Monday, July 18, 2011

Impressions & DHEA as possible menstrual migraine treatment

I had minor and vague impressions of a man again in the last couple of days but I don't know who it was. Yesterday it was of a man working on something small with a tool of some kind. Like wood shop, car shop, art, or something where it's a small thing and some kind of tool like a screwdriver or anvil or some sort of thing being used. I don't think it was a bowl and pestle. But it was sometime after church around noon or a little later. Someone bent over something kind of, I think standing, but leaning over what they were working on.

And then about 2 days ? ago I saw a man with rope and winding it up to fasten to the side of something. Maybe winding it back up to a coil shape.

Last night I felt this "quiet" after I blogged. It was so felt like all those who were part of the conspiracy of silence were all newly quieted by the idea of someone coming forward. Or that someone recognized something was of God. It was a different kind of quiet. Sort of a hush I felt, or maybe I just finally felt this, with the energy. I really hope someone breaking their silence will be part of a miracle. It would definitely be God's doing and not mine, because I feel I've tried everything.

Oh, newest discovery is that I think DHEA is effective for possibly reducing menstrual migraine problems. I had the TMJ effect and everything yesterday and I fought a small headache with 2 ibuprofen and then 50 mgs of DHEA again and it quit. I think the DHEA works by doing something with horomones that are possibly involved with acting as a trigger. I tried to find out if there is any kind of connection between DHE and DHEA and I couldn't find one. DHE is ergotamine, and it's from a neutral part of LSD (mushrooms). DHEA is a little more like a steroid. However, it's possible that both have the same effect of mitigating with horomones. One is considered to be a vasoconstrictor (DHE) and the other is maybe one as well, but through a secondary function after affecting horomones.

I think if it were me I'd do more research, because it would be a non-marijuana or DHE alternative that might possibly help at least a particular kind of migraine, the kind that affects women around menstrual cycles. The other advantage, is that it's relatively side-effect free.

I might have to figure out patents again, with my studies. I mean, just in case I finally come up with an idea that happens to be ahead of others.
I told my Dad I couldn't figure out what language I should study and asked what he thought about drawing lots. My Dad said, "Well, there is this pastor I knew...and he liked to play Russian Roulette with the Bible. He'd pick up the Bible and point to something, and decided that's what God meant. So he picked up the Bible and pointed and looked and it said, "And Judas went and hanged himself." So he thought, "THAT can't be right!" and he tried again and pointed and it said, "Go therefore and do likewise." And he thought, "THAT can't be right," so he tried it again and it said, "Whatsoever you do, hurry."

By this time I was laughing and said, "Daaaad." And my Dad laughed and said, "So he didn't play Russian Roulette anymore."

I said, "Well sometimes in the Bible they drew lots if they couldn't decide. But other times it was said "a sinful generation looks for a sign" but then you have Gideon and he asked for a sign but he tested it and it kept coming back confirmed over and over." So we talked about things and how sometimes it does mean something, like dreams twice and Daniel's interpretation was that if you had the same dream twice it's really going to happen. Or if you get the same dream or thing 3 times in a row, it might mean something.

Anyway, so we were talking about languages again and discussing pros and cons of different ones. I said, "I keep getting Russian" but I don't know and there are already people who speak Russian. So out of Farsi, Russian, and Chinese, what do you think? And I don't know what you'd use Hebrew for." He said, "Well we're so in debt to China, Chinese might be a good language to know." and said, "Maybe Hebrew if you want to interpret the scriptures better."

I really don't know.

I just decided to try something else, out of curiosity, and yes, this is a roulette of sorts. But I thought to take the papers and sprinkle them throughout my place and see where they landed, on what items or areas.

I might be studying Chinese.

I don't know. Just thinking about all things. But I sprinkled and then looked.

One stuck to me and I looked at it at the end after I placed one, not looking, on my computer and said to myself, "to study". It was Chinese. Then I looked at the one that stuck to me and it said Chinese. In my corner where I have flowers in a vase and next to coffee grounds poured out next to it, the Hebrew one turned up. I had left the coffee grounds like that, thinking it looked symbolic but I didn't know why. It looked like my offerings corner. Then, Farsi, both Farsi's ended up on my stove. And actually, the main thing I ever say about Iranian stuff is how delicious the food is. I found 1 Danish on my kitchen table. The other Danish on my easy chair by the T.V. and 1 French inbetween the T.V. and chair. 1 Hebrew on my walkway. 1 Spanish on my Washington state EBT card, by my other cards and radio. 1 Swedish on a blue sweatshirt I was given today along with a white t-shirt. 1 French on the walkway by Alaskan water. 1 Russian on walkway by my curlers. 1 German on the walkway in my bathroom. 1 Spanish in my flowers. A few, so far, MIA. I don't know where they ended up because I can't find them. And 1 Russian on my bed, the underlined one. I can't find my other German or the other Swedish. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.
Oh, after I wrote this, I "saw"some blond larger Russian woman (or ukranian) again. She was crying and not exactly wringing her hands, but almost. Sort of walking back and forth. I don't know why she came to mind, but it was right after I wrote this. She either has short hair or wears it up and I think she wears it up.

