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Fight CPS With RICO (Get Your Kids Back After Adoption)

Someone keeps disconnecting my wifi while I am try to write this post.

Parents have tried appeal and can try habeas corpus to get their kids back. Sometimes it works.

An idea I began developing tonight is to sue the government through RICO provisions to get your kid back.

It has been said once adoption is finalized, there is no recourse. It is said if you exhaust appeals and the adoption goes through, that's it. So for parents who were innocent and put in jail wrongfully, even if they are released and it's known they were innocent, they can't get their kids back.

I think there is one exception and I don't know that anyone has tried it before. I think, no matter how much time has gone by, and no matter how long the adoption has been final, you could still potentially sue the government for illegal acquisition of a "property" in the commission of a crime. If the property is still in government hands (the hands of the defendant), you sue them and put a TRO on the property (the child). If the government has "transfered" that property to a second party, i.e., adoptive parents, prevailing in RICO would force the new parents to return the child by forfeiture of the property that was illegally transfered to them.

If you read the provisions of RICO, it talks about "property". Well, children are considered to be "property" for legal purposes. The only way to still get kids back after a finalized adoption though, would be through proving crime was committed, so you would need to have a reason to accuse some group of conspiracy or collusion and crimes that were committed to obtain the property to begin with.

Normally, the FBI would just have the child returned, because that's the law. Stolen property is returned, regardless of "official documents" that look legal. But if the FBI is also guilty of crimes, and you decide to get a jury trial going, you could probably make a case for getting your kid back.

Another thing you could possibly try, aside from Writ of Habeas Corpus, is a Writ of Mandamus which is to compel the FBI or a government group to do their job. So if they are required by law to investigate crime and don't, you can file this writ and ask a Judge to compel them to abide by their Oath. If the FBI still refuses, and refuses even through habeas corpus, you could add THEM to your RICO complaint as aiding and abetting the commission of crimes against a child, and involving a child.

One thing with RICO is they look for a transfer of money with regard to the crime or property. But since CPS takes money from the federal offices in D.C. to do what they do at the State level, that's a transfer of money across state lines. Even small things such as monies paid for adoption proceedings and license are monies involving the property (child). Any kind of salary a CPS worker had, or a public defender or firm, that was money acquired through an illegal kidnapping or acquistion of a child, can be added up and included as part of proving money was being made off of the commission of a crime, and is tied to that property (the child).

So basically, if parents start suing through RICO, it would compel the government to not overstep their boundaries in the first place. The best thing about RICO is that you can sue them for punitive awards up to treble the amount of actual damages. So if you allege it cost you and your child so much money in actual damages or loss of income,

(Hi Social Security Administration! Let's figure out when loss of income and damages began, shall we?),

you can increase that amount treble.

I THINK you can also ask for punitive damages, which is damages that have nothing to do with actual damages, and demand a fair amount. What would be "punitive"? Nothing less than taking back every cent they made in profit from the commission of the crime.

It's not "punitive" if they don't lose more than what they made in profit from taking your child to begin with.

So maybe add up the salaries of the workers involved, times the number of years, include salaries for public defenders, CASA, visitation monitors, and anyone who was involved in the process.

I would start there. Add incentives paid out to have kids adopted, add all these numbers up. Just to start. Then times that number by 3.

That is possibly a starting point for "punitive damages".

Did people make, total, upwards of $5 million off of taking your kid and concealing what they'd done? Take back every single penny they made and that's not even including the dirty money that was dealt under the table.

If it cost the State and govt. $5 million because that's how much was paid out for business surrounding the illegal taking of a child, then a punitive amount for making $5 million or paying others this amount (profit off of a child) might be 1/3 of this. So let's say almost $2 million to add to the $5. That might be $7 million for the original fair punitive amount. Then times this by 3 (you treble the damages). Now you have $21 million.

It gets to be really fun when you're edging into the billions. I mean, how much are FBI agent salaries?

If CPS and the govt. start getting sued the way they need to be sued, they wouldn't commit crimes involving children. If they ever took kids, it would be for good cause and with evidence, not for malicious prosecution and personal vendettas.

