Sunday, April 29, 2012

FBI Ted Gunderson

Maybe I shouldn't just ask Mueller to respond to my habeas corpus petition, but get FBI's Ted Gunderson to reply. Apparently, he's made public statements about governmental trafficking of children. He knows about it, Mueller knows about it, the CIA knows about it, military knows...they all know. And they have no right to keep my son. Well, I thought Gunderson was still alive but he died recently. Someone has left his comments on youtube about bombs and things but not the ones where he talks about the CIA trafficking children. So since he was FBI director or head, and knew about CIA trafficking of kids, he also admits the FBI knows. He died of cancer after writing about "chemtrails" left by the U.S. govt. and their dumping habits. At any rate, if you're a regular citizen, with no experience with the CIA or it sounds unbelievable, you have to ask, if the CIA trafficks kids, what kind of trafficking? Gunderson also talks about military and how they're involved, and how they use black magic in their offices for mind control programs. But what could kids be trafficked over? or for? By the CIA? Let's see...drugs are illegal...but the CIA trafficks drugs for certain operations. Kidnapping or assaulting kids is against the law, but then where else does a military or other agency (FBI) get their mind control program victims? None of these adults I meet who do this kind of work, act like they are against it. They act like they're part of it, and enjoy it, or are brainwashed so much and for so long, it's all they know. If some tried to escape, they are punished, like my son, for telling me what was really happening to him--he was beat up. As a kid. They beat these people and torture them if they don't like them, are jealous, or they don't do what they want. So trafficking of children is only for two reasons: 1. sex trade, and 2. illegal exploitation and torture as subjects of govt. programs. There might be one other reason and that would be for extortion and to pressure other adults. Some of the kids might not even be part of programs but are used as pawns and withheld from parents so the U.S. criminals get what they want out of the kids-now-adults who they worry want to leave or could defect. What is happening to Oliver Garrett is criminal. And what is happening to me and my family is criminal.

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there is no oliver "garrett"