Friday, April 20, 2012

FBI Didn't Hold Up Their End Of The Deal

If the FBI doesn't hold up to their end of the deal, I have no reason to hold to mine. I am not going to furthermore jeopardize my position of credibility for people who don't come through with their bargaining acts. I am not going to be called crazy. I am not going to do anything I said I would do for the FBI. And yes, my fiance works for the FBI and worked for the FBI. He had no reason to lie and to do so would be false impersonation and he knew it was a felony to claim to be with the FBI if you're not. Why would he lie? There is a reason the U.S. FBI is using Judges to keep Alvaro Pardo out of court. They know it and I know it. Alvaro worked with the FBI in Colombia and then moved to the U.S. to work for them here. Getting a green card through me, made his citizenship easier and faster and that's what the FBI wanted from me. They used me. If he'd married me, it would have been 2 years to citizenship and he'd have a green card and could have started working on the FBI payroll, even sooner than that. That was the fastest way for him to get "in". If he didn't marry me, it would have been a huge wait and anywhere from 7-10 years for citizenship, if he "worked his way" through and applied for Visas. It's the FBI's fault, and that's why they have tried to use me and then want so badly to discredit me. It means, if I want to, I can name the FBI as party to a RICO claim. They have supported Judges who commit felonies and obstruct me from court, to get my son, out of revenge for my not marrying their worker. They retaliated against me. I don't know which field office Alvaro was going to work out of, but he had options because that's how the FBI works. They let you help decide which state you want to live. So he was asking me about specific field offices in specific states and where I would prefer to live. Initially, he said he wanted to take me to New York, but that was for some kind of honeymoon or something. Then we have the FBI moving New York bred S.S.A. Fowler into place over here in Oregon. It's not a coincidence. It is a HUGE deal for the FBI to have done what they did. I guess the FBI doesn't like being told "no". So anyway, New York wasn't where he said he wanted to stay, so he named 2 other field offices. The FBI was giving him some options. But if I backed out of marrying him? They were going to screw me over, and my son over, worse than they did the first time by torturing us. Believe me, the FBI had some "splainin'" to do. Which is why all my attempts to appeal or get to Judges or into court, or have money or anything, have failed. The FBI has made sure I fail. Now, to keep their own cover still, they want me to apply for all kinds of healthcare and disability stuff, and have me with Social Security too, to add to their cover. It's not like they're investigating my case or trying to return my son to me. If that's what they were doing, they'd be prosecuting Judges who commit crimes. Instead, they want to sink my ship for good. So they want me to be as "mentally ill as possible". That way, their man Alvaro can marry someone else and no one protests or cares or wonders how many times the FBI negotiates marriages for foreigners. Because the FBI is involved, they have used their power and authority to harm my entire family. How do you fight the FBI? You can't. They are the ultimate authority, besides local police. They get local and state officers working with them and they're "it". No one else has jurisdiction to investigate crimes. They know all the Judges. So no Judge wants to go against them if you try to accuse them in court or try to get evidence out that they were involved with the crime of what's happened with my son. When the FBI comes to your door, or the Avila's door, with Mafia, to beat you up--who are going to complain to? The police? I am not kidding. I was the "good person" because for a couple of years I was so stupid, I imagined maybe my "outing" them over what they've done, would be bad for the U.S., for "national security". That is why I did not even mention The Pentagon's 2nd top man, Cartwright, for a couple of years. I suffered being alienated from friends and family, seeing my son tortured, being defamed and slandered as nuts, lived like a homeless person in degrading circumstances, was refused work and even forced out of housing. I had people trying to then take advantage of me in this vulnerable state, to extort eggs from me, my own genetic material. All kinds of things. People pressuring me for sex, including my own public defenders--you name it. I did nothing wrong. I was thrown into jail on false arrest several times, drugged, given death threats, told Judges wanted to end my life and that there were about 10 of them who were colluding with law enforcement against me. I never identified the person who told me this but it was in 2009. I was tortured, used for research, and with the FBI knowing everything and going along because it worked for them. They didn't care because they had their own motives for keeping me down, so they allowed criminals to torture me, and other agencies and departments to use me. They intimidated me and tried to silence me. They went after my family members because I am guessing some of them knew about the