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Middleton Asset: The Fly Man

A guy who was always around me, with connections to some kind of intel and the Middletons, in Wenatchee, WA, is connected to another military brat who first tried to befriend me when I was first pregnant.

He has a daughter named "Trinity".

He was straight-up Middleton's Man. This guy basically stalked me in Wenatchee, WA, following me around everywhere and asking questions and trying out experimentatl crap on me. He tried to invite me over to his place and I never went.

I knew that he knew it was right next door to Michelle Erickson and he was attempting to lure me into the area where I had been "banned" by court order. My going to his house would have meant I went to jail. I knew that he knew this because I could read his motive when he made the invitation.

I never went.

So people in Wenatchee tried to find another excuse.

Half of these people stalking me and experimenting on me had connections to witchcraft and/or the Catholic church. This guy told me, while sitting at an outdoor table in Wenatchee, that his mother had been into witchcraft from the time he was born. She christened him and devoted him "to Satan" when he was a baby. I guess it worked.

He said she was into mind-reading and psychic stuff, but he didn't want to reveal what he was up to. His little "specialty" was bugs, like, seriously, doing weird stuff with flies and he would literally sit there and stare at a fly and this fly would appear whenever he was around. It was only with him.

He knew a guy that I later met over here in this state, at a little "gathering" in Winston, Oregon and it was made very clear he knew the Trinity guy, and that they were connected to the corrupt Middletons.

So when someone tries to say I'm crazy, or my parents are forced to say this, it's not true. The truth is, this woman Kate is bona fide mobster and she is NOT a nice person. She's dangerous and corrupt. I am not saying this to be mean.

I thought about her and about saying anything before the wedding and I chose not to, because I did not want to be accused of just saying something to break up the wedding or in any kind of attempt. So I kept my mouth shut.

I was actually even afraid to really look into it, because I think I was afraid that if the engagement DID fail, what complications might arise or if I would be punished.

These people have been connected to U.S. military, Catholics, and Middleton.

I don't think the fear, in TN at least, was that someone was going to pursue ME--I think it was that they wanted to keep torturing me and out of the way and were nervous and had this nervous hostile anxiety over the fear that I might "start talking" or say something that would reveal too much and ruin the engagment and end the marriage before it started.

I could tell, to this group, the entire objective was seal the deal. Some of these horrific psychics and mediums (one from the Carribean--the British part) I was around even said things like they didn't know if the marriage would last. But they didn't care. They didn't even care if there was a divorce later, all they seemed to care about was that she got married. There was something hinging on the whole actual contract, seal the deal aspect. One of the mediums was doing all kinds of bizarre affectionate fond things over Kate Middleton memorabilia and looking relieved they got married, and then saying to another psychic, "I don't know if they'll stay married, because she's a party girl."

She implied Kate Middleon is a drug user. Which I am not at all surprised by. She went on to talk about it and it wasn't like "party girl" as in "party pieces" girl. It was like "party girl" as in cocaine or drug using and drinking girl.

So this is a medium who did her best to be on my trail along with about 4 or 5 others. They had these frickin' pow-wows, where they would get together and make their predictions and find ways to torture me or let assailants know where I could be found. So this woman slept with Kate Middleton magazines next to me. Right next to my bed. She was this one who first told me she was from a Commonwealth island and then later tried to lie and say something else.

All they wanted, was for this marriage to happen.

I don't know what kind of money was riding on it. It must have been something else. So all this "let it all out" talk about Kate was happening the day after the wedding. Everyone kept their mouth shut and waited with bated breath and chased me around until that day and then they were all relaxed and loose lippin-sink shippin.

So Kate's a drug addict, according to this Commonwealth medium, and it's not really difficult to believe, given she was hostessing her royal boyfriend at her drug-dealing Uncle's caddyshack. I never heard anything of the sort about her until the day after the wedding.

For ME, I was chased around by people SHE KNOWS. And I did not even know it until later, like, some of it not until I was even in Coquille, Oregon again. And then I realized, "Oh my gosh. She has had people stalking me from Wenatchee to Tennessee to Coquille and they all know eachother and are reporting back to HER!"

