Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EOU Harassment Continues

I don't think I will go to EOU another term if they feel they can interrupt me and my work and make demands and not even tell me what it is over. I don't believe they have a right to harass me to this degree, when they have never even said what they want to talk to me about, but that if I don't, they will "write" me up in a complaint for "student conduct". Basically, I've violated no rule, and violated no code of conduct. But if I refuse to be a victim of their harassment, interruptions, and privacy violations, then they state they will punish ME for not wanting to participate. They even went so far as to say something about "process". There is no "process". The "process" starts if there is a violation. I asked them to provide me with whatever it is I've done and they refuse. At first, it wasn't even about "conduct". Then, after I asked what it was about and said I wasn't willing to participate in a voluntary teleconference at that time because I am extremely busy, then it was something about "your behavior". Completely insulting language. So I asked what "rule" or "code of conduct" was violated and said I would like to know in writing and there is nothing. I went to the President and he said it was up to her. I told him I felt I at least deserved a description, and that I had a personal conflict with the woman. He didn't get back to me with what this over. So then, today he DID get back to me and said this woman Cascio described to him what it was about in an email she had also sent me. I told him I have never received any email from Cascio that describes what rule or code I've broken, or even any facts from others as to what this about. Saying "behavior" after first trying to haul me into a teleconference over "something" (because she wasn't even defining "behavior" to start with) is not violation of rules. As to "behavior"--I'm an online student. They see nothing of behavior and how dare they, really, to even make such an insulting adjective to try to describe me. Your "behavior"? Who the FUCK do they think they are. I don't know many adults who dare address other adults, in such a manner and then still think they are capable of demanding respect. You lost it with "behavior". It makes YOU appear childish, peevish, and self-righteous. THEN, they screw up all of my online work, setting me behind, by ruining all of my attempts to access the online forum for syllabus, assignments, and tests, with their "blackboard" site, and then ask ME, literally, this is crazy, to let them TAP into my entire computer with a direct line to their college. I am in the middle of legal work, college, and making police reports, and these fuckers think they're getting an excuse for the inside scoop? Why should I trust them when they already violate my privacy and demand conversations from me without charging me with anything. I've broken no rule or law, and they feel comfortable invading my privacy. I don't know who the person or parties are that would have access to my private pc through a direct line, but I don't know anyone, any normal citizen who would be comfortable with such a thing. Even if they didn't go through things that are none of their business, I don't know any college that would suggest a problem that's on their end can be solved if they have total control of, and access to, my personal and private pc. If it's a problem on their end, they should fix it. If it can't be fixed, I want a 100% refund. If it is their prerogative and their values or "system", to needlessly harass students by demanding "teleconferences" and if they refuse to give further information with what it's over and cannot define a violation by me (which has not occured), then that's it. The buck stops there. You do not get my money for purposes of harassing me. If you thought you'd kicked the shit out of me already, and that you broke my will, spirit, or sensibility, you're wrong. You're OUT. They go from wanting me to be part of their teacher program to deliberate interference with my ability to study and pursue education without being obstructed with malicious harassment. Not only that, from the first day I was trying to sign up for their classes, I had problems with their EOU computer system. I signed up for 4 classes and it wouldn't take the ones I signed up for and only allowed 2 of them. Then, ever since, I've been pressured to go 1/2 and 1/2 with another college through what they gleefully call "The Consortium Agreement". Gleefully, yes. I was trying to figure out why some of them were so eager to this idea, and loved calling it the "consortium agreement". I had an idea about that, about why, later, but I'll leave it to you to think about. Hmmm. Now why would it be fun to sign me up for "The Consortium Agreement"? How about I flip crepes under a tent in Pioneer's Market and we call it "The Castle" cafe. They have put up all these obstacles to my taking part in the teacher's program but still wanted me to sign myself into the "Consortium Agreement". So it's not even for the program, it's just for their own fun and games. I am not interested in anything other than going to a college that provides the classe, I pay for them, and I am left alone to study without malicious interferrence. If EOU cannot provide this, and is incapable of even providing reliable blackboard program so I can successfully take the online course, I want my money back, and I am looking for a new college. Period. I don't have time for this, but the small amount I express here is only to warn others, about the "behavior" I'm encountering with some EOU employees and staff. I happily supported EOU and the idea they might not experiment with animals or whatever and instead I find they delight in humiliating and attacking human beings instead.

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Anonymous said...

Meet with EOU and then request time to respond to the alleged concern. Be nice and courteous. Admit or deny nothing. Just listen and then tell them you will respond in time to whatever the concern is. Good luck and take care.