Thursday, April 19, 2012

Filing RICO This Week (Judges and FBI)

I am filing for RICO most likely within a week.

I think I have to file for injunction again, to prevent finalization of adoption and send a notice of appeal to 9th cir. but I don't expect anything from them.

The habeas corpus Magistrate is a piece of shit and he knows it.

I'm not using all my cards now though, bc they would want that, to prevent a future claim.

But I can go after specific parties now and not wait and I don't have to bring up everything I plan to sue over right now.

If I want to focus on a few Judges, and FBI, I can do that and still have something in reserve for later. The torture is Army. It's Dempsey right now.

I never planned to file for RICO right away bc it is something I would prepare more for and plan, and save for, but some of it I can fucking sue them over right now.


Really, I hope they get fucked. They want to take up my time by using Colleen Dunne-Cascio's and try to interfere with every single college or work venture I have tried to take on in the last 7 years.

So they can get fucking busy and start putting together their FUCKING defense.

THEY can fucking check in with THEIR doctor because I'm not calling The Department of Health Services.


By the way, Bitch, I don't like having women answer for Fowler.

God damn Alvaro Pardo and his fucking Seattle Bitch and Fowler friends too.

At least Judges can't easily avoid being served.

Not like I need a process server this time, for hunting down some assholes.

So anyway, anyone who has ever had a 'problem' with any one of these Judges, might want to help out if they can.

Like, any other "dirt" you have on these fuckers, I'd like to hear about.

Where's Judgie Pudgy Puddin' Pie going now? Not wanting to show up for work?


Anonymous said...

You can't file RICO on a child adoption case.

You are so schizophrenic and disorganized in your thinking.

You are uneducated. You are not a lawyer. You are not qualified to have a child. You are schizophrenically qualified to fantasize about how much you know about the law. LOL

Mama said...

Anonymous You Can't:

Yes you can file for RICO for a child adoption if that adoption is proven to be fraudulent and has all necessary elements, some (not all) which may include:
extortion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, trafficking of persons, racketeering, conspiracy, aiding or abetting conspiracy and so on.

RICO is used by the government for such things and private citizens are allowed to use RICO to prove crimes as well. You cannot try to impose jail as a punishment I don't think, if you're a private citizen, but you can demand the return of any property unlawfully taken, or in the comission of the crimes alleged, and you are allowed to recover for treble (3x) damages.

I'm not schitz or disorganized in my thinking. What the FBI has done is attempt to portry me as disorganized to stop any of my lawful business efforts at trade and commerce and to conceal crimes some of their employees are guilty of, which amount to organized crime. They have tried to disorganize my life to make stability an impossibility and used illegal methods of obstruction of justice, freedom of travel, free speech, and have sponsored torture.

I am not uneducated. No, I am not a lawyer but I would have won 2 major lawsuits and was winning until I was obstructed of justice and the FBI knew this would block my ability to keep financing the defense over my own good name and reputation. I am more qualified to have a child than anyone else I have ever met, honestly. I have babysat for others since I was 11 yrs old, first grade teacher's asst. at 17 or 18 yrs old, nanny from age 18-26, and in addition to experience I read child development books. As to mental health, I was cleared by 4 different mental health professionals prior to having my son kidnapped from me. I paid for an evaluation to clear my name which was for several hours time, I was cleared after this by 3 other psychologists. All of these evals were done within 1 year before the kidnapping. The state lied to cover their crime and used a psychologist they paid to lie for them, to say she thought something was wrong with me but didn't no what. Her evaluation lasted 2 hours and is not a professional standard. The FBI was telling the state to give me my son back and had worked out a 14 hour psychological eval to clear my name before I broke up with Alvaro. I don't know if they wanted 14 hours because they needed to screen the spouses of their FBI employees, but that's what was happening. After I broke up with them, because the FBI broke promises, they broke more laws and colluded to basically kill me off. What FBI agency wants to be held responsible for illegally trying to use someone to commit marriage fraud for them just so they can get their Colombian FBI employee to work for them in the U.S. "faster"?

So they punished me and they tortured my son to punish me.

With this background, they then had me injected with Haldol, assaulted and repeatedly drugged while knowing I was telling the truth and was not mentally ill. It was willful assault and aiding and abetting gross assault. I was injected at a psych ward which I was sent to for "evaluation" before I saw one doctor. They didn't evaluate me first--they assaulted me and tried to ruin my mind.

The FBI is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and Mueller is personally responsible.

As to filing for RICO next week, I have decided to wait until a later date and pursue habeas corpus and UN claim instead.

Thanks for your comment