Monday, April 30, 2012

Harassment from EOU (copy of email)

I am still being contacted by this woman after I wrote to the President and asked him to assign someone else, and to let me know in writing what code of conduct or rule I have violated, if any, before engaging in a "teleconference." He never responded and then a week went by without my being contacted, disturbed, or harassed, and then I get this from her again. So I forwarded it to the President of the college and asked the same question (which hasn't yet been answered) and made the same request. If a college is going to harass a student, they should have, in writing, the cause and the specific violation that was made and evidence for it. I see no point in frivolous teleconferences. If I am paying THEM for classes, and making academic progress, unless I have violated some rule or code, they have no right to harass me, intrude into my personal time, and attempt to cause distress by creating problems they refuse to even identify in writing before trying to satisfy their eager desires to haul me into THEIR "space" so they can unload on me, for who knows what reason. I do not know that I will continue going to this college if they continue to harass me. Period. I haven't had this problem with a college in the past, and I don't need assholes trying to create ficticious issues now. Not only have they continued to harass me, they then decided to quit responding to questions about money, my financial aid, and they are relevant and important questions. They have told me I'm being "audited" by the Dept. of Ed and have to fill out additional information, and everytime I've gone to the link to complete the "verification" request it says the page is removed. So I asked them to provide the questionaire to me by email and they ignored me. I also applied for additional loan money and gave them what they asked for, repeatedly, and they kept saying to give them more. So I did. Then they ignored the processing of that loan money. THEN! I found out today that the problem with all my online disconnections and inability to access teacher syllabus and "blackboard" links, is because of their own campus computer platform. I finally contacted Google Apps, thinking maybe it was Google Apps, which they use, and they said this is only used for email (which I haven't had a problem with). So I asked just today who runs the software or platform for "blackboard" (where they post online assignments and all information about online classes) and it's this college: EOU only. Their "tech" was telling me I'm the only person with such a problem and if I want it fixed, they want to CONNECT THEIR computers to MINE. So basically, EOU would then have full access to everything on my computer and all of my online activities. I said no, I feel that's a potential invasion of privacy and believe they should resolve their blackboard problems on their own end. Then he acts like they're trying to "help" but I won't take the help. That kind of "help" is not wanted, authorized, warranted, or a good idea ever. He literally expects, EOU (?!) expects me to let total strangers tap into my computer and have full access to it and everything I do? Are you fucking OUT of your mind. If they are putting classes online for students, it's their responsibility to ensure they don't jack things around when it comes to my isp address trying to access the system. They do not need to have a direct line to my private computer to fix their end of the problem. So I told him no, politely, and then, giving them the benefit of a doubt, wrote to Google Apps because I thought maybe it had something to do with that. Supposedly it doesn't. It's just EOU. He confirmed this today and then I said okay and right after that, this woman is trying to contact me again, and it's not over the computer issues because she tried to harass me before they created even worse "blackboard" issues. I have never heard of any college having the audacity to suggest they just direct-line themselves right into your personal p.c. That is CRAZY. To Mr. Davies, I have been contacted by Cascio again and I told you, I am not comfortable discussing anything with her due to a personal conflict. I also asked you if you could please provide me with what rule I've broken or violated at your college, that creates grounds for my being contacted at all. As I stated, if I have broken a rule or violated some code of conduct, I would like to know what that is, in writing before engaging in a phone discussion with anyone. If I have NOT violated any rule or code of conduct, I consider this to be harassment as it's unnecessary. I am asking you again to please intervene and I have not heard from you since I last wrote. Please respect my strong concerns and hesitation to speak or communicate otherwise with Cascio and assign someone else to this who is able to also answer these questions. I feel that my right to talk to someone else is not being respected when I have already stated there is a personal conflict and I do not feel comfortable sharing what that is. Thank you, Cameo L. Garrett -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 15:49:38 -0700 Subject: Re: Please contact me From: To: CC: Dear Cameo: As indicated in my email to you below, I still need to speak with you regarding some concerns that have been brought to my attention. I am available almost all of this week to discuss this matter. I also still need you to please identify some days and times that work for you this week so that we can discuss this matter. If I do not hear from you by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 1, 2012 regarding this inquiry, you will leave me no choice but to proceed with this matter through the EOU Student Conduct Program. I can be reached at 541-962-3476 or via email at Sincerely, Colleen

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Anonymous said...

It looks like, as with every agency that comes into contact with you, EOU is having concerns about you. I would assume they want to talk to you because you are crazy. And based on your blog, they're correct to want to talk to you and establish boundaries as to what is appropriate and not appropriate. If you are going to college, act like a college student. Call the woman. Get it over with. And stop being so paranoid and accusatory. If you don't meet with her, I would think they would discipline you since you have chosen not to put forward your position on things? Get well.