Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fire Today

I helped stoke a fire today. Which I was glad about because I hadn't wanted to just cut up the underwear, but really, to burn it. The only reason I didn't burn it was because I didn't have permision on this property. So, I was happy to wake up and see the brush-pile, that was very large and high, being flamed by a propane thrower. So I helped with stirring it around a little after it died down as it was a nice day and did a few other outdoor things. The first smoke that went up went up straight and then out like a mushroom cloud actually. Then later, 3 helicopters flew low by our house. I only saw one of them because I was outdoors at the time. I wanted to discuss something with my parents tonight and was told they are tired, and didn't want to get up and don't say anything just leave tonight. So I did.

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