Saturday, April 14, 2012

Evidence of Torture (photo of nails) and Torture Tonight

Like I said, this webcam is not good at all, and it doesn't pick up how drastice the constrast is, but I'm putting up photos of my nails.

They look horrible and I usually keep them short and with a clear or opaque polish, but I haven't been using polish and I grew them out to show the lines.

This is what happened after I recently tortured all day and then it has been affecting my heart and circulation.

In the photos, the top part doesn't look bright red at all, but it is, and the bottom part is opaque white almost. The difference in color is not from nail polish and you can tell that by the way it curves with the line of the nail.

This is happening to my parents too, maybe not quite in the same way.

Basically, the U.S. is torturing us and has refused to cease and desist.

Fowler is the local FBI head who is to blame.

I was just about to upload photos but I actually think I'm going to save it and send it off with other photo documentation because there is really no point to putting it online right now.

The United States is guilty of crimes and they are harming not only me, but my parents and my son.

They betrayed my parents.

This country used my parents and then betrayed them and turned them over to scoundrels with no protection and have gone after, and allowed others to go after me, my brother, and my son, just to get to my parents and force them to do what they want.

They would kill my parents because they're afraid of them, and of what they know, which is why they torture their kids to make a point.

I'm having problems with someone interfering with this laptop again as well.

And in the last half hour, some group surged shocks several times to my heart, in a surge kind of effect with energy getting stronger and stronger, and creating severe pain and burning and then backing off and then doing it again, and they did it repeatedly, and with the same time apart between each surge.

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