Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patty Otterbach Is NOT A Friend--Criminal

I have been told to take down what I wrote about Otterbach or I have to leave. So I'm leaving. I stand by what I said and wrote about her. She is using my parents. Not only that, if she can't come forward to support my parents by confessing to what happened to my mother while my mother went with her to Roseburg, she is a criminal. She knows my parents are tortured and that I've been tortured and is sure not putting up her own blog or going to authorities or the public as a witness, to testify to the truth. I WANT MY SON BACK. I'm not going to get him back by being a fake. Not only that, it's not my parents that want me to leave. I'm being pushed out by the FBI again. At least some people who are in the FBI. Someone instructed my parents to accuse me of all kinds of things this morning, which they don't think or even know. It was one thing after another and I said, "Whoever is telling you these things is NASTY." They were basically repeating some ideas some have tried to slander me with, about my being "proud" or self-righteous and being "bad" at the same time. I said, "As if they know my heart. They think because they read minds they can then use this to slander me and make false claims? they don't know my heart." Finally I said, "If I've done anything wrong it is GOD who will convict me, not anyone else. And if God wants to convict me of something He will. And if God wants to "harden my heart" He will." I know that God knows all things and no one has a right to make something out of me that is wrong. I know they're nasty, whoever they are. So who wants to listen to nasty people. I'm almost 40 years old and have had my life WASTED because of people allowing criminals to act against me, and you have got to be kidding me if I am going to fake and pretend it didn't happen and isn't happening. They have tortured me and my son and I don't care to "fake" that this isn't happening. I want my son returned to me and it's really not up to this "country" to take him at all. They should be returning him and they know it.

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Anonymous said...

Leave and go where? Face it, you are at the end of your rope. You have burned all the bridges. Your parents are your last stop before homelessness and probable institutionalization. You need antipsychotics and a psychiatrist.