Saturday, April 21, 2012

DOJ hit men I still like this song: This Means War (UPDATED 9:47: Since I wrote this post someone changed it so it's posts without sentence spacing. It's fine on my end of the copy, and with editing, I can't change anything and don't care to take the time with it with html when I'm not being paid and not taking classes for that either. So if you want to read about the Department of Justice's "hit men", you'll have to bear through it as I do) I got back to the house after mailing something but I don't know what I'm doing. The Department of Justice, I think, doesn't like admitting they put a hit on me. Seriously. I wrote about how my battery was being drained from power in the middle of my driving, in 2003, starting in 2003, and for over a year, to the point that it was every single day I drove almost, and sometimes more than once a day. Different vehicles, brand new batteries, it didn't matter. The mechanics checked it and checked other things that usually drain a battery and they always said there was nothing wrong and why it was happening they had no idea. I ended up almost being killed, on an almost weekly basis. I guess that wasn't enough, so then the DOJ literally put a hit on me. DOJ as in Department of Justice. It was their guy's daughter that scoped out the scene first and passed on the information so they'd know which way I was going and where. And I was deliberately targeted and run into. It was her, and I thought about it even then, in 2003. Yeah, the guy who ran into me was Mexican, but it's not like they don't people who know people. That was 2003 and then it got worse after 2004 when I tried to say there was a hate crime problem, to FBI and then reported a couple of FBI. So when I later had DOJ in Washington D.C. stealing my cell phones all the time, it wasn't like I couldn't expect it. They tried to kill me. So first they put hits on me and tried to kill me, and hoped "accidents" would happen and created cause for serious car accidents. Then, it was an all-out hit. I didn't die. So then, they colluded to block me from traveling and to cut off my business ventures, college, and ability to make money and then they tortured me. My parents look horrible right now, because of being tortured, and no one is paying attention because I've been saying "it's an emergency" too many times. I do feel, from seeing maybe just a few people today while walking, who drove past, I felt they are aware of things and how bad it is. I feel believed by some. I think part of it might also be because when I describe what's happened with the pattern of racketeering and trying to cut me out of economic business and even court, while maybe being tortured doesn't happen to everyone, I do think there are probably a few others who have been victims of people deliberately running them out of business by illegal means. I feel it's very bad for my parents because I think some group is trying to portray my Dad as crazy if he tries to talk, or is going out of their way to make him think it's a large group, even if it's not. These people have been so vicious, they literally spend time getting as many people as they can in one spot to harass all at once, just to make it look even worse than it is. Torture doesn't get any worse, but then they want you to think no one is on your side, that no one believes you, and they try to get others to side with them, to make THEM feel marginalized if they say they believe it. It's been a big psychological harassment and manipulation game. There is no possible way for me to have time to know what I'm doing and where to send notice of appeals, or how. I do not have any of the tools I had before, I'm tortured and witness my family being tortured, I've been a victim of a literal "hit", as in "assassination attempt" by the Department of Justice, then defamed by their friends in the FBI and tortured next. When the government has people putting hits on you, and you live through it, they don't like to have a walking witness. So I filed this thing but I don't know what I'm doing. I know that the FBI should be returning my son to me, without any argument and they know it too. Then I was walking back and met Mormon missionaries but not sure if they really are. They had name tags but who knows. Friendly. Then I got home and told my parents I'd talked to Mormon missionaries and I said they didn't seem typical (or something like that) and that was it and my Dad said, "Did you tell them they're going to Hell?" He was joking and I said no. I had gone into my house and read a couple of short scriptures and then went outside and asked my Dad whose birthday they'd gone to and it was some 100 year old man. I was lying outside and my mom was using a shovel in the dirt and I said, "You wanna just throw some of that dirt on me now?" She said what and I said, "Maybe you could measure me. Just dig my grave while you're at it." And then I told them one of the verses I'd read was about the 100 year old man having kids. They didn't laugh at all. I said, "Well what did he look like? I mean, picture that man and then picture God telling him he's going to have a kid. That's why they thought God was crazy." My mother said, "Yes, they did think God was crazy." I first read at random from titus about a couple of guys on a mission basically. from II corinthians. It was "And now my brother so-and-so has joined me to help me in my ministry to you..." hahaha. sort of funny. then the next passage I turned to randomly was about people getting whacked, in the psalms. It was about how many people God struck down. I mean it was no subtle thing either--and the ____got whacked, and ________was whacked. Which was maybe a little strange since I'd just talked to the missionaries, agreeing it's usually a small thing that leads to another but then I said, except for what is it? and was trying to remember the russian story about the woman getting whacked on the head while on the stairs or something, and I said, "you know, crimes of passion. Where it's not premeditated" (I couldn't remember if it was or wasn't in the story) and then the next passage I read was God telling this 100 year old man he's going to have a kid and his wife thought it was so hilarious, she fell down to the floor laughing hysterically and then when the men said, "what are YOU laughing about?" she got scared and said, "Huh? Oh, I wasn't laughing. I didn't laugh." Anyway. This morning I read some things but don't remember now. I've read a lot about justice and injustice. One I really liked, before I fell asleep (I guess night before) was about this. About trading injustice for justice and legal corruption. The last few days my parents haven't wanted me in the house and it seems they've been tortured more. Today they got back from being out and my Dad tripped on the stairs like his legs were weak or something and his face didn't look okay, the lower part was swollen like he'd had a mask over the lower part of his mouth, like a suction device. My mom's eyes went from being purple and blue, having gone out with Patty the other day, to dark brown bruising. Then they were saying I had to find somewhere else to live and I feel it's the people torturing them saying this. They were saying they're not going to be around forever and made it sound like they thought they were both dying. My son is being tortured still. I feel like all the FBI has done is make one false promise after another, to my family. Not to me directly, but to others. And then it's turning out it was a ploy to stall for more time and ruin us and keep my son kidnapped from me. They have raised all these "false hopes" and then done nothing. So it pretty much looks like it was all malicious from the very start. They've allowed people to try to kill me, specifically, repeatedly. They have set up so many attempts for "accidents to happen" it's unbelieveable, and then they've put outright hits on me as well. So I didn't figure it out earlier and I went to THEM for help! I am sure some of the FBI are good and I think they should file their own RICO lawsuit against the others. But when it's the DOJ putting hits on you, and then no one is taking reports of violence against your person, they have a motive, someone does, to cover things up. I had thought things got bad after I reported the FBI but actually, I think having my car battery drained every single day, to be dangerous and interfere with my travel and time, was pretty bad and that happened before an FBI agent approached me. Then I was the victim of a hit. A literal assassination attempt. I guess it wasn't good enough that my car didn't crash as they hoped, when I kept suddenly losing power to my car on the freeway. Car(S). and batter(IES). In 2002 my passport was stolen and then by 2003, my car was being vandalized and I had active and constant attempt on my life and to cause bodily injury "by accident".

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