It is WORTH it, to a lawyer or law firm, to investigate possibilities of suing for a client under RICO statutes. If there is a case, it would be extremely profitable to an attorney. Not only that, you're doing a good deed. It's "Nice Guys Win" instead of "Nice Guys Lose".

Suing for the return of property obtained in commission of a crime does not require parental rights. You can show the parental rights were illegally terminated because of crime. Or that the adoption is illegal. It is the illegal acquisition or transfer of property. Any contract made for that property is deemed null and void.

So some mobster sells a car that was stolen, with a legal certificate. Say they make a lot of money running a business while concealing a crime....

Apply THAT to CPS and the AG. The certificate looks legal? Looks are deceiving, aren't they? The business was legal? Oh, yeah, and about the crimes that this business is concealing....that makes the business illegal which makes it subject to forfeiture.

If someone wanted to go all-out, they could claim the assets from an entire CPS organization. Your "restaurant" is a shell for money laundering over my child. Your govt. "business" is a shell for kidnapping and money laundering and personal about human trafficking.

If some parent had a lot of money and wanted to pay a law firm to try a case through RICO, I think there is every provision for it. It's just that it would be a major case and it would be a precedent-setting case.

So since it looks so daunting, no one has tried it and it is out of reach for almost any parent, no matter how innocent they are.

You can run in circles with CPS, on their flimsy appeals process that has historically done nothing for anyone, or hit them in the jugular.


And I just had my wifi disconnected several times after writing this, to force me to stand up in an area where they could then try to torture me by using something to my ear that is facing the street. I was sitting down at my table and no problem with connection until I wrote this and then I couldn't connect so what I've had to do in the past is stand at the window, which means, I have one side facing the street and I am turned around.

This is what this GOD DAMNED country has done to my family and me. I brought up RICO against the fucking FBI MOBSTERS that used the Catholic church to promote their own interests, back in 2008. What did they do to keep me from following that line of thought? They have repeatedly DRUGGED ME and tortured me and forced me to witness torture of my son and then later, my own parents.

God DAMN this country.

What has this "FBI" done since 2004? NOTHING.

They have KNOWN about judicial crimes and felonies and they did NOTHING.

If you refer to my last post (before this one) it explains more about the Judges. These Judges were commiting crimes, in violation of FEDERAL law, and the FBI knew about it in 2004.

How did they know? Because I filed a complaint in Portland, Oregon federal courthouse about some of the actions of these judges, and the FBI read that complaint and they did...NOTHING. No. Wait. I take it back. They sent out Roman Catholic FBI agents to harass me and assault me and force entry into my apartment and then terrorize my whole family.

Why Bujanda and Garza? Was it because they could meet with Judge Lispcomb in Salem without looking suspicious as they were working in Coos County at the time?

The FBI did not investigate Judges for felonies of refusing to file documents and other crimes, they aided and abetted these same judicial criminals. If you look at my list in my previous post, FOUR Judges refused to file documents, FOUR or FIVE. Every single one of them is Catholic.

It spans from Salem, Oregon Judge Lipscomb to Wenatchee, Washington's Judge Warren, to Spokane, Washington's Judge Shea and others.

What did the FBI do?

They colluded to HELP them, not investigate them.

Then, when it looked like I might take legal action against them, and reported the FBI, knowing instinctively there was some kind of collusion between these Judges and the FBI and Catholic church "favors", they solicited the help of Catholic mafia and friends in D.C. to do worse--to torture me and my son.

Why? because by the time they tortured me and my son, I had solid evidence of felonies committed by FBI agents and Judges that could send them to JAIL. Easily.

It would have been so easy to convict them, and they knew this, that they made sure every person standing in the way to receive a complaint by me was Catholic. Am I right? If not Catholic, corrupt enough to take money to do what they wanted.

So how does Robert Mueller plead?

At any rate, if you are going to sue the government and the mobsters they happen to be working with at the time, be prepared and do it sooner rather than later. They know they have it coming so they will try to find anything they can to falsely accuse you with.

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