Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today--spooky canadian day


This is getting weird.

It's been this whole spooky Canadian day.

I'm not kidding. Since last night.

I wrote all this stuff about the machjet right? and then before that I started writing about surveillance and privacy issues and wrote something about "while you're disputing the deed to the house, people are sneaking in the windows." And then I wrote, "right?" "eh"?

I didn't know why.

And then what is bizarre, is that everything following that moment, has been Canadian. I wasn't going to write about it. But then more happened. So many things happened today it is truly spooky.

Get this--

Last night I thought, "Why did I write something about deed to a house and then attach Canadian expressions to it?" so I started looking up "deeds", "historical deeds" and then "Canadian property dispute."

The first thing I clicked on was an article that came up through Savannah news, and then I looked it up through CTV, where there was a shadowy figure in a long trenchcoat. There has been a recent dispute where 4 churches broke away from The Anglican Church. The 4 churches that split, want the property and the Church of England (or Anglican in Canada) want the property. It's gone all the way to the Supreme Court. And the news just broke the day before yesterday.

So I'm sitting there, wondering why in the world I'm reading about Vancouver, B.C. property disputes that involve the Anglican church.

Okay, and remember, this is right after I decided to write about the maple tree splitting on our property and how I picked up 1 maple leaf and put it in a vase. So...sort of a Canadian theme, right?

It gets weirder.

What happened next?

I watched...Of COURSE! A CANADIAN movie and I didn't even KNOW it was going to be Canadian.

This was right after I read about the Canadian property dispute.

I had zero forewarning I was going to watch a Canadian movie. It was already in my house and I had watched some other show and then decided instead of watching "Chariots of Fire", I was going to see what was randomly filmed at the end, because I noticed, there is more tape left! Oh, enough on this VHS for there to maybe be another movie.

And it was Canadian COURT T.V.

With, no kidding. Mounties. The RCMP and everything. It was a true story and guess what the title was?


The name of the movie was "Conspiracy of Silence". It was the true story about an Indian woman who was murdered after being brutally beaten first, and how this entire huge community all knew about it and heard about it and they all kept their mouths shut. There were 4 men in a car who witnessed her suffering, heard her screams, and heard and saw what was being done to her, and some of them later even bragged about it to others, and everyone in the town and community, kept their mouths shut.

The RCMP offices, years later, decided some of the cops knew. And it turned out, they did know. Even this woman wearing these lovely pearl earrings (who worked in the police department). A couple of cops finally decided to try to find out what happened, after they ended up doing security for a woman's meeting where the Native American women were recounting the suffering and dead trail on the death and crimes against this one woman.

The cops got interested. They wanted to know why nothing was done. One of them put out an ad, thinking maybe so many years had passed, maybe someone would come forward and not be scared...maybe the woman with the anonymous letter. As it turns out, the discovery is about HOW MANY people KNEW and how they had all been quiet about it. It was a conspiracy of silence.

They finally got witnesses willing to testify. One because she was also part native and got disgusted she finally couldn't keep her mouth shut. Then another guy was caught and they gave him full immunity in exchange for testifying about what had happened. He had been one of the 4.

In the end, the people got off really easy. But it was finally brought to court.

Imagine my shock, to sit down and crack open a new thing of popcorn and hear, "What do you think, eh?" I stared. And then the credits came on. Canadian COURT T.V. This was filmed back in the late 90s or early 2000s. Or recorded back then.

Then, after this show was over and mouth is hanging open in shock, there were a couple of other small fragments where a small clip is over another, just like an old VHS gets used and reused kind of thing. It had some woman come on, from a different movie, and a man and the man says, "I didn't want her. I wanted you." And then it cuts to an Indiana Jones movie at the part where Indiana is swinging into the mines where there are slaves working. This young woman, east indian princess or something, with a black turban wrapped around her head says to the young asian boy, "Take the left tunnel" and tells him how to get out. Then Indi swings in and then it ends with him saying to the young Asian guy, "Shorty! Go! Go!" right after Shorty kung-fu kicks out an enemy. It ends at Go! Go!

And with me, sitting there on the couch, stunned.

This is what has happened with me and my son. Conspiracy of silence.

I went to bed.

There is another thing intersecting this. A fiat, belief in the impossible, and more Canada. And then a switcharoo from Vancouver, B.C. to Toronto, Ontario.

So, the fiat. On the day I decided to pray for a miracle again, a few days ago, I then went to bed thinking, "With God all things are possible." This was 2 or 3 days ago. I then turned to my Bible and ended up reading, from Luke, Mary's fiat and the part that hit me was the part about the impossible being possible with God. Look, Elizabeth is now in her 6th month, because nothing is impossible with God.

I just kept this to myself, even as I heard things on the radio about "fiats" and all this stuff, and wondering how anyone knew.

I just thought, maybe God wants me to just think about how nothing is impossible with Him.

So I went to bed then, and then all these other things sort of have unfolded, in sometimes almost supernatural ways.

After seeing the movie last night, about the conspiracy of silence, I prayed again, that part of the miracle would be someone coming forward for me and my son. And I encouraged myself, saying, "nothing is impossible with God".

Then, this morning, I woke up with a lumberjack at my door, carrying maple syrup and with a horse named Poncho and an RCMP badge.

Oh, okay, just kidding about that part. So anyway, in truth, I woke up this morning, and I wasn't going to go to church but I decided as I laid there in bed, that I would. And I got up and did a small Bible study and said to God, "I just want to read something that will bless and glorify you right now." And I opened up to first a section in the Old Testament where Jonathan meets David. Jonathan is Sauls' very own son and yet he says he doesn't care if he is second to the throne, he support David. He basically tells David that his father's men are after him so David and his 600 men go into hiding and it says they had to "keep moving" from one place to the next, because they were basically hunting them wherever they went. And I read to the promise of Jonathan and then stopped. Then I went to my other Bible and turned to the New Testament. And it talked about prophetic things, how a man said to go outside and he would find a man with a water jug and that man would have an upper room for the Last Supper. So I thought about how sometimes prophetic things come to pass. Then I wanted to read about a woman from the Bible and ended up on "Mary and the Mothering of God" and it's about her response to being told she has favor and that "Nothing is Impossible with God." It spoke about her joy she had.

So I went to church and everything was about joy and it was the second worship song, I felt the Holy Spirit and it wasn't my Mom making me laugh. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit. My shoulders were shaking with laughter, but it mainly the Holy Spirit and then maybe a tiny bit of mirth.

But I had prayed, before I went to church, "What should I wear God?" and I thought, "Wear what you would wear if you were going to meet God." So I suddenly smiled and knew my God has a sense of humor and I switched from wearing a dress to putting on my jeans and "Ready For Parties!" t-shirt. It's tan and it's not Yogi bear, it's Boo-boo. But after my audacious post last night, I just felt it was totally acceptable and I felt, if I were meeting God, with what I had to choose to wear, I knew I would be comfortable approaching God in this. And then I wore my red fleece jacket over it and zipped it up so all you could see was the tan on the inside, and I put on red lipstick.

I got into the car and my mother was wearing similiar colors. And then I told my mother later, realizing the song I had been laughing through was about favor and not being able to contain the joy, I said to my mom, "I couldn't stop laughing and it wasn't you. It was like pure joy and it kind of reminded me of those Vineyard conferences, you know, like in Toronto, Canada." It felt really good. And then the whole message was about having joy.

So then I was sort of astounded at the correspondence with all these different things, and we left and I thought when we were in church "I don't know who it is but I think someone here is from Canada or has a Canada connection" but I didn't know who. I didn't turn around or look back at all or try to figure it out. I just wondered.

Then, I got to the house after a small meeting with some other people, and I picked up a book out of the basket and it was a quilting book and I was showing my mom and the first thing I turned to was "Canada Rag", a kind of quilt. I showed my mom and said, "I don't think "rag" sounds very good, but it's pretty, kind of like a kaleidescope. And then the next one I turned to was "Coming Up Roses" and my mom said she liked that one. And then people there, a few, were saying "eh". Then later I found myself laughing for the second time that day, but it wasn't the Holy Spirit, it was just sheer mirth and good humor. I took this children's book out of the basket, intending it for this little red haired girl with a nose like P. Harry's, and then I ended up reading it and cracking up. It was called "Charlie The Tramp" and it was for a girl named Frances. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing. I just kept thinking about Charles.

Then I got home and said I wanted tea and it turned out to be Canadian tea. It had labels in French and English and when I turned it over it said "Joyeuse" and I said, out loud to my parents, "Everything is CANADA!" and then right after this, I put on a music video at RANDOM and it was from TORONTO, ONTARIO.

So I said it to my parents again, "This is weird, it's Canada again." And then I looked behind me and noticed this book for the first time, in the cabinet, and it was "The Bible and the Bermuda Triangle" by George Johnson & Don Tanner and asked about it and they said it was good and then I looked at the back and it was published in Toronto, Ontario.

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