Monday, April 30, 2012

Heilige Schutzengel: crossing bridge (stolen)

I love how people tamper with an original. The painting Granny always had over my bed, and in her house, was by Heilige Schutzengel. Aside from the profile-face of Jesus painting, this was the only other art in the house, on the wall. It was a symbol from when my mother was a girl and her sisters and brothers lived there, to all of my childhood, teen years, and later. This painting was framed and it was a large copy, and an antique lith. It hung in the small room off of the patio, behind the fireplace which was in the main room. It was "the guest room" later but my mother always stayed there when visiting. My brother and I slept upstairs when we visited, or sometimes, when I was older, I slept in the room with the angel. I always stared at that painting. It's been stolen from Granny's house. First I noticed the Dutch containers were stolen, after I was in high school or later, but the angel painting was still there. Then, last time I was at the house, in the last 6 or so years, that painting has disappeared and Granny would NEVER get rid of it or give it away. Neither would Grandpa. It was there even when I first arrived from Oregon, in 2004-2005, and then since then, it's been stolen. I know because the last time I was at the house, it wasn't there anymore and I was shocked. It was never moved, it was always in the same place, and that was that. So this painting of the girl crossing the bridge with her brother--I just looked it up and some variations online have the bottom cropped off. Others have it lightened up. Still others have the boys hair unnaturally dark and the girl's hair appearing flaxen blond instead of reddish. What's even stranger is seeing how some have tried to steal from my family and torture us and then they make fun of us too, or try to mock the fact of what they've done. Like the two sticks below the bridge...I've seen that reoccur in a "theme" more than once, in mocking us. Anyway. I know what the original looks like. This is the angel painting I searched all over for, online, before Kate Middleton had her "Day". Seriously, Google and all the search engines refused to pull it up at all. I've had some pretty bizarre things happen, and noticed some crazy over-the-top attempts to hide things and rename things, just to change history. I think this is why they breathed a sigh of relief when they made it all the way to the wedding, torturing us, hiding things from us, stealing, defaming, arresting on false arrest, assaulting, raping, slashing and cutting, and throwing us into psych wards, just to keep us "at bay" and from saying anything that might throw something off. I really do not care about myself in position or relevance to the royal family. It's that we've been tortured, and it's a fact, the Middletons and their supporters have been involved. I know they are bad. There are others who know this too and I realized this in TN, even though I didn't have the best of luck while there. I realized there are some people you wouldn't expect to know anything about anything, who know. Wow. And they are still alive? I did not even want to think about things, sort of disbelief, and ignorance is bliss, mentality, until later but that's what these people wanted too. And I didn't know for sure it had something to do with them until the actual day, and then I knew. Now, I can look back at things going way back and realize something wasn't right. For example, small things. I always remembered the woman licking ketchup off of the table like a mosquito, at the restaurant, while laughing my direction, on my first date with "Christian". I was 16 years old. Then after this, he took me to get married "At The Church of Elvis" (the King). Who was licking up blood after a guy was shot down in Jordan, the same time Middletons were there? Christian then died in a car wreck, I found out, maybe my senior year or I think it was after I graduated. My first date wasn't with Robin, it was with Christian. I would have absolutely zero doubt whatsoever that it is very possible I was pushed down an entire floor when I was a baby, as an attempt to kill me. What was it, no stairs or "partially finished stairs"? as in "halfway done" or "in the middle of progress". The Middletons are criminals. Their supporters have shown me nothing but round after round of hate crime. And that rape of me, was planned. It was not random. I used to think it was and now I am pretty sure it was premeditated. So I'd like to have my clothing, jewelry, items that belonged to my mother, items belonging to Granny and Grandpa, and other things, returned. Why is everything disappearing to anyway? 1. age 1 or younger--pushed down one story to concrete ground, 2. age 11--dog sent out to run across the street as I rode my bike through the route I took every single day. She opened her door and let the dog run out in the road (maybe and accident and maybe not since she didn't have the dog on a leash and let him out just as I was speeding down a steep hill as I always did. what did she do? throw a ball across the street? 