And then she was using these reports to fill in her ideas of what to put on the royal gallery of photos (which I haven't glanced at since, I don't know, months ago when I realized this guy who showed up at the Winston meeting knew the "fly man" AND Middleton and therefore they were all connected.

What is really strange too, is how all these "christian" avenues seem to pander to her when she isn't even a christian at all. I mean, I have no idea where someone got the idea that that wedding was something sanctified because it wasn't. I took one look and didn't feel anything holy about it and thought it looked like a play in progress and went back to my sauna. So she's some kind of "party girl" and yet all these christian avenues just completely suck up to her and the idea of her connections. I think it is really bizarre. The closest she's come to religion is having friends that are members of the Catholic church.

So by now, after so many times being thrown into psych wards to benefit corrupt Judges, the FBI, and "the Middletons", I should be able to say what I think, because before I didn't feel comfortable about it and didn't have enough to go by.

This is one thing I found out.

1. This "fly guy", I think his name was "Tad" but I might be wrong..something else is coming to me and I will correct it when I need to...he was shorter, and had an earring in a circle in his ear, like a part of his earlobe was stretched out and then this circular earring inside of it...he was decent looking, and he showed up in Wenatchee and started sort of stalking me. Just watching me all the time. I didn't know if he was for me or against me until he invited me to his place and I read through his motives and knew he was trying to have me caught to go to jail. He wasn't interested in me. He was on a mission for someone else and that was it. I did not judge him one way or the other until his invitation. It wasn't that I assumed since I knew I would go to jail, he knew. I didn't assume that. I knew that this was the entire premise for his asking me to stop by his house. When Michelle Erickson lied and said I had harassed her (which she said under oath I had never done, the day before she 'changed her mind'), she got a restraining order against me. It barred me from entering a specific region, so many feet from her residence.

Now this is when I was forced by the U.S. to live with Theo Keyes, and yes, I was forced, in nothing less than a hostage situation. I am not making that up. I had the FBI and federal government kicking me out of housing to punish me for not marrying Alvaro and then letting the military use me for horrendous forms of research. The entire time I had to stay with this guy, which was a living nightmare, I found out he was WORKING for Michelle Erickson. I was forced to live with HIM and then he spied on me and reported everything to Michelle who was a few blocks away. I confronted him with talking to her and he stopped one day and said no. I said I knew and why was he talking to her about me? So he assumed I knew because he thought I'd seen him coming from her house so he confessed to working for her, inside her house. I had never seen him near her house. I am not "psychic"--I am just intuitive. I'm like a good lawyer who can put a few things together by reasonable deduction and good instincts.

So Theo admitted and confessed to working for Michelle Erickon, the State's star CPS worker, while I was forced to live with him by the federal government. Michelle had also done work for federal military centers in the past and confirmed this on her resume. She worked for the Navy in the Seattle area. It was a naval facility. The only person I've know who was navy is the guy who gave me his law password "harper". And he is from California, where the harper was born.

SO. Michelle Erickson, CPS worker who worked for the Naval people, was having Theo Keyes over to her house while I was forced to live with him and being tortured there too. Theo was some kind of "recovering Satanist" and was still into all of his Satanist work even though he said he didn't do black magic anymore. He is the one who said Queen Elizabeth wrote to him and asked HIM to work for HER. And, he is the one who said the military literally sent him to Seattle to screw some woman for purposes of breeding psychic kids for the government. He is the one who said his Dad had been in the Army for over 20 years and was still working for them. So the military kid is doing psychic work for the government and breeding for them, Queen Elizabeth wants to have him work for her, and he's visiting Michelle who is the CPS worker for this case with my son, where my son is showing up for visits hypnotized and with evidence of brainwashing and torture and Michelle is covering for it.

"Tad", is a different demon-possessed individual. He is the one with the earring, and rode a skateboard and had a Satanic mother who dedicated him to Satan. So the U.S. federal government basically employs Satanists and Catholics. It works for them...there haven't been any conflicts to mention as of yet. They all know how to lie and get paid for it.

Tad lived about 2 blocks away or less from Michelle Erickson's house. He was practically her neighbor. And he didn't invite me to his house until she got her restraining order which outline a perameter and then he was trying to persuade me to walk over there. All the time, he asked me to go over. I never did, and by then I knew what he was up to.

