Wednesday, April 25, 2012

(bad vibe Sun & Mon) Geza Anda and Mozart's 6th piano concerto

I looked up different pieces of scripture and music tonight but this one stood out to me, Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 6 in B flat major, K. 238: 1st mvt Link: The pianist, in particular, "...Is exquisite" I thought. I chose the 6th since my son is almost 6. Who is smiling now? This one, I don't know what kind of dance you would dance? for this piece, but it has such a good rhythm (tempo?). I looked up the pianist after only a few seconds, thinking, "this is a very good pianist" My favorite part is at 6:10, I think it is, the answer and response. To me, it sounded like a balcony scene. Or the echo through a large canyon coming back to the sender. It starts at 6 and then the response to the caller is at 6:4. It is Cinderella? It's that part of the song in the Disney movie, where she sings out this very high call, and then hears it come back to her...which Disney movie is that? It must be Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, or Cinderella but I am not sure which yet. She sings out, aha-aha-ah....and puts a hand to her ear I think and hears it return to her. I found an online virtual keyboard...sort of A B A B A (maybe in 3/3 time with AB as one count, next AB as second and last A as whole note). I am not good with music theory. I found it. It's Snow White at The Wishing Well and then the balcony scene is at One Song: I am not sure, but tried to match the key on the virtual piano and it's closer to B flat but sounds out of tune. So I have no idea. But that's what I had come to mind while listening to Mozart's 6th by Geza Anda. It's true! so if I heard the echo, does my wish then come true? I want my son returned. I shouldn't even have to make a wish for that. It looks like it's set in 4/4 time. Anyway. I had a very bad/sad vibe a few days ago and thought it had something to do with my son and how he was being treated. It wasn't today, and it wasn't yesterday. Yesterday I woke up and was pleasantly suprised there was a slightly better vibe to wake up to. But it was Monday or Sunday. I had a horrible feeling and it was very depressing. I think it was both Sunday and Monday. It was from late afternoon Sunday and early evening, to all day Monday. The entire Monday was horrible. So I wondered if it was my parents or my brother or my son and I think it was my son. I couldn't even feel the Holy Spirit was just sad, weighty, and depressing. I thought maybe someone is trying to use my son for govt. (or other) research. I didn't go to church, but that was okay...I stayed home and prayed a little and did other things. And for the first hour or several hours after 12 noon, it was fine so I knew I didn't feel anything was wrong with what I had chosen to do. But then it was later that afternoon and all day Monday, oppression. I firmly believe it was my son, that he was unhappy and/or people were trying to force him to do things they had no right to do. Notice. My fridge and freezer had also gone out, just quit working so I hadn't been able to buy things I had planned to purchase that day, on Sunday, but that didn't matter and the next day it was working. It was mainly that I knew something was very wrong and someone was doing evil on this day. Then, on Monday, I woke up with the bad feeling and it was all day and then went to bed with the same. On Tuesday, it was much better and only for a couple of hours total. Sort of shifted once or twice. But in general, Tuesday was much better. I woke up to feeling people were praying and I felt prayers. I wonder who was visiting the Avila's late afternoon Sunday and Monday, or if my son was playing alone or what. Was he in school Monday? or at home? It was Sunday to Monday. Anyway, going on to other things. Feel like listening to Whitney Houston vintage gospel and found this. I like her gospel stuff. I think she really felt and believed some of it.

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