Monday, April 30, 2012

EOU Wants To Access My Entire Private Computer

. I am starting to feel like this college has zero respect for my right to privacy and freedom from unnecessary intrusion. I am still beingharassed to have a teleconference with a woman I have a conflict with, where they refuse to even tell me in writing what this is in regard to first. Then, I have had all these problems with EOU-specific computer platforms and they have been telling me they need a direct line to my laptop (which means, to my entire private p.c. and all my online activities, including email accounts and communications). The only part of EOU online that is a problem, is EOU specific. They have Google Apps for their student email accounts and I've never had a problem with this. The only part that's been a problem, is accessing some of their links on their own site (like the financial aid links). EOU has all online classes on a system called "blackboard" and they run it and that's where most of the problems have been. The messages I always got was "EOU is not responding" and EOU specific messages. So I asked for assistance with this because it was affecting my classes and they had their "tech" contact me and tell me EOU wants to put a direct line from their college to my private p.c. And supposedly, THEN he can "take a look". I politely told him no and said I felt it was a potential violation of privacy risk I'm not willing to take. They don't need to access my entire computer (which means everything on my private pc and all my online activities) to fix a problem that is occuring on their end.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it is ALWAYS someone else's fault. Poor me, Cameo. Grow up. If you want help with your computer then get it. If you don't want help then shut up and stop bitching about it. GROW UP!!!