3. age 17--I am run off the road by a driver intended to put my life in danger and deliberately running me off of the road, speeding up from behind. 4. age 21--driver rolls car. I think an accident, but honestly, I don't even know anymore. I asked him to pull over to let me or my best friend drive and he refused. I didn't ask him once, but several times, and he kept driving and ignored me and it was my car too. (more on that some other time, and it's not like I have a reason to lie about that and there was another witness, my friend monica--don't tell me AG attorney Mary Mcintosh knows them). When you're younger, you forget about things like, "Hey. why didn't he pull over and stop like we asked? why didn't he slow the car down and stop speeding?" and then after several other assassination attempts and being older, you recognize this was not normal behavior for anyone. And then he rolled the car after I had taken off my seatbelt to look for something and I said I was doing this. I think I put it back on though. Still. No one who is innocent, would hijack a car and ignore the owner when they say slow down, pull over, stop, and on and on. Then, after all his refusals, I said we should pray. He didn't want to do that either and set his jaw and he's the one who died when, if anyone had died, it should have been me. And why didn't his parents want to share photos with me if there wasn't something wrong? i was always nice. never suspicious. But they acted like they had something to hide. For all I know, he was a kamikaze Canadian that got instructions from someone on what to do. by the way, this part is hilarious--it's gotten to the point, that, because I've been almost killed so many times while traveling, Jewish people see me boarding a plane and change their minds about getting on with me. I say this bc I remember my flight to TN, some part of it and this Jewish guy was about to board and then he saw me and panicked. Didn't get on the plane. I don't know how I knew, but I knew he was spooked. Then, I'm on the plane and we all think it's going down because the winds were so bad. 5. age 24--victim of probable premeditated rape. I remember all the people at the movie theater in Portland after it happened and they knew what had been done to me. Some of the people there were not from this country either. I remember. I remember the accents. A bunch of hipster-yuppie types. 6. age 24-28--other things 7. age 28-29--attempted serious bodily injury by draining my battery on my car, on more than one car, while I was driving, repeatedly, in dangerous, freeway situations. 8. age 29--direct, planned hit and run in Tigard, Oregon after draining my battery all the time failed to cause car crash. My car was totalled and I had bodily injury. 9. age 30--my brakes are almost out and my tires have zero traction and police let me drive on a snowy pass after snow had fallen and I was all over the place. they told me to go out on this ledge covered in ice and snow, alone, and held back traffic for me to plunge to my death, but that didn't happen. That was memorable. 10. age 31--full-time torture against me and my son. killing me wasn't working out, so torture would have to do. afterall, what if I tried to report attempted hits and rape and other things? better to have me sound crazy and punish me and my son as well. 11. age 32--bus with only 4-5 people on it runs into enormous boulder placed mysteriously in the middle of the road. Little did we know, the FBI was maybe trying to kill both me and the bus driver both--he was an informant for the FBI and they were screwing him out of witness protection. That's what he told me the first trip. next trip, we all almost die. Could have gotten two of us! and only lost 3 other innocent lives...but who knows, maybe the FBI knew they were activists too. 12. age 21. forgot. put this back in the line-up somewhere. i was held hostage and we were told "i have to finish 'the Job'". the "job"? like, a real live "job"?! for who? the district attorney for Portland? 13. okay, after all this, the FBI screws me over when I try to report death threats, being poisoned, and having my voice ruined from it all. so "poisoned" sounds "crazy" but being a victim of a DOJ "hit" and having my car batteries drained of power isn't crazy already? the FBI in Seattle protected criminals who wanted to kill me and they laughed in my face. So, add age 32-36, constant torture and defamation, druggings, being poisoned, assault, and forced out of everything, including my son. And I'm supposed to think, when I get all this kate crap, having no clue who she is, but finding out later her family has known about me and my parents for decades, this woman is wearing my skirt back in 2002. i guess now that my Grandpa Garrett is dead, they feel free. which is around the time my clothing is disappearing and my Granny's dutch ceramic jars disappear too. all of my mother's papers detailing her ancestry have disappeared since Sherwood, Oregon, and she had a lot of b&w photos of Granny and Grandpa that were stolen as well.

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