Sunday, April 29, 2012

Assassination Attempt #1: I Was A Baby?

. I know I've had several assassination attempts placed on my life. Some of the things I had thought were accidents, but no, when someone is determinedly running you off the road, or running straight into you, that's pretty much an attempt to do serious bodily harm or assassinate you. Assassinations can be made to look "natural". I think people think of assassination as only happening to Presidents, but it's the same thing as a "hit". It's like the formal term for "a hit" (I think). I am not positive about what happened, but I know when I think about it, it doesn't make sense. Also, now that I have almost died so many times, as a victim of a hit, I am not as reluctant to believe it wasn't attempted earlier. My unborn was assassinated in Maryland, in 2008. It was deliberate. Before the machine went "wrong", I was being tortured in an apartment while pregnant for at least a week. Not bad, but enough. I had my prenatal appointment at the Army offices, after I was tortured. The baby was alive and kicking and breathing like normal, despite being a victim of torture by use of technology. So that's not just assault on me but my unborn child. That means any child I've had has been assaulted in this country. My parent's firstborn son died of suspcious cause. Other things have happened. I was told when I was a baby, I "fell" down an entire floor and was not injured. I fell from the first story of the house, to the concrete basement floor. There were no stairs yet, they had not been finished or worked on. I was supposedly in one of those walkers and I walked to the edge and fell a floor onto concrete. I just accepted that story in the past, no additional thought required. Then I thought about tonight and with what I know that's been done to me, my son, my family, out of jealousy or other reasons, I don't think it makes sense anymore. I believe I fell, but I don't think it was an accident or negligence by Granny. For one thing, some jealous party heard about how smart my son was, and started torturing us to ruin and tamper with my son's intelligence. Tortured us both. So there is some real fear from a real "Herod". I don't buy the idea that it happened with Granny because she always shuts the door. She never leaves the door to the basement open, and would NEVER do that, with a baby around. It's just not possible. No one else who is a relative, that I can think of, would do this to a baby either, or be so thoughtless. For one thing, the doorway is narrow too. And if it was just this drop-off, there is no way anyone would have the door open for me to "fall down" to a concrete floor below. It is more plausible someone was in the house that hated me or the idea of me and wanted to kill me. Maybe they pushed me or maybe they tossed me down, but it is not impossible this happened and then they ran off or left and it was discovered I wasn't injured. No, I'm not "mentally ill" to think this either, or paranoid. I'm basing this idea off of realizing, knowing Granny and how particular she is, it's not possible I fell or that the door was open in her care. And when I was told about this, what happened, it was said with a kind of reserve every time it came up, like there was something that was not being shared, and I remember that.

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