And then I was reminded of some other blond woman whom I've "seen" a lot, in impressions, but I don't know that she is eastern european. I haven't figured out who she is and the weirdest part is that she is the only person who "hides" from me. I think only remote viewers will know what I'm talking about. Because it sounds even "out there" for the word of knowledge, prophet and psychic types. But I see her over and over. And she is always warning me, or it's like she knows I can see her and tries to hide her face. She is younger. She is anywhere from 17-40? but I think she's more like early 20s. Maybe mid-20s? Her hair is very blond, straight, and layered. I think she is somehow on my side. But she is always worried that I will see too much, say too much, or reveal something. I think sometimes she's worried for me and cares. But it is the strangest thing because I will see just her hair, or her hair as she covers her face, or this look of worry when I "see" her and then she warns me not to say anything and tries to hide. She's not a man because I've seen too much of her face already to know it's not a man with a wig or anything. And she's pretty. But I can't figure out anything more than that. If I ever see her, it's more like I see her warning me or trying to hide herself out of worry. So I've wondered, is it possible that she somehow knows the moment I see her? I am certaintly not equipped with such abilites. I've seen her mainly in real-time images, like remote-viewing that I'm not trying to do. And I've had a few dreams with a blond woman but never saw the face and can't say it's the same one. The one I see in real-time, the few times I've seen her, I know it's the same woman and the most interesting part is that with men...I feel I really "see" some men and what they are doing but I never see a face. Ever. With her, it's like she is the one woman I repeatedly see and know it's the same one. I think another possibility is if I somehow see through someone else's eyes, as in, a man is talking with her and I somehow have double vision or his perspective, maybe this is how, but I almost feel it's more direct. I see enough of her face to know it's not my Aunt Holly, Mom, or some other blond I know. I don't really know this woman. If we've met, I'm not sure, it's not that clear, but I know it's not any of my relatives or friends from my past that I've spent a lot of time with. So there is some intrigue on my part, as to why I connect with her and what it's about. I never see her happy. She is always worried when I see her. Her hair isn't dark blond, not a light brown at all. It's very blond. It's not strawberry blond or brown blond. It's just blond. She is slim-slender-average build but I usually see mainly her face and hair. I think it's about middle of the back-shoulder length. It's not short, not chin length and not super long either, like down to the waist. I would love to know who she is sometime but maybe I never will. I haven't "seen" her for awhile. Not since maybe being in TN/TX.
It's hours later. I got back and was wondering where the German and Swedish papers had gone and then I remembed: I took 1 German and 1 Swedish to church with me. I had just grabbed a couple of slips without looking last Sunday and then when I got into the car I looked at them. So they are still there or in a coat pocket. I guess it's a good way of remembering to pray for countries. At any rate, that's where the MIA ones went. Church.

I got new socks today. Made me think of the little boy that reminds me so much of my son, from Brooklyn.

And I was wondering the other day, do other people who are Jewish, or Muslim, or of other religious groups, do they have experiences ever where they feel this overwhelming feeling of peace and joy to the point of laughter? I think this is what christians call the baptism of the holy spirit but maybe although we christians believe it's only possible with christianity, to have this, maybe sometimes God does this for others in other religions, for whatever reason, and why couldn't God speak to someone or snap someone up and shake them up by giving them this joyous experience when it would seem unlikely? I suppose it is possible that the spirit can move people different ways. Even those who do not believe might not be immune. If God makes his presence known, sometimes people were killed in the past. Just killed by the strength of power. Other times, the musicians sang and a great cloud filled the area, so thick they could not even play...they could not even finish worshipping God. And then other times, it's like something that makes people afraid and someone has to say, "don't be afraid" but then at times, it's something that makes people feel giddy with joy and drunk even though they haven't had a drop of wine.

I put this link at the top and then pasted it here. I just looked it up out of curiosity and lo, he's wearing the same colors and tie that I wore today. Seriously. He answers my question but I still wonder, is there feedback from anyone else? But yeah, it's real. It's a real thing and I think, one of the best things, because what is better than laughter? I then felt sort of shaky, the rest of the whole service, like trembling shaky but only felt this laughter through that one song.

I know what being literally drunk is like, I mean, at least tipsy, yes, where laughing can come more easily. It's like that, but there is no substance, and no hangover and then it's sort of different too. I know I'm not alone. I just wonder who else has this happen, or wanted feedback from other religious groups.

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