Friday, July 22, 2011

Ban of Aid in Africa (& other things)

Of course they're not going to allow aid. You can thank Leon Panetta & Crew for declaring they were "going after" the militants that were "fleeing" into places like "Somalia". Well, it's not Panetta's fault. But this is why they are not allowing aid. If they thought it opened a door to "foreign spies" and "crusaders" before, they really do now.

And, it can be true. Those who voiced these concerns are not being irrational. It's a potential issue for some, and I don't think it's right to ban aid to everyone because of these fears, but they might have to have a middle-man negotiator they can trust, before they allow aid.

What they're afraid of is this:

"Hey! Kid! Here's some food to take to your mother. By the way, any chance you've seen some guy that looks like this?" (pulls out photo).

"Hello sir, we heard there was a family by the name of ______ that didn't get the double portion they live close to here?"

Huge exaggeration, but that's the idea. Or they might worry about setting up foreign aid workers into an apartment where they do reconnaissance and CIA spy on a place until the helicopters come in, in the middle of the night.

I think they will allow aid if someone they trust more can do the negotiations and if they have better control or supervision of who is coming onto their turf.

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