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Parents Trapped Since Teens & More on "Red Cross"

I think my parents have been held hostage by the U.S. since they were in their teens. The only time they've been out of the country was in the 70s and I think they were being tracked even then, by traveler's checks with serial numbers, and everything.

When I was arrested in Tennesse, on a knowingly false arrest, for calling 911 when people knew it WAS an emergency and that I was being tortured, they took money from me (which is when the woman freaked out) and it was maybe only $200 or $300 total or so, and when they gave it back to me, they didn't even give me my cash back. They gave me a card and said to use that, with their name on it.

I have had police arrest me just for an excuse to illegally search me and tell their government brats whether or not they guessed something correctly about me. And, as an excuse to destroy evidence, and also as an excuse to illegally hold me for purposes of using me for further research while detained.

I believe my parents have been trapped by the government since both of them were teenagers.

My entire family has been exploited and used for sport and profit as virtual slaves. I am not exaggerating. They didn't want me to take my son out of the country because they had planned on stealing him through adoption from the start, or trying to kidnap him and use him later.

And as for the Red Cross, and what I wrote about them in my torture post from last night, all my experiences with that organization have been negative since 1999. In 1999 I donated blood and it was fine. Ever since then, they've acted like part of a terrorist organization. They refused to allow me to volunteer with them, which I thought was odd, they've worked with CIA to conduct illegal blood and DNA tests on me, and I was tortured in their offices in Nashville, TN. That's the U.S. Red Cross, but it's an international group and it's international Red Cross that supposedly "investigates" human rights claims and is acting as PR for the same people that are commiting the torture.

So basically, when Princess Diana worked with them, I think The