Monday, April 9, 2012

CAT Complaint Against Canada & U.S.

My CAT request for preliminary injunction was sent by email last night. It is naming Canada as violating UN protocols they signed respective declarations for. It includes their collusion with U.S. officials.

Today, I have been tortured by use of military technology, still, regardless of this request.

Since the UN said I could not name the United States as party to violating UN protocols, and since Canada was also involved, I sent my request for injunction against Canadian officials who acted against me and my son in Canada and also crossed U.S. border to act against us, and who also used Canadian officials who live in the U.S. now.

I only submitted my request for preliminary injunction and have not submitted the entire complaint which will be reviewed by the UN.

It is one way to publicize what crimes the U.S. committed and continues to commit, regardless of their accountability to the UN, and it also addresses the fact that Canadians who were officials and acting in official capacity commited crimes of torture and degrading treatment, by collusion with the U.S., premeditating crimes before I even arrived, torture of me and my son within Canada by technology in violation of UN treaties and protocols, denying me and my son the right to have hearing for political asylum, denying me the right to speak to a lawyer or doctor while jailed in isolation in a Canadian jail, collusion to commit false arrest, forcing me to sign a false confession under threats of holding me hostage through false imprisonment, illegal confiscation of personal property, assaulting family members after we went back to the U.S., collusion to have me falsely arrested again after I was back in the U.S., potential false statements made to U.S. officials who were not Catholic or not involved in the collusion and crimes, and confiscation of my personal property in the U.S. by Canadian officials. Also included is obstruction of justice, or "perversion of justice" by trying to block me from accessing Canadian diplomatic and other remedy through the Canadian embassy in D.C. when I went in to have the matter of forcing me to sign a false confession corrected. They blocked me from speaking to anyone who could correct this or make a difference and told me to call Canadian "border patrol" when it was not just Canadian border patrol that was involved.

It was U.S. border patrol and Canadian border patrol that colluded to have me sign the false statement. And it was far worse than just Canadian border patrol as their immigration personnel, RCMP (police) and intelligennce were also involved.

While thrown in the Canadian jail on a knowingly false arrest, they refused to allow me a call to any lawyer, to my family, and denied my request to be seen by a doctor.

Those Canadians who colluded crimes anticipated my arrival there with my son and had colluded with U.S. officials who believed I was going to go to Canada.

Russia is right.

Both the United States and Canada have become corrupt and they are harming and torturing not just children adopted from Russia but even their own U.S. citizens.

Canada and the U.S. used state officials on both sides, to collude against me and my son, and premeditated their crimes. They then worked together to attempt to conceal their illegal activities.

Canada is equally responsible for the torture of my son and their citizens have even assaulted him after he was taken back to the U.S. Canadian officials who colluded to commit crimes have had as much motive to conceal criminal activity as the United States, and Canada is also part of a greater "Commonwealth" which has encouraged the illegal coordination of other criminals against my family as well.

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