Sunday, April 15, 2012

Classical Music: Guiseppe's "The Fantasy"

Someone just deleted my entire entry here.

I was saying, I don't know what this is yet, but I like it. It has more flourish than I tend torwards but I heard it and it reminded me of melodies I used to pluck out when I was a kid. I say pluck bc it wasn't plunk and it wasn't strings that you pluck, but the feel of the key when plucked,...

It's a pluck, the way the key springs up and down....with a kind of ...I just made a collage including roosters and chicks, but

4 hands, giupsepse marchite, keith o'spatta and george corleozo "The Fantasy".

I tried to write down what the guy said it was. I had turned to Jefferson Radio and tried to find this song on the playlist but the list wasn't posted.

So at the end, he said something about 4 hands, and then Guisepse Marchete's "The Fantasy" played by Keith O'Spatta and George Corleozo.

Something like that. I can't find it online in a search. It was playing around 9 p.m. tonight and I turned it up.

At first I liked it and thought there is something interesting about it, and then I thought, "This is the style I used to compose with when I was a kid."

Of course, not as well, or intricate, but melody and the way the keys are plucked. I used to make up songs on the piano and was better at that than following music lessons.

Well I cannot find anything that matches yet. A different day.

The man hosting the program is Peter Van Der Graf. It's best to catch him on a good day.

The one who changes things around all the time is this one woman though, that hosts a different program and I figured out she's connected to FBI, so GO FISH

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