So he had a daughter, has a daughter, named "Trinity". I think he's Irish too, but I actually can't remember for sure. At any rate, I didn't judge him until I knew he was trying to get me jailed. He was friends with this U.S. military woman I stayed with for one week after being at Theo's house, and she also did psychic research. She first approached me when I was pregnant. I don't know how she knew Tad but she did. All of her kids were psychic government breed selections too.

She literally went to a military base to have sex with soldiers to be impregnated. It was Fort Lewis.

I am telling you, the U.S. is trying to breed people. I guess it's no different than other countries, but it's shocking to find this out while being tortured, exploited against will, and used as well. I mean, the next thing I knew, they were trying to obtain MY genetic material and breed babies through MY eggs. I am not kidding.

So this Fort Lewis psychic military breeder had me stay at her house for one week while they researched in their house. I felt sorry for the baby because this one woman was doing some kind of weird shit on him in the name of the government. The baby was just left to cry and I would hold him and pay attention but no one else did really. This other housemate woman would go into his bedroom, close the door and then do some kind of weird crap to get him to be quiet. She was always shoving a bottle in his mouth to get him to shut up and he wasn't crying because he was hungry.

So this woman knew Tad. And her latest baby was supposedly from Fort Lewis but looked more like this guy that was Ukrainian and went to the Russian Baptist church. He had a Ukraianian caregiver.

So the next thing I know, is Tad is giving me the evil eye. He just got weird and nasty and I started to feel he is really working for someone. It even crossed my mind then, that it was somehow connected to Kate Middleton.

I think I am right.

I got tortured in TN when I left Wenatchee. I mean, tortured and stalked by mediums and psychics and then forced to work for Catholic government people who were connected to the CIA and Department of Defense, at Logans (which was the worst and most painful job of my entire life and one I was forced to take or go to jail).

Then I was back in Coquille, Oregon. I figured out this Tad-Middleton connection after I was in Coquille, and believe me, it's enough to creep you out of your socks.

So I show up in Coquille, and I realize all is not right with the world over here. I started figuring out I was not the only one being tortured. I discovered, for the first time in my entire life, "oh my gosh. My parents are like prophets.?" and they are being exploited and tortured by the U.S.

My parents acted like they were in a daze and I could tell they had been tortured and conditioned to accepting things the way they were. They were basically hostages in the United States. I was invited to a few things where it was clear they were being used. Some of these people didn't even try to disguise or hide it. It was like they must have been getting away with such horrific things, they figured it was no big deal when they scaled down. And, since I was "crazy" I guess they figured I would never blow their cover and they'd never get in trouble for anything, bc who would believe me?

These people have done all kinds of horrible things. I have witnessed enough of it firsthand.

So one day my mother invited me to go to some "prayer meeting" in Winston. I went and could not believe it. They tortured my mother when she was there. She turned into this quiet, submissive and sort of timid woman that isn't my mother. The people running it were Catholics I recognized from Mt. Angel Abbey years before when I protested in the town. And I thought, "And they then got access to my mom and dad?" I mean, the Catholic church has shown no end to their malicious vindictiveness. The man kept saying he was raised Amish and if he was raised Amish I'm a goose. I saw him with the Catholics at the Catholic church in Mt. Angel Abbey and driving past ME all the time. She even approached me in person when I protested. I remembered them exactly. He is a cruel and MEAN, violent man. I could not believe it. I went to the bathroom one time and then came back and my mother's nose had been pinched and was bleeding. The next time, her fingers were cut when she was out of my view for just a moment and she didn't do it to herself. She was around these people and I was the one around the corner. Both times we were there, my mother was so afraid of those people, she had dry mouth and it was obvious and she's never like that in person. It was like they scared the shit out of her and then I saw they were sneaking in little physical assaults when I was around the corner.

So guess what I find out? Kate Middleon knows these fuckers. I felt sick to my stomach when I realized she was connected.

