Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Kidnapped Parent's: Banana & BBC & Torture

Well first of all I had a lot of problems looking up bbc tonight. I haven't looked it up for a very long time. I would say maybe 3-4 times total in several months? I rarely check. But I had some idea that I should go to the food section of the bbc tonight because there was a cake. I thought it was a cake but I guess maybe it was a pie. Who knows. I just saw some general cake shape and the general colors...and knew it wasn't a dark cake. So I tried to look and I was shifted all over the place. It was the only tab I selected: "more" and then I was directly going to the cake. But instead, I was rerouted all over the entire site practically and it wouldn't pull up the page forever. It wanted me to see more for other sites, but not that one. So I finally got there and saw the tarts. It wasn't the tarts. They looked good, but no, not tarts. It was a cream colored or with hints of apricot or tan or something, some kind of cake. So the closest thing I saw on the editor picks page was a banoffee pie. Which is the closest thing I guess. My mom made banana bread today. Bananas, bananas, bananas, how many nanas you want? I saw there were directions for icing cupcakes below too, but they were too small. It wasn't cupcakes. It was a light colored round cake, or, very possible, this pie. So my mom really did make banana bread today. Or banana something. I forgot to ask what it was, it just smelled like banana bread. I finally got to see it and it does look really good. The top doesn't look very cake-like though so maybe I was really seeing some kind of cake that's not featured on the first page? At any rate, my mom probably knew I would end up finding this bc why else make some kind of banana thing. ********** The day before yesterday I had my nose in a book for several hours before taking a test, and she knocked on my door bc I hadn't left the house. I opened the door with two papers in my hand, and my book in my room, and she had two books to give me and had two papers in her hands, facing opposite the hand I held out. We were both standing there, face to face, with 2 pages each. Then, well, lots of other things, but my mom and dad, seriously, are being tortured. I am not kidding. It's getting very bad. For me, I don't know why, but the last several days, much better than usual to the point I could sleep. I didn't remember what sleep was like almost. I have actually slept and was so sleep deprived, I ended up spending almost the last 3 days in bed, and still sleeping at night. Not depressed--seriously sleep deprived bc of torture all night. I don't think it's been the same for my parents. I mean, someone needs to see the insides of their eyes. it is not normal at all. For both my mom and dad, it's so deeply impressed, and so dark, it's really really shocking. I have been talking about starting a non-profit and other positive things, and then all of a sudden, on Friday, no employees from my college wanted to get back to me, or answered the phones, and this is separate, but then I see my parents, and someone we paid money to, for a book still hasn't mailed my book and it's halfway through the term--through (you're getting a LOUSY rating), and then I think they almost feel there is no hope here. Which is unusual. Last night, I couldn't even listen to christian radio, which is what I did, without some "caller" calling up to make some long-winded comment about how happy she was and how lucky SHE was, to be a mom who could have her kids climb into bed and cozy up to her. On and on and on about how her kids could climb into bed with her...I mean ad naseum, and then at the same time, some freak is trying to send me photos of MY son, to upset me I guess (I am not looking at any photos from anonymous parties), claiming they are of him in bed with my aunt and uncle. I thought, someone who isn't even a christian, most likely, called up the "christian" station, to say all this? I have listened to christian radio off and on my entire life and no one does weird things like that. How someone would know I was listening to christian radio is not possible unless someone already knows bc of illicit surveillance that's been over my family for years. This old man came into the library one day, here locally, and said something about being under surviellance for 40 years, illegally, and I thought, "That sounds like my family." They kidnap members of my family is what this country does. The U.S. kidnapped my Dad when he was less than 3 years old, away from his own mother. My Grandpa Garrett had the kids on the East Coast, and when they killed off his brother (probably to get a reaction out of him), he left to investigate and they were going to put him in PRISON for leaving the military. The only reason they did not put him in prison was because his mother, "Nana", begged them not to. The U.S. didn't let it go at that. They forced him and my nana to give up their kids to stay out of prison, threatening probably even worse with the kids if they didn't. My Nana and my Grandpa had no choice. They didn't want my Grandma Dolores to have the kids because she wouldn't have allowed the things the U.S. did to them. So RIGHT after my Nana "talked" to the U.S., they demanded and EXTORTED my Dad when he was less than 3 yrs old, my Uncle Howard who was 9 or so, and my Aunt Charlotte, who was about 6. They kidnapped the kids, my Grandpa didn't. And guess how the kids got to "talk" to their biological mom? The same shitty way they've attempted to force with me and my son. Through a third party. My Dad never heard about his mother except