Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alvaro's FBI Pubic Hair (keep smiling fuckers)

Already Decided Filing RICO‏

6:00 PM

I am not sure why you said I couldn't stay here if I filed a RICO case. I am guessing it was an "out of hand" comment and not meant seriously bc you say this kind of thing about almost everything I bring up.

And you said my fight for Oliver is my own business, and never said you were going to punish me over that. You specifically said I could stay here and get on my feet and go to college and you've always known I am trying to get Oliver back. So while your nice "friends" have tried to interfere with that, they never dared try to get you to threaten to throw me out if I kept up trying to regain my parental rights. You only said you were not personally supporting it.

So that's fine. You're not paying for it. But since I've been here, you never once told me I was "banned" from trying to get Oliver back and you never threatened to throw me out of living circumstances if I tried.

Instead, your great FBI "pals" blocked me from going to college until they figured there was no chance for me to get my son back. That is what they have done and they don't have a right to interfere now if I continue to pursue my appeals and use RICO to do it.

It's all for Oliver.

So if they don't want "negativity" maybe they can all go shave their own pubic hair into smiley face shapes with Alvaro's name clipped into it. Maybe that will give them something to feel good about.

I just wanted to clarify that I am still trying to get Oliver back and you have never asserted a right to BLOCK me from this.

So why would you try to block me now by threatening me?

If you are serious about that comment, I need to know.

Because then I will go ape-shit over your buddies in the Justice System.


Anonymous said...

You can never, ever regain your parental rights. You have no parental rights. You are in denial of the situation.

Alvaro has never worked for the government. You, Cameo Garrett, have paranoid schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. You are delusional and psychotic. You are non-functioning. When you say that Alvaro works for the FBI, you are delusional. When you say that you rights to "your" son, you are delusional.

You are seriously and persistently mentally ill. No one is out to get you because nobody cares about you.

You have failed at life. Period. You live in a fantasy world.

Mama said...

Thanks for being my #1 fan. You certaintly put in what you can.

Whoever you are, you are wrong to say Alvaro Pardo never "worked for the government."

Um. Yeah. He did and he does. And the FBI didn't hold up to their end of the deal so why should I hold up to mine?

He told me himself that he worked for the FBI in Colombia. He then went to the U.S. to work for the U.S. FBI full-time and my marrying him would have made his transition to getting "in" several years shorter. 2 years and a green card vs. something like 7-10 yrs and a big wait.

So don't tell me what you know or think you know.

I know far too much about the FBI to be stupid enough to put myself into a compromising position where people like you want to have ammunition.

What is your proof I'm delusional? You have none. It's your word against mine and you are delusional yourself if you think the FBI didn't and doesn't work with Alvaro Pardo.

If Alvaro had lied, he knew he could go to jail for false impersonation, to falsely represent himself as working for the FBI when he didn't.

It's a felony and he had no reason to lie to me about that matter.

Mama said...

By the way, people who take classes FT in college are rarely paranoid schitzophrenic honey. Small business entrepreneurs are also rarely nuts.

It's usually jealous competitors who want to make that claim.

Anonymous said...

You are not going to college full-time.
You are 37 years old and taking online classes with mental health disability accommodations.

You are not able to hold a full-time job even though you have nothing else to do-- you don't have any children.

Alvaro never said he was FBI. You are schizophrenic so you hear things that aren't real. ~Duh

You think the FBI has been torturing you. That is proof that you are delusional.

You are on welfare and are desperately trying to get SSI. You live in a trailer. You are definitely not a "small business entrepreneur." If you were, you wouldn't qualify for psychodisability$. You were ruled as an unfit mother because you are a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, Axis II borderline.

Mama said...

Anonymous You Are Not Going To College:

You are incorrect about everything except for my age. For anyone to see you made false statements they can confirm, to start, I am in college as a FT student.

Funny how I am so "crazy" only when the FBI is obstructing justice to keep me out of money, isn't it?

Your comment tries very hard, on several points, to discredit me and all anyone has to do is notice what post you're commenting on--the one about the FBI trying to slide one of their employees past the immigration gates by taking an illegal short-cut.

I have no diagnosis by the way. I have never been diagnosed with anything. I was injected with Haldol before I had even seen a doctor for evaluation, and the FBI sent them select portions of my blog to encourage doctors there to continue assaulting me with daily medications.

When you uncover how it was the FBI that tried to get me to marry their employee, they are in MAJOR hot water.

Sort of like, "This wouldn't be good for us if it went to a Congressional Hearing" kind of thing.

Alvaro worked with the FBI when he still lived in Colombia. He moved to the U.S. and the U.S. wanted him to stay here and work for them so they attempted to use me as a pawn to get him in the "fast" way.

They also thought my marrying him might keep me from suing them. He was a con artist, 100% and I do not love him, I hate him.

I hate him as much as I hate Mueller and the FBI for torturing and sponsoring the torture of a child and his innocent mother, then trying to entrap me to go to prison, then adjusting to try to use me as a pawn for their themselves, and then trying to drug me, torture me, and withdraw housing to coerce me to get back together with their agent, and then attempting to incite hatred to kill me off.

I am sure someone is still plotting to kill me off.

Think about it.

If what I say is true, the FBI is guilty of attempting to use a citizen for marriage fraud for THEM and then knowingly lying and using their authority to have me drugged repeatedly and defamed.

It is not looking very good for the FBI.