Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Collage and Dream

After writing my last post I went to bed and stayed awake for awhile and the sadness just disappeared. I felt, instead, a calm. So I fell asleep in peace.

I didn't feel like watching Chariots of Fire all the way through (will finish today) but I watched most of it. I ended up doing a movie collage. So I had a few movies with me and hit fastforward and then stop and watched a few clips. Nothing special.

It ended up like this:

(Eric Liddel from Chariots of Fire)
"He gives power to the weak and to the faint, he increases might."

Cut to:

(Legally Blond where the professor is asking a brunette snob what to do about Elle in law class)
Professor: "She should LEAVE class and return only when she is prepared?"
They turn to Elle with her ponytail and pom pom pen and the suave brunette replies, looking at Elle, "Absolutely."
Professor to brunette: So Ms. Kensington, did this case exist?"
Elle walks out and then says to a man outside in the park, "Yeah, they throw you in the spotlight..." he says, "They tend to do that, it's the Socratic method."

Cut to:

Doc Hollywood
Michael J. Fox, "Do you mind? This is a personal call." Then he sees who it is and decides she's pretty. On the phone he says, "Yeah, this is Dr. stone and they had an emergency...After his call she says to him, "It's unprofessional to flirt with patients."

Cut to:

Just Cause
"Let's go! that's _____s car! Where the hell is ______?"
"Mommy, where are we going?"
"It's a surprise" says villian
mother says, "Stop touching her."
Cop says, "I am way out of jurisdiction. I need back up."
Mother to villain, "Why are you doing this? he saved your life."
Villain to mother, "She's just like you."
Mother to daughter, "It's okay Katie."
Villain, "Shut up."

Cut to:

Anna and the King
King to Anna, "Why did you interfere?!!"
Anna, "My conscience demanded it."
King, "You must be mother AND father to your son? You are overprotective...
Anna, "Louis can take care of himself. It was your son I was protecting Your Majesty."

Cut to:

Dreyfuss character says "I know, I know, I know. I'm nice. I know. I'mm not that nice." (he shows up to his buddies place after flirting with woman. HOney I'm home I bumped into her at the store what do you want me to do? here. I got you some donuts--the glaze is still on it. Pringles, oreos...

Cut to:
Dreyfuss character says, "How did I get out?" (to Audrey Hepburn as he's sitting in a chair getting his hair cut)
She says, "You didn't get out....
He says, "Hap, I just want to get something down. I'm dead?"

Anna and the King
King, "I am the KING!"
Anna, "And I am his TEACHER." she adds, "Which lesson has been made? to respect his classmates or to fear his father?"

And she turns around and walks out with her head high.

I stopped there and then I went to bed. Had crazy dreams. Really crazy ones. In one part I had superpowers. I was able to defy gravity. I had my fingers touching the ceiling and my feet were not on the floor and I didn't fall and I showed my ability to all these people. I went from one side of the large room to the other, defying gravity. Then, I came down to the ground when I was ready. I wasn't flying exactly, I was able to rise up and stay up at will. I was standing and then I was just floating at the top. And then I came down to my feet and someone wanted me to stay there and I quit working at this one place. And then I went outside and it was evening and a beautiful night in a town with lots of sidewalks and small shops and sort of upper endish and I asked someone where the bookstore was. I had been there before but thought, "I think there's at least a Borders or something" and someone told me there were a bunch of shops on this one street, bookstores, a row of them. Then I recognized 2 women I'd been talking to you and finally identified them as women I had a problem with in the past and I said, "It was in Beaverton" (in real life I can't think of anyone in Beaverton). I said that was in the past and hoped they were going to let it go and then they got into this big wheel truck that was huge and there was a 3rd person and they had double rainbows on one side, like a sticker or something on the door. And I walked past hoping they were going to forget about things and not follow me around. They disappeared and I couldn't find the street with the bookstores and then someone told me, "It's on 7th street" so I cut across and in winding through, I ended up in a huge open children's nursery. With kids and even newborn babies. It had all these corridors and was like it was some kind of large knitting circle kaboodle of women and children and some just came through and would hold babies or play with the kids. I thought it was just a nursery while women shopped at first, or a nursing room they could use. There were kids everywhere. I was just going to go through one door and out the other but I stopped because I saw some were left on beds or chairs bundled up in a blanket and waiting to be picked up. One was all alone so I picked it up and held it for awhile and then I held another one. And then this woman said to me all I had to do was sign the paper and take it home and I thought, "I didn't come in here to take home a baby". The weirdest part of the whole dream was the babies I picked up and they had different colored blankets and represented animals too in a sense at some point in the dream and I wasn't sure what that was about.