through his grandma and his biological mother never heard about him except through his grandma. Same with me. They tortured us and then kidnapped my son from me. Then they forced a traumatic separation, and then after that, how do I hear about my son? through his "nana", his grandma. How does he hear about me, if ever? through the same person. This country is seriously qualifying to be damned to hell. They have been extorting our own children from our families, and torturing anyone who tries to defend our rights. They have committed generational CRIMES of extortion, blackmail, and conspiracy against members of my family, and then tried to play out the Stockholm Syndrome to the brainwashed kids, and force them to work for them, without free consent. What this country did to my Dad and his biological mother, they have repeated, almost EXACTLY, with my son and I. They are STEALING and kidnapping kids, under color of law, and then using shitty Judges to side with them. THIS COUNTRY has done this. Not to one generation, not to two generations, but THREE. I take that back, if I count myself as one of those generations, that makes at least four generations. They're torturing and using my son, just as they tortured him with me, in the past, and as they kidnapped and tortured my Dad and his siblings. Howard was probably killed off simply because he's the kid that might "remember" too much. He would have made a fine witness. So after this country kidnapped all of the kids from their mother, to USE them, guess how old my Dad was before they ever allowed my Dad to even go visit and meet his biological mom? He was 13 years old. They held my Dad hostage, and I'm not saying Rosella wasn't a good mom and I know my Dad loves her and calls her mom too, but that's the gimmick of this country. They don't care if a kid has "two mothers" do they? NO, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS. My Dad was never even allowed to really communicate with his biological mom, until he was 13 years old. They cut him off, and alienated family members deliberately. And then they fucking think they can keep repeating their criminal cycle. They used me too, and the only reason they didn't have me sent away was they had already nailed my mom and dad down. My parents were both brainwashed so they were more "manageable" and most likely set one of them up and then the U.S. tried to use it against them, even if it was only one of them, saying if you don't do this, your kids will...blahblah. They have been targets for total mobsters as a result. Police and FBI, some of them, have been mobsters and so have others. (I now had someone start to shut down my laptop and then turn it on full glare and I didn't do anything). The Catholic church owns most of the intelligence and military and justice system. So when I sued, they made sure my life has been a living hell ever since and colluded with Jews to have me raped even before that. It was premeditated, it wasn't some random thing. Then, after using me and not being able to marry me off to someone they wanted me to marry, and never having anything to blackmail me with, they couldn't use me. So they just tried to kill me. I wasn't going to be working for them and they wanted someone who WAS willing and corruptible, to work for them in my place. They forced my brother to work for them. He wouldn't never say this is true, but I have good reason to believe so. And then they stole my son from me after first trying to force me to "give him up" for adoption. I refused and then they went after him. What have they done since? they have done to my son and I, the exact same thing they did to my Dad and his biological mother. They made every effort to break and severe bonds, cut family off from any communication, and use us. I have been tortured and my parents tortured to prevent our access to courts and proving this is true and proving my own innocence. I have witnessed my parents being tortured and forced to refuse to print anything out for me re. my son's case, even when this FUCKING country blocked me from having ANY money at all and REPEATEDLY allowed people to sexually assault me and then put ME in jail on false arrest. They have stolen ALL of my journals, and photos and clothing, and everything I owned and saved and "they" are not "private citizens". They work for the government. The latest things they've done, to try to keep me from having anything to live off of again, is to select me to "verify" FAFSA documents and it's through the same Dept. of Ed that lied and stalled on things for months and months, almost for a year, as a favor to criminals in the DOJ. It's like being "audited" and I know it's not random. They're just looking for another excuse to try to force me out of college, housing, or money again. So it's not supposed to be a big deal but then I asked what happens? and I was told it gets sent back to the Dept. of Ed if there is any "discrepency". Discrepency. As if they don't know how to create ficticious discrepencies. I think it has more to do with their wanting me to correct my FAFSA so many times, the original date I submitted it gets lost. They put me me in the TN psych ward to keep me out of college, after I filed my FAFSA. Not for any other reason. They didn't want me to be productive and they saw I'd filed, and they reacted. My parents said something about how I should do such and such or, I think someone literally SAID this to my life, "...your life could be in grave danger." She didn't even say it that way, she used a phrase that she would never use which sounded like something she was repeating. Something about my life ENDING in tragedy. My