Friday, April 20, 2012

Bloody British Middletons (photos of collage)

>exclusion of zero<
to infiniteee...
telling my son to say this in his visits with me.
cutting my son out just as you fucking cut his face up.
noticed there was no circular pendant just as there was no dot on my son's face any longer after he was gouged.
FUCK YOU Middleton
Fuck you and your criminal mother and father and followers.
you're sort of moving into the "neighborhood" of nothing much.

I put together a collage for my son as I've done. Most of them are better than this one is but I put it together in about an hour, cutting out photos and pieces of things. Then I photographed it and then mixed up ketchup with beet juice for a blood. Spattered it. I mixed it up with a knife but only because that's what was right there on the cutting board where I cut the beets. It says (from the egg that hatches next to 2 "dandy" eggs (since it's backwards): "Start here/notes from the field/the egg hatches/I'd better get out of here fast! should I go up the fire mountain or to the water?/what if I go to this water? it looks cold/mama calls and yells for her chick--where is he? oliver is loved by mama./after climbing many rivers and lakes the chick found a pot of gold, but!/something is wrong/the chick gets cut and has to find a BIG band-aid/the chick sees tracks! uh-oh, did another bird go the wrong direction? what do you think?/the chick looks for his mother and that's not his mother! who is this? not a relative, that's for sure!/then he hears fighting and it's not his mother. he sees someone trying to hurt another bird. so the chick runs, runs, runs, RUNS (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver! O Oliver.) >>turn to back of collage.

On back:



(that's in the middle)
then above is: Oliver finds his mother, mama, mom, mommie and best friend forever forever forever and they find a safe place.
(then at the bottom)
some people are jealous of oliver, sort of part fish/part goat types.
"here's a chocolate egg for oliver"
watch out for concealed weapons."
So that's what I wrote and then I'll put some photos up. I don't pretend it's good art, it's just a collage for the day. I used some of my recycled garbage, parts of Reed College booklet, and Country Living magazine (sept. 1999).

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