, leaving me wide open to have my fax and phone hacked and printer fried. Not doing it again.

Here is the funny thing. The other day, just recently, my Dad cut the lawn for me, because I wanted to run in privacy, not in public. So he cut down the grass and left a large teardrop shape. I went out the same day and found an unopened bottle of water and that's when I grabbed it and decided to investigate the tree that split.

It had cracked in half so loud that I and my parents...we all heard it when it went down. So I went out this day of the teardrop design and climbed up it, following the split part which was really a tree trunk that was ingrown into another tree trunk. And at the top there was this large hole in the middle. Like a hole where you could maybe store things but I wasn't about to put my hand in looked rotten. And it was at the base of this split that I found the snail in its shell and took it with me.

After I was done looking around, I wondered, sadly, why there was this teardrop design on the lawn. And then I thought about it when I saw the Machjet. And I was on this page before that, with the design. All over the place today.

And then I was reading about the "waterfall" printer cartridge for the memjet and thought about the Coldplay song "every tear is a waterfall". It's sort of the same idea.

At any rate, after I climbed the tree to find out why it had split, and discovered the one part was rotten inside somehow, I went back into the house with a snail in one hand and water in the other and showed everyone the gastropod.

I was asked to please take it out of the house.

I said, just being silly, on the way out:


I meant no one in particular. I just said it to be dramatic.

I had wondered about the tree when it first came down. I went out and looked at it but I didn't climb all the way up the mountainside to look at it from the top. So I just saw it and then later I asked something about K.M. and I got a poisonous tree. Sumac. And then after that, I was wondering why the tree was split and investigated and it had been rotting on one side. I first saw this large hole, where it split and then noticed the rest must be somehow rotting along the side.

I later got in trouble and was told it was dangerous and why did I walk all over it and I said, okay, I wouldn't do it again, I just wanted to look at it and find out what happened.

My question to God was, "What would represent me and what would represent Kate Middleton?" and I put myself in there bc sometimes I can tell if the whole answer is on base, if I have something else other than my other question. And I just asked, and I've done it before, and never, not once, have I ever found anything bad or negative in my questioning (except for the thing I already mentioned). And I had a book of gardening with me and I got, at random, a plant, out of this huge book, that was the same plant my mother bought when I first arrived in town. That was what I got for me. And then for her I got poison sumac. A poisoned tree. So I was shocked and asked God, "Did she do something wrong?" and all I had was this poisoned tree. And I guess I read this before I investigated the tree that had split and discovered it was rotting. I was sort of sad about the tree itself though, because it was a beautiful maple and when I got down from my explorations, I was pulling a maple leaf from under my foot, because it got stuck in my flip flop, underneath the sole of my foot and I pulled it out between my toes. I put it in the kitchen in a vase, on its own. It's still there. I haven't removed it.

So I was grabbing books that day for more direction about my own life and then on a whim felt I was allowed to ask this question when I got to that book and that's what I got. The flower my mother bought is called "margarita bop" but that's not the real name, just a variety. It's of a species and that's what I landed on, when I opened at random to ask which one was for me, at least for that specific point in time. And I landed on the same flower my mother bought. Out of at least 100 pages of plants listed, that one. The same kind of flower, color variant, and everything, but it wasn't called "margarita bop".

I've only done the book draw once in many months and I prayed about it first, but just did it for insight.

I got the Western Gardening book (will find exact title later), "Brave Men", a book about a Pentacostal Man (and some section where he has a word of knowledge and points to a woman in the crowd and says, "Mother, you need the baptism" and she came up to him later, in a suit and with tears in her eyes and said, "How did you know?" and he said what? and she said she was the Mother Superior for a bunch of nuns that were there.) I guess I won't list all the books. One was hidden in the back of a bookcase and I didn't know what I was reaching for and ended up pulling out Anne Coulter's "Slander" and thought, "I can certaintly relate to being slandered." But she is political and I was thinking of career things or life things and wondered about it. I have said in the past to my family that I would probably enjoy talking with someone like her because she's not afraid to be herself or say what's on her mind, whether I agree with it or not. And she's smart.

I'm going to finish the book thing but I tried lying down for a nap and just had a series of impressions, which annoyed me enough that I got up and I'm having to skip the nap.

At about 5:20 p.m. someone was having a medical exam. I think it was medical, unless someone was just doing this to another person joking around (or not). Someone did a reflex test on the bottoms of someone's feet, in a line, from top (toes) to ball of foot. And the weird part is that I "felt" it as if it happened to me but it wasn't me. The other thing is that I was lying on my stomach but if someone had an exam, they would not be lying on their stomach. It was a medical exam. And then I couldn't find paper to write it down with, and I grabbed one of the Bibles and decided to write it on the page it was already opened to which happened to be right above Luke. Which is kind of interesting because Luke was a physician.

And then 5 minutes later, it was probably someone else and I saw a man with a woman and she had on a skirt I think but not sure of the bottom part but a sweater or jacket with a zipper and she was lying on her back and he was putting his hand over and up the zipper. Or, maybe he was unzipping, I don't know, I don't care, but I didn't want to see it. I couldn't see who it was at all, I just saw this and it was separate. I think it was a sweater with a zipper up the front. It was the back of the hand, up the zipper and I got right up and shook it from my mind. It wasn't me. It was someone else and I wasn't trying to see anything. I think it was cream or white colored sweater with zipper and darker skirt.

Anyway, I can't find my chocolate bar. I am trying to find it and I have no clue where I put it. I moved it but I don't know where to.

Ah, I found it.

And I wanted to say, I heard Wagner today for the first time in a long time and liked him. I think I had thought I didn't, because one time I heard a very dramatic and violently stormy and depressing sharps and minors and cachophony part and I thought "No, too intense for me" but I liked what I heard today.

I tried going to sleep to classical the other night but they started playing something jarring and I thought no. I don't like the idea of falling asleep and having my subconscious inundated with music that I wouldn't like in the conscious.

I'm looking for a new fax. I don't know if I should stick to a simple cheap stand-alone fax, but I'm considering upgrading my skillset to figuring out how to do it all by server transmission. So I am sort of looking at T.38 ITU-T but not sure what the best form is yet.

I am already sure that I am taking a degree in Information Technology. It's sort of a given for me but I have to figure out how to do the other main degree(s). But I need a degree in IT. And I want better gadgets this time around. More efficiency and better planning on my part for getting the best gear for the best deal.

After I have some things and get better at knowing what I'm doing, I might scale down again, after I know how to protect my info better.

I just thought of my son. I looked up Super Wi-Fi and it made me think about Super Why, a cartoon character he likes.

I am so glad to be back. I went to the page for satellite internet, which is where I was before my son and I were really tortured, and people were trying to force me out of it and interfere, I guess, so they could keep group-hacking my computer connection and access what I was doing. Which is why I started looking up satellite internet, for better security. I was onto 'em. I had major stalkers.

And it was right around this time, where I was looking at lawsuits and starting to blog for the first time, or finally realizing I had a much bigger problem with "intruders" than I'd thought. Much bigger. I figured it out and I tried to get ahead of them but it was like the entire mafia community ganged up all at once, from every side, to prevent me from doing this.

But now, it's good to be back on the very same page, and with my mind intact, looking at my best cheap alternatives and also, examining what I can do with satellite.

They didn't want me on satellite technology because it would have eliminated their access to my info. It is almost impossible for a VPN (virtual private network) to exist because the latency problem is so bad with satellite internet. It's a better buffer than dial-up, by a long shot.

What's scary, is that I think I had my stalkers for much, much, longer than I realized. I think it goes back to at least 1997 or 1998. Because I remember some really weird problem happening then, and then it sort of exploded later.

It was like this latent malignancy.

It's just nice to explore options. Mixing it up to find the right blend. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Like, dsl for some things, satellite for other things, telephone line for something else, and then I still have to get my manual typewriter. And a BIG file cabinet. And I guess some of those zip or other storage things and then I'll have to buy a warehouse and put security around it for keeping the info safe. Maybe dig out an underground tunnel and some bomb-fire proof catacombs. I'll call it my honeycomb.

Do you know what I realized though? People have stolen my id and they're not even being upfront about it. There is something weird going on with my passport business. And then, more importantly, do you know what's been done these last several years? Not only have I had people getting into my head, and working hard at it, the government (or those in the govt who are just thugs) obtained every personal thing about me possible. I halfway think the torture was partially an excuse to just do this. They found a way to get my fingerprints through every possible form of technology out there. Not just fingerprints, but my whole handprint, and side of hand. Do you realize what people can do with this?

Let's discuss privacy violations, shall we?

How do I use fingerprint ID to unlock my secured laptop now? Guess who is able to hack into my personal information and tap into my security access checkpoints?

Big Daddy. The government. And not necessarily the best species of government.

Don't tell me, for one minute, that they can't and don't do this. They don't need a real fingerprint. They only need to pull up a computer file.

What am I going to do? I mean, let's say I'm an inventor and I am making patents that compete with government patents. Lets just say. Or, lets say I'm the "healthy competition" to state agencies that want to get into my head, into my pockets, and into my business.

How do I secure my technology? A retina scan?

I'm not so important...okay. Let's imagine what can happen to someone like Astrange. Or whatever his name is. The wikileaks guy. Believe me, I am supportive of the right to prosecute crimes and harassment, but some of the people (I'm not saying him necessarily), that are being photographed, fingerprinted, handprinted, and put under "investigation" are like victims of corporate competitors who have friends in high places. People who like to steal ideas, or who want to ruin someone's life or inhibit their activism or ability to be competitive, know that the best way to "worm" in is through access to information that should be protected and private. They need an "in" and if they can make it appear "legal" or justified, they can wreck havoc. They are the worm.

Someone said to me recently, "God can restore all that the cankerworm tried to destroy" and I think this is true, but the point is, that people need to be aware of the worm to begin with. And how the worm(s) get(s) in. Sometimes it's a backdoor, and other times, someone is rolling out the carpet to the front entrance and handing them a key.

The enemy doesn't just come in through the window. They come in through the front gates, with a deed to the house. What's really great, is when there is a full-on ambush, with people going through the windows while you're standing there disputing rights to the deed to the house.

Or how about this? How about the guy coming through to steal confidential documents and then realizing there is no way to get back in and put them back. Panics, realizing he will be discovered or a suspect, potentially. What to do? get a warrant. Go in and take other documents legally and then slip in the stolen document and claim it's all under warrant. Right? Eh? How about it?

How about stealing a child from the mother and then wiggling in new laws and making excuses to justify the illegal deed.

I can think of a lot of good examples, of how the worm gets in and then breeds new worms.

There are very good people out there, who need access for investigations, but very often, there is someone ahead of them, blocking the investigation who already has their worms in. I'm just saying, be careful out there and keep your eyes open. And don't believe a word the State of Washington has said about me. I'm not saying some of the people were not/are not federal, but the whole CPS thing is a fraud. I promise.
Wow. I just found a honeycomb. I guess if I'm using honeycomb in a gingerbread Hack Shack, it's called an "ice cream sandwich"? yummy.

Time to buy androids.

Oh hello poseurs. Scared yet? probably not.

But, um, I'm going to be taking some math. Ya know. I might need it.

Do I get to choose the next dessert? how about creme brulee. banana split? cobbler? I like cobbler. It's so humble. Like pie.

Guess what fell from the sky into my bucket for catching drips? a kernel.

Seriously. A kernel of corn.

So anyway, thinking of computer kernels, I looked up kernel on wiki and it's like a bridge of sorts and then I found "Mach" which is a kind of kernel. Cool enough, so I thought about the Machjet and Mach the kernel and then clicked to read about mach on wiki. So it's the idea of preventing mud puddles. Perfect.

Do you even understand how amazing this is?

I feel like I have stepped into the timetraveler. Symbolism and poetry abounds, in the strangest places.

I have a small plastic tupperware catching a leak in the ceiling of my place. It's coming from a vent. And last night somehow it dropped a kernel into the bucket of water. I noticed, because I notice everything. And because I had just looked up "acorn" the other day and an acorn is also for "corn". So I was thinking about this, and I've been eating popcorn while watching all these movies.

I have no clue how a kernel got stuck in the vent or how it happened, but I didn't accidentally drop it in the bucket and I found it just this morning and thought about the acorn. Which is the fruit of oak trees. And I just looked at this one kernel and left it there, thinking about it. Thinking about acorns and how once I had picked up an acorn but I don't remember where and I put it in my pocket for some reason and a man was observing me and smiled. So I was thinking about acorns, oak trees, and corn and then I finally picked out the kernel this evening and dumped, no, just looked at it again. I didn't dump it out. For some reason, I dumped out the water and I left the corn kernel in the bucket.

And it's funny how one thing can lead to another and add up to a new insight.

So you can see, on the Machjet, the drip or teardrop shapes for color on the front and then how it's new technology is called a "waterfall" and how, as a bridge, it prevents muddy waters.

Can you hear me now Mr. Gates?

"Can you hear me now?"

"Okay. Can you hear me now??"

How's my connection?

Thank you God, for miracles.

How does one spell "jealousy"? and torture of brilliant minds and stealing gifts to claim for themselves? There has been one fear: my potential and faith in God.

So what do I have that she doesn't have?

Intellectual curiosity which sometimes leads to really cool discoveries.

Anyway, that's with having zero knowledge of computers and terminology. Pretty fast thinking maybe, with thanks to God for being inspiring.

I can learn faster than your competitors and my son was born a genius. Someone got jealous and tortured us both to tamper with our abilities.

Believe it.

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