deal. The problem is, when it goes bad, who believes you? The FBI holds all the power. They torture your entire family and threaten worse if they think you'll talk about what happened. Every single time I tried to find out who was behind something really bad happening to me, I was finding out it was FBI. So naturally, they've assisted with trying to keep me out of court over the case involving my son. The reason is not so much that I would have my son back with me. The reason is they didn't want the discovery to start working against them. They knew that if I was able to get some evidence in oourt, proving my innocence, that I would have the right to cross-examine them and they never wanted to testify under oath or have their agents do so. They didn't want the U.S. Attorney for Spokane to talk, or for anyone in the public to discover what really happened between U.S. officials and Canadian officials who knew FBI. They have been so paranoid about keeping their OWN cover, they used Judges to block my ability to document torture because they wanted to have the upper-hand in allowing torture and to use it to intimidate my family. They also made sure I couldn't cross-examine their own agents, like Anne Crane, who they got inside as a visitation monitor and who was always pressuring me in the visits, to contact my fiance. The entire time, she used the visits for occasion to have my son show up with evidence of torture, and then she'd give me this look and twist this saints bracelet around her wrist that she knew was identical to the one my Ex-fiance wore. It wasn't a popular or common bracelet but after the Judge ordered I couldn't take any photos of my son, after I was refused the ability to photograph anything, she showed up with the bracelet. Twist, twist, twist. The entire time, staring at me and making faces at me, while trying to draw my attention to the bracelet that she knew would remind me of Alvaro Pardo. It was intimidation of me and torture of a child. Right there in Washington state offices. She didn't wear the bracelet until she believed I couldn't photograph HER with it on. She made her points, after Judge Hotchkiss did the FBI favors and colluded to support abuse and torture of a kid. Police were involved in Wenatchee as well. The entire time, they did all these horrible things to me and attempted to drive me back to my fiance. I refused. The FBI and police have stolen every single thing I own from me. They confiscated all of my personal photos and diaries and colluded with Canadians to do it. This is not a small thing. I'm not talking about a small box of personal papers and photos. They took everyone I have ever owned or saved since I was a pre-teen. Some things disappeared before then, but I had the majority of my things. I have a bunch of belongings with someone in Seattle still and she hasn't gotten back to me and my medical records, legal files, clothing, jewelry, and boxes worth of photos and diaries are with her and her partner is Canadian. They've allowed people to go through my things, including people connected directly to the Middletons. She was the one who wanted me to work for this Asian woman, "Annie", in Seattle, flipping crepes. It was a job that was fine indoors and the minute they grinned and said well we have an idea for you to set up a tent in Pioneer Marketplace, I knew they wanted only to humiliate me. I then had most of my stuff with her and went back to Wenatchee and was tortured at Steve May's house and he lived across the park from the Attorney General running the case against me. He stole the other half of my personal photos and records and let police go through it. He stole everything from videocamcorders to clothing, to photo albums and personal papers. And then Mykal Holt stole my cedar hope chest. Between these 3 parties, they stole everything I owned and had saved, of sentimental and personal value, since I was in my teens. I hadn't even known, when I picked out this silk, off-the-shoulder pink top in Maryland, that it matched the pink shreds Cinderella is in in the movie. I recently, a week or two ago, decided to listen to Disney songs and watched a video and saw the dress she wore and all of a sudden it hit me. I was a frickin' Cinderella. I had never once thought of it that way, or about my pink shirt, until I saw the video and realized, they did that to me, but they started from the pink off-the-shoulder shirt to stripping me down even further. The real Cinderella story includes being thrown into a mental institution on false pretense, and jailed, and dragged across a building in nothing but a white towel after being injected with a substance by a police officer who was not a doctor. The real Cinderella had her son kidnapped out of jealousy. And was tortured. All the FBI wanted, was to get something out of it for themselves. They clearly do not care if kids are tortured. They even USE to torture to try to push people to do what they want. They attempted to extort a marriage out of me and when I refused, because they didn't hold up their end of the deal, they took out revenge and put hits on my entire family. They made sure then and there, I was not going to get my son back. If I'm suing the Devil, who is that exactly? The New Jersey devil? is it the FBI? is it someone with a star sign of the devil? What I know without any doubt, is that the reason I have been restrained from defending my case in court, or entering evidence, is to protect U.S. and Canadian officials that colluded in crimes, and that includes FBI. If I married their guy, they might have worked with me, believing then I wouldn't hold anything against them. But when I didn't, they wanted to tear everything away and make me and my son suffer. They have been malicious, vindictive, cruel, and criminal. They made getting my son back impossible. It was not impossible to get him back because the truth and evidence was all on my side. THEY made it impossible, out of revenge motives. Then, after they sold my son out to the military, they didn't care about doing anything but favors for the military in allowing them to keep their stolen property. And I know they're not trying to help, because all this time I waited and wondered and hoped, and now they send back emails to me saying have I checked into health services. They want to cover their crimes further. Every time I found out I was being defamed, to Canadians or to a hospital or psych ward or judicial commission, or police, it was coming from the FBI. I would not put it past the FBI to feel "special" if a royal family member wanted to do something and then changed their mind and needed the FBI to take slack for it. I wouldn't put anything past them. But for the record, I am not crazy, and these things have happened and are happening. I don't see how it's possible now, to get my son, because the FBI knew and approved of torturing me through all the appeals processes, and they tortured my family members as well and coerced them not to help me. If the FBI did their job, my son would be with me again already. Instead, they kept waiting on ME to "change" as if I was the "half" that needed to change. They have tried to use me for so many different things and made so many false promises I can't even keep track. If my son's adoption is finalized I have no recourse except through a novel idea of suing them through RICO. From what I read, if you are suing to get property back, that's already been sold, with a finalized sale, you can only get that property back if you prove the party that paid for the property is not "innocent". And by that, you don't have to prove they committed a crime, but only have to prove the party that purchased the property (adopted the child from the state, paying a fee for the transaction), was in a state of knowledge at the time of the sale, that the property purchased was or could be subject to forfeiture. So they had to know, at the moment of adoption or transaction, that it was possible my son could still be returned to me. It doesn't matter if circumstances change later, if they knew he was subject to forfeiture when they adopted him, they admitted to knowing it was a property that was not free, in that moment, from any other interest. That fact, means they were not oblivious, innocent parties who believed there was no dispute. It also said, from what I read, but I would have to read more, that you are suing, for a forfeiture of property hearing, the property itself, which sounds strange. It said you sue the property, not the purchasers. It sounds strange to then be suing your own kid, doesn't it? I'll do whatever I have to do. I know my son isn't the devil. Maybe it's William of Wales. I know Middleton was involved with my treatment in Canada, and Tennessee. Regardless, the FBI is culpable as agent to concealing crimes. If they do not do what they are contracted to do, and took an oath to do, and if the adoption is finalized, I am not going to waste more time in this country. I would be forced to leave and then come back to sue under RICO and get my son that way. I cannot function in a country where I am being tortured. And yes, my parents and rest of my family are also being tortured. My parents fingernails are even worse than mine and they have something horrific happening with their eyes, like I've mentioned, and have been forced to work for some group here for a long time. The FBI blackmailed them over the Alvaro Pardo thing as well, I think. "Who are you going to tell?" "When is your daughter having her psychiatric appointment?" They've classified crime.


Anonymous said...

There was never a deal. You're paranoid schizophrenic and a borderline personality.

Mama said...

There was a deal. If the FBI wants to sue me for defamation they can. They will not sue me because they are already aware of things.

"Did you tell her about field offices?"

How's that for an interrogation after I blog about it. He worked for the FBI in Colombia and if you don't believe me, and the U.S. lies, fact-check with that country. Then he came over here and the FBI wanted me to marry him and screwed me and my son over when I didn't.

I am neither paranoid nor borderline and I've read descriptives for both. I'm neither. I am a normal woman who has some unique gifts and who has been targeted out of jealousy over business and fears I would put others out of business (even if that was not my intention). Organized criminals like to disorganize others and then accuse them of having psychotic disorders involving disorganization.

They can't stand to have anyone more organized than they are.