response was this: "My life was already over 15 years ago." They said nothing. My Dad's eyes just sort of popped open and that was it. They know it's true. What has this country done to me, that has IN ANY WAY, supported my fundamental rights? To them, I was dead then, and nothing more than a punching bag, someone to screw over, and a body to torture. And it is then NO surprise they allow criminal Judges to do the things they've done, because it is supporting the lies my family has been fed for decades. What do they think they're doing? just extorting cars and kids from students and moms, just because their "Sullivan"s say so? Maybe it's hard to believe, but these people, and yes, there are a lot of them, they've LIED. They lied about torture. Lied about me as a mother. Lied and kept me from defending myself or being defended in court. They tortured my son in front of me and had me witness evidence of such and then used law enforcement that would prove to me they weren't going to help. Why? Because this country thinks they OWN us and thinks that whoever is in charge, even if it's a sadist, gets to break all laws, just to keep our family in their control. They've sold us, trafficked us, forced us into slave labor for them, and tortured us and kidnapped our kids. Then at the last minute, after they feel they "finished" her off (me) enough, and think they can sink their teeth into my son, that's what they do. They have put all of their vindictive resources into feeling secure that their fucking "INVESTMENT" in my son, is paying off FOR THEM. I've been wondering when exactly, my son was supposed to be able to visit me or communicate with me of his own free will. Oh, what? like age 13 or something? or never. I have had many people tell me not even until he is 18 years old. These assholes have sold him. What they are already planning is how to come up with covers for themselves, and how to brainwash my son and blackmail HIM into silence. I saw them practicing this in Wenatchee when I was still visiting with him. First he was telling me, and then after getting cut up, and beaten so many times, he stopped telling me. He started lying. THIS IS THE SAME FUCKOING SHIT they've done to my DAD and MOM. Why do they LIE and say "we're not tortured?" The same reason my son started to lie--to survive because the U.S. is a criminal enterprise and its entire government has been taken over by such. It's not a country. It is a criminal enterprise and treats its own citizens like soldiers who need to pay "dues" (taxes, whatever) just to avoid being thrown into the torture pool. My son went almost comatose, and came to visits in a daze, lying and repeating lies others told him to say, to cover for criminal state workers like Anne Crane. If he lied well enough, he wasn't beat up. God damn you. God damn all of you who have beat, abused, assaulted, and tortured any of my family members in any way, and especially, God damn those who also hold jobs with the U.S. and take money from taxpayers to subsidize your criminals activities. I can think of a lot of excellent things I could have done in this country, in the last 15 years that I've been tortured and assaulted and defamed instead. I still know what things I can do and yet...should I actually delude myself to think anything good can be done here? How about, the PROOF, if you want to show me something is changing, is that you start by releasing HOSTAGES, and namely MY SON. YOU FUCKING RELEASE MY SON. How DARE you try to use me and use any of us, and then play it off like no big deal, oh too bad that's happened and then act like I'm going to do something in this country. As if I will start a non-profit and you can pat yourselves on the back and say it wouldn't have happened if my son was with me. When actually, you screwed me out of starting a non-profit back in 2003. and then out of getting a daycare license in 2006. If you do not return my son I have NOTHING for this country. I have nothing to give you. You steal, at the highest levels of government, you abuse my family on a generational level, and then you expect people to respect you. I could start a business in some other country, and get ahead faster as an immigrant there, than I would in 5 years here, based on the past pattern of CRIMINAL RACKETEERING. You've held me back from anything normal, good, and decent, and from using my gifts. In fact, you rewarded and protected criminals that tortured me so badly my singing voice is ruined. I expect NOTHING good for my son here in this country. You have already tortured him. Unless the FBI person in charge gets fired or the SSAs responsible for allowing it are fired, how is there any change in the face of the abuser? You tortured my son, and then you want to pretend like you're the good guy. I am sure there are good people, but most of them are not controlling things or this never would have happened. It's like listening to an empty promise, "I'll change, I'll change..." How do kidnappers "change" when they refuse to release a child kidnapped under color of law? That's like a Colombian kidnapper telling the U.S., "There's no problem. We don't want to harm your family and we've changed!" while holding your family members tied with ropes to a chair. How does the U.S. even DARE to keep my son, or the FBI refuse to investigate felonies committed by Judges that are violations of federal code for which they should be in jail? These judges collude to commit crimes together, and get covered, and then my son suffers and no one is stepping in to return my son. It's like someone just wants me to forget about it, or thinks I will, or "forgive" or "no big deal", it's the