Monday, April 30, 2012

I still like Whistler

I still like Whistler. I was looking for a painting of fishing for my son, after I got the idea when I prayed. Not that this is how I must get my ideas! but it reminded me. I sent an email earlier saying I would send him something to see and think about, some art, and then I didn't know what. I had a book of glass already opened and prayed, "God, show me something that could apply to my son" or, I prayed, "for my son" and I ended up on a glass of a man fishing with a fishing pole, and my son likes to fish. I went to museum d'orsay and there was a man on the collections site that looks like P. Charles. Really (sort of). So I then looked at the corner to the left, opposite the man fishing, which made me think to find a painting of a boy fishing...and it's a glass that says "P.C." for a prince charles. Sort of funny. At any rate, I was going to find a watercolor by sargent and sargent reminded me of whistler and I used to have a book with his collection, or some of it. So I browsed a little. He is truly gifted and I found I still like him (after all these years). I was 21 or younger when I bought my first artbook after going to my first art gallery in Washington D.C. I guess it's the only one I've owned, which is pretty sad.

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