The first time I was there, there was this younger guy with blond hair there who said he had a daughter named "Jasmine". He showed up and was observing me and my mom said she hadn't seen him before. His name was Jeremiah. Which is the same name as this Fort Lewis woman's baby. Jeremiah was a psychic and did different things, observing me, and then asked me if I liked "Jadite". (I guess, because I'm jaded). I said I don't know. So anyway, I remember telling Christa Schneider something about Kryptonite, but not Jadite. I had a feeling the Schneiders' knew this "Amish" guy too, for some reason. So this younger man with the blond hair, he later shows up where?

Everything about him showed up on the English royal photo gallery, in photos featuring William and Kate. The very same week, new photos were added, with William featured next to a kid that was the spitting image of the guy who showed up at this Winston meeting. I don't know how to put it into words, but when I met him, before I even went to the photo gallery later, I knew he had something to do with Middleton. And THIS was why I decided to go to the photo gallery, because I had this "feeling". And sure enough, right there it was confirmed.

It is hard to prove, but it's like my "knowing" Theo Keyes was going over to Michelle Erickson's house and talking about me. Did I see him there? no. I just knew it intuitively. Same thing with this man at the Winston meeting. And when I saw evidence of mockery and playing off of him, on the royal photo site, I got the creeps-chills. I realized, oh my gosh, that guy is giving information to the Middletons and possibly someone else is, from that Winston group. And not only that, Jeremiah, I was intuiting, knows Tad and the other woman from Wenatchee.

So it means I was stalked by Middleton followers in Wenatchee, and this is when I was being tortured by the way, and then in Coquille, they had been connecting with my mother before I ever arrived.

And our dog is afraid of English accents.

There was a photo of William, following that meeting, crouched next to a boy who was the spitting image of Jeremiah and wearing the same colors he'd been wearing. Yellow and green.

I know this guy Jeremiah does psychic stuff because they were "praying" (which all seemed to be one big blasphemous joke and mockery of God bc those people were not spiritual at all) and I had closed my eyes and while my eyes were closed I saw a knife and then when I opened my eyes, he had turned or lifted up his shirt or something, and was showing the knife the way I saw it, with my eyes closes. He's some kind of sender.

After I saw the royal photos, at first I thought, I know for sure they know this guy but maybe they're on my side? So I said nothing. I've come to realize, these people are not on my side and they are not on my parent's side. William married people who torture my parents and I would not be surprised if he's even joined in. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

I know for a fact that I've been stalked by the Middletons. Which is slightly obsessive of them. I certaintly don't have people stalking THEM. Or reporting to ME about things.

The second time I went to this meeting, this Romanian-Transylvanian medium was there and her name is Kathy. I believe she has tortured my mother. She said she is from Transylvania. You know, like that Los Angeles boxer or whatever "royal" from Transylvania who knows William and Kate Middleton. Barbosa or whatever. I don't think she's a good person. She's the same woman I saw at the last church service I went to, who I said was so joyfully dancing and crying before God and then staring at me like she hated my guts and wanted to read my future and dig my grave. She is a Middleton sympathizer and she is involved with that same group. In my opinion, she is not a good or honest person, even if she may be gifted. She causes a lot of trouble and spies on my family for the Middletons. She goes to the same church that Patty Otterbach goes to.

She was there when I went the second time. Jeremiah was not there. When my mother asked about him I had this idea come to my mind that he was capable of torturing my Dad and I was worrying about my Dad. It just crossed my mind, where is he and I hope he's not around my Dad. When I had this vibe I think I knew for sure that I was sensing he wasn't someone on our side.

Why Kate needs to have stalkers around my mom and dad and I, in totally different parts of the country, is beyond me.

I guess "party girls" need to have people who can anticipate whether decent people like my parents are going to expose her family for being the shits they are. Their family is just straight-up criminal and from what I have gathered, my parents are tortured over them, my upsetting the catholic church monks and some lawyers/judges, and government stuff.

I don't think my parents are safe and they haven't been safe either. I have sat next to them in church while we're all tortured and this newest pastor there has beat up my Dad.

There are all thes malicious military Catholics posing as protestants here, and some weirdos connected to Middletons. How Kate got into my FBI records I have no idea but she has seen far more about me than I have and she is not a fucking U.S. citizen.

I wish that I HAD expressed more earlier but it doesn't matter. I know someone connected to the royal family or Middletons has had a direct hand in torturing my Mom and Dad.

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