past, and so on, and move on. First of all, you never got your fucking "nervous breakdown". That never happened. So I really don't know what else you're waiting for assholes. The defamation about my being mentally ill isn't going to stick too well when I'm in college, which you know, which is probably why you decided to throw in this "verification" thing, over 7 months after I filed the FAFSA, as an excuse for an avenue to try to block me from financial aid monies again. I'm not able to fight for my son in court or sufficiently in legal matters because I have been brutally tortured for years, all the way up to the last hour. And then, as some kind of joke, they let me do something, when they already know it's too late to get anything into evidence for appeal or write good appeals when I have no time and hardly enough money. I put a penny on a book the other day, when I left the house, knowing someone would be parading through. It was a "1973" penny, which is the year my parent's first baby was born and then killed. We're SO safe here. They torture my entire family here! and have trained my parents to lie for criminals, the same way I watched CPS and the state of Washington train my son to lie to cover up for them. They've let international people torture us, whatever. And so far, with all the promises that have been made, I haven't seen my son yet. I knew exactly what I was doing when I filed my two lawsuits. The research and everything on them is sound. I should have, and would have, won both of them, had I not been obstructed from justice. Now, I am not prepared, I have had no chance to be prepared, and nothing I've done is to the standards I have for my legal work. I know I've stated facts sufficient for habeas corpus and know some things off-hand and I DO know that it's possible to sue to get your kid back through RICO, except for the fact that I think a child is considered to be personal property (moveable) and not real property (immoveable). Caveat--inheritance rights are real not personal. However, why in the world, would anyone even try to make me do this? when the FBI is capable of doing it all, from start to finish? Here's another thing, and this just proves my point. I meet some Mormon missionaries and they seem nice enough. However, once again, more mind control-govt. psychic stuff experimentation. One of them is new from Virginia. I wrote about our meeting and it was okay, but here is how I know they are more of the same who "appear" to be the type to support abduction of a child for the "sake of the U.S. and mobsters": They used the missionary thing, to exercise their predictive skills on me. So after talking to me for awhile and sizing me up, one of them decides to show me photos of people from the Book of Mormon. All photos. Then, after this, the other guy read one short verse (text only) from the same book. Then they said to call them if I ever wanted to and the phone number was on the card and they watched me as I looked and saw faces on the pictures side of the card and then turned it over and read text on the text side. Then I looked up and saw they were amused by it. My laptop, that has all my torture photos on it, was "held" by the computer people in this town who are into the same things. I just got it back a few days ago, after having it held onto and not worked on, for over THREE MONTHS. SINCE I FILED MY UN CLAIM. It's like this entire town is CIA-military-BlACK OPS with the FBI and police covering for them. And by the way, they let criminals beat people up here too, if they don't do what is asked. If you people want to sacrifice parts of yourself or your lives, or whatever, for this, that's your choice. And if you choose not to be tortured, by complying, that is also your choice (unless you join with others who wish to revolt). However, it is NOT your place or choice to torture me and my son and STEAL him from me, just so he can be like YOU. He is not your property, he is not part of your "soldier" squad, and just because I am his mother and he is male gender, doesn't mean he needs YOU to teach him how to "be a man". I have even watched cowardly worms of women trying to influence my son, like Anne Crane and Michelle Erickson (whose example is to give false testimony in a court of law and then attempt to use a Judge to threaten me...Oh yeah, so that means I have to add Nakata to the criminal list). My son does not need your "examples" or to take any kind of instruction from cowards who torture kids to get their own way. For all I know, it was someone in Granny's house that tried the first assassination attempt on me when I was a baby. I wouldn't think that before, but now that I see the U.S. kidnaps kids, why not kill them whenever they want too? someone with access to military killed my unborn in 2008. I was told by someone that when I was a baby, I "fell" an entire floor of stairs and wasn't injured (supposedly). I was a baby and the basement stairs were not put up yet. I "fell" from the first floor to the concrete basement floor. I believe it's true that I "fell", but I don't believe Granny was negligent and I don't believe any relative would do that. No one would leave a door open like that, knowing a baby could go over there and fall and be killed. I am more inclined to believe it was someone who has always been jealous of me and my family. Maybe it was our "Herod".

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Sorry to burst your bubble. The basement stairs at your Grandpa and Granny's was up longggggg before you were born. It was your mother that fell, not you, and she was fine. I know that for a fact because I know your family quite well.