Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girl Who Burned Herself (Pakistan or Afghanistan)

I have been thinking about this photo of little girl who was about 10 or 11, who burned herself. She was from either Pakistan or Afghanistan and the photo was in The National Geographic.

It said that some women or girls disfigured themselves to get out of being married to someone they didn't want to marry, but this one girl said she did it because voices or someone she thought she could "hear" told her to do it.

This made me stop to think and wonder how a little girl of 10 or 11 hears voices unless she has a mental issue or, what I felt might be more accurate, is if she was a victim of mind control research.

I started wondering what the occurance might be, of using Afghanistan or Pakistani children for research. It just seemed so odd to me.

A little girl sets herself on fire? or uses corrosive acids?

Then, I also thought about the woman who is held in jail and has been there for a decade, simply because she has no male relative to let her out, or escort her out. After the reporter took that photo, was anything done about it? Couldn't someone step forward to let her out, or even someone from another country say they wanted to claim her, and then take her to a different country and set her free?

It seems like something that is unjust that could be remedied. All she needs is a male guardian since her family and relatives are dead.

And maybe Pakistan or Afghanistan should make exceptions to the rule for women whose male relatives have died because of war or bad conditions.

I don't remember what issue of the NG it was. It was within the last several years.

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