Thursday, April 19, 2012

FBI Whistleblowers Unite

Disgruntled or whistleblowing, there must be at least a handful of FBI employees who could group up together and file a RICO lawsuit against Mueller and the FBI.

I'm not impressed with the "official" facade I've seen. I've seen more corruption and crime through the FBI and their ugly attempts to block reports of crime, than I've ever seen in any gangster movie.

They collude to conceal crimes of Judges, smear citizens who try to make reports to protect their own lives, and fire employees who are honest and better than the smut that wiggles its way up.

So, since I do believe there must be some decent FBI employees and former employees, why not mutiny. MUTINY.

Mutiny, best dished, is through a RICO lawsuit.

Don't tell me there is not a former FBI lawyer that knows how to file one. The FBI employees know more of the mechanics of RICO than other agencies, so why they don't file their own RICO lawsuits?

They have the tools to do it, and evidence, and they could use this in a court to hold criminal supervisors responsible for blocking investigations, tampering with testimonies, destroying and concealing evidence, and bribing other public officials.

If I can think of something like this, for demanding the return of my son, what forms of "property" could former FBI employees claim and take back?

Former and current FBI employees could actually put restraining orders on their own bosses and former bosses. On files, with the claim evidence is being destroyed, and will be destroyed if they do not put an injunction on it and get the files into safer hands.

How about moving all the FBI files OUT of the FBI offices, and into a warehouse of the better remnant.

How about putting liens on children that the FBI has trafficked, through people like Laura Laughlin. How about saying, "She sat there and watched kids being tortured and abused and did nothing--these kids are unsafe and have been taken under color of law, through collusion between FBI and State officials.

It could be done.

If I can file RICO on the FBI, FBI employees and former FBI employees, can file RICO on the FBI. And if they got just 5 or 6 or so employees to do it, they'd probably win.

It goes jury. The only stickler is the Judge.

Because as we all know now, they are paid hit men for the corrupt FBI. Oh wait--maybe it's the other way around. Maybe it's corrupt FBI that act as hit men and bouncers for the Judges.

Well, just recuse the corrupt Judges and get to the jury.

Any jury, if you get to the jury, and have the smallest amount of evidence, is going to favor the former employers. People like the underdog esp. if they can show what's going down. The media tends to favor the underdog....but....I take that back...I totally take that part back.

The regular media favors the rich. So whoever has the most money, which will be lobbyists for the FBI, and those rich mobs that protect corrupt FBI, they will get the best media coverage. The media would make former FBI look nuts or like renegades or disgruntled, esp. bc anyone with a conscience has already been targeted.

Look at what this horrific agency did to ME. For reporting crimes, when they wanted to sit back and snack on cornocopia crispy chips and watch movies about the bad guys.

Since the corrupt in the FBI have shown they know how to be "proactive" and "get to them" before someone is able to put them in jail, most likely, any FBI employee who was decent, has already been side-lined, made fun of, and put at a serious, serious disadvantage or weasled into a compromising position in a weak moment.

I already know how these fuckers work. So I know they have likely harassed and tried to provoke any FBI employee they wanted out of the way, plied them with liquor, women, whatever it takes to get them in a down moment and then bam, take the power and knowledge they hold over them, by evidence and good character, out from under them like a rug.

They have full access to all the evidence and little "soldiers" that prance about for them and say they're officers.

So, most likely, having 5-6 or so FBI employees who want to file RICO already know things are stacked against them. Even through the FBI, unless they can get to the public.

It's not the media that would help them, it's the public and not all the public would side with them, but it puts pressure on the rest of the public and agencies to stop and conform to the law because attention is put on it.

I think the worst part is the Judges.

The Judges are what's holding up the system, and shoddy public defenders. Since the only people with time to pay attention to who the judges are, are already rich (most of the time, and have leisure to then follow news, politics, and art more closely), the Judges that get in, get in with a shoehorn from the corrupt lobbyists and corporate monopolies. And then anyone fighting them is screwed because people like John Kaempf try to get rich by fighting to cap punitive damages and pass laws favoring large business and screwing over small business and citizens. These lawyers are the ones who try to get case law going in favor of summary judgement and throwing out and dismissing cases before they ever get to a jury.

Why? because they know if it ever goes to trial, to the "people" they're screwed. Not that juries always make good decisions, but the entire reason for right to jury trial, is because we, as Americans, supposedly do not believe in letting Judges singularly determine our fate for "the king" or "big daddy" or "mob boss" or "president's side-kick".

Jury trial is an American concept because in England, what they had at that time that people left, was Judges and the Judges answered mainly to the "crown" or supreme authority of the nation. So it was easy for Judges to be bribed. Between the king and the peasant, who was plying them with favors? or had power to give them raises? or even give them their position to start with.

So instead of having this absolute power, the Constitution stipulated Judges are basically no more than Moderators.

Instead of being Moderators between two groups, and allowing fair play and evidence on both sides, and then moderating for the Jury to then decide on the matter, they have evolved themselves to sit on a velvet cushion, wear a self-polished crown, and they think they are God.

The concept of "Judge" and what a Judge's "duties" are has gone backwards.

It progressed and divided powers and gave powers to the people and then, over time, people like John Kaempf, granted more and more power back to the Judges.

Now, juries are almost non-existant, lawyers are nothing but pawns, and Judges think they Rule the World.

Judges are predominantly corrupt now and they commit felonies and get away with it because they know they can. They are not held accountable by FBI because they're married to the sluts in the FBI. Or, they have them as mistresses. It's like Judge Bridges having his wife as a CPS worker.

He tries to deal an unsubtle bribe for me and my son to leave the State and if we don't he sends his wife out to take my kid from me.

Real genius. Then no other Judge wants to argue against another Judge or his wife and her cronies. Judges get half of their hookers through the FBI.

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