Sunday, July 24, 2011

Documentary On WACO: Cameo With Joe Biden ("Kill 'em!")

I just watched the WACO documentary. It was on the Documentary channel and I stopped what I was doing to watch it.

The whole thing is incredible. I remember someone bringing this incident up to me back in 2009 but I don't know if I've ever seen this documentary before.

I found many correlations in this documentary, to my own life and what my son and family have had to live through.

This morning I woke up with this thought as I crossed the lawn:

"For 5 full years I was tortured relentlessly."

That is FIVE years of my life.

I may as well...I could have been a POW (prisoner of war) in a completely different country, and yet all these things happened in the U.S. and a few things in Canada as well.

I thought to myself, about what things I have missed out on, what parts of me are missing and have been stolen forever, and my son, what he has lost. And how, for a full 5 years, we were mercilessly ravaged and tortured and with NO HELP from the U.S. government.

Then I end up wearing what might as well have been a prophetic shirt to church, and come across the passage of someone who was alone, and who sought help and got no help. How this is why the shirt is red and stained with spatters.

In light of my own torture, and torture of my own son and others, I caught onto a few comments. The comment by one man in a tweed jacket, about how he was asked to analyze the psychological profiles or states of the people inside of WACO when it became clear to him, over time, that what was more outstanding, was the psychological state of those "authorities" who went after innocent people.

My other shock, was the clip of the press, joined in arms, gleefully mocking those who asked for THEIR help, saying "We ARE the press!" heaven help us, they said, laughing, we are the press.

And then hearing the right words of one who said it is incredible that some "religious" FBI man is trying to justify what is going on, when innocent children were TORTURED just to pressure the parents to get them to do what they wanted.

How it was all backwards. Persecuting and torturing and killing others, with some kind of vain assumption they were doing something wrong.

Oh, and another part. The intentional and DELIBERATE provocation to incense the group. They wanted to make them crazy. They were not crazy. So one Davidian asked, "If we were so crazy and they really believed this, why did they go out of their way to provoke us...did they want us to become crazy? so they had an excuse to shoot at us?"



Then, I am sitting there, barely eating my pretzels at the end, first chomping away and then nibbling more nervously and sighing from this feeling of lack of oxygen, and then I am barely eating my pretzels at all, stunned at the duplication of effort I have witnessed personally, firsthand.

So it gets even better. I said, before this man ever came onto the screen...I said out loud, "Whatever happened to these officials?" Someone said, "None of them went to jail." I said, "And look, some of the same people here are still in govt. positions."

That was BEFORE the clip of Joe Biden, governor or whatever he was, from Delaware.

I then see Joe Biden, our current VP (HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?????!!!), nodding along and basically defending EVERYTHING WRONG that was done. Joe Biden, the same man who is our current VP, is documented defending immoral and inexcusable actions, and somehow, with the Devil as his shoehorn, this man got into the 2nd highest office in the land.

Did anyone bring up WACO during election years?

Or was the press just laughing and saying, then, "heaven help us! we ARE the press!"

After I saw this I said, "I don't believe it. Did he just defend the government and what they did?" Yep.

I declared, "That settles it. I'm not voting Democratic next election."

Sorry Joe. Your skeletons have come back to haunt you and I hope more people think about the kind of corruption you currently allow and oversee now as well.

OUT with the OLD. IN with the NEW.

And lets hope they have a moral backbone.

Ending on a lighter note...I just saw this book my mom is reading called "70 Years of Miracles" and it reminded me of this song I heard before I got into the car to church this morning:

"I believe in miracles.../You sexay THING!"

I got into the car singing this in a nasal tone and laughing and said, "How about this song for worship?"

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