I woke up when the woman had the clipboard in her hand and was telling me to sign papers to take a baby home.

Oh, and this was a part I didn't like, in the dream, but I don't think it was prophetic or anything. Really. Some dreams are just dreams and that's all. One of the babies was sick, extremely sick, and the other one wasn't. I don't think I even want to share about the rest right now bc I'm worried someone will attempt to make a meaning out of it.

I told my mom about my dream, and just said one was sick and the other wasn't but didn't give details. They had 2 colors of blankets but I think this comes from things I had in my place already and isn't significant, and then they each had some kind of an animal representing them or symbolism but I don't know what it was about.

My mom said she has had dreams where she's floating along the ceiling too, and she put her arms back behind her, like she is leaning forward and arms are up but backwards stretched. I said I've had flying dreams a lot but in this one I went to the top of the ceiling but I was standing straight up and my arms were up above my head and stretched to the sky, like my fingertips trailing the ceiling above me. So it was kind of different this time.

I guess I'll write the rest and then delete it altogether.

The animals were a goat and a pig. ?! However, the reason I don't want anyone making anything of it is because the colors of the blankets correspond to towels I have and so I think it's just a random crazy dream. The first baby I picked up was in a purple blanket and then there was some kind of goat symbolism with it. I held it as it was alone and swaddled to be picked up. So I had it in my arms and it was healthy and then I gave it to this woman. Then, since she was holding that one, I picked up a second one, in a green towel, and it was fine at first but then had problems eating. I gave it a bottle. But then it spit up a little so I put it over my shoulder and it spit up what looked like chocolate milk all over my arm. First it had some kind of brown liquid coming out of its mouth and I didn't know what it was. But then later it looked like chocolate milk spit up when I held it up and patted it on the back. And I said, "Oh, gross" and there were others around laughing and then it looked healthier after it had the rest of its bottle but then it was getting sick again. So this baby had some kind of representation of a pig (why a pig, I don't know) but I don't know why and then I was going to set it down as I was done holding them and then this woman turned to me and told me to sign on the line because I was taking it home. I looked down at it and I didn't even know that I could save it. I saw into the future on it and I wasn't sure and then I was thinking about this--taking home a sick baby. I had thought all I was doing was holding the babies, not taking one home with me, that was sick. So she had a clipboard and looked at me. The baby faded away to a skull and crossbones kind of symbol and then reappeared. It was struggling and would sort of fade out and then come back strong, and it was alive and I was holding it and I then I woke up as they stood there waiting for me to sign with a pen.

Anyway, none of the babies were mine. I hadn't conceived them or delivered them. I walked into some kind of nursery with lots of kids and then babies to hold and some just left there, swaddled up. I didn't even know if they'd let me or not, but I reached out because they weren't being held and then this woman at the end told me I had to sign on the line to take the one home. And I thought the chocolate milk thing sounded like my own son who I am trying to get back. The pig part I don't get at all, or animal stuff, and it wasn't like they were an animal, there was just a symbolism with it. And the brown stuff coming out of the babies mouth at first looked like, the closest thing it resembled, was hashish or some kind of liquid heroin. It was like a bubbling dark brown liquid. I was giving the baby milk, but it was spitting up this kind of weird brown stuff. And then when I raised it and patted it on the back, it spit up not this same brown stuff, but chocolate milk. It looked normal. And then I saw arms, raised up, from out of this baby, and long sleeved black shirtsleeves raised up or something black but it was a weird juxposition. And, the baby went from looking like a baby to a skull and then I couldn't tell if it was just the design of a slice of green pepper or a jalepeno or what. I mean, it was just a mixed up dream, mixing with different things. That's what I mean, it doesn't have to have any meaning.

Anyway, I woke up thinking I hope my son isn't sick. And, that was a weird dream.

Anyway, I think I also wondered if I was supposed to take both of them home, because the women looked up when I picked up the first and then they said to me I had to take home the ones I picked, or that this is what the place was for. I had only held or picked up 2 of the babies and one was healthy and one was sick. The other woman who held the other one I first picked up and held was an older woman. Her face was sort of fuzzy to me, I just knew she was then holding the baby and it was in great shape. So she held the one as I then picked up another one. And then I was told I had to sign for the baby or babies that were held.

Anyway. I will delete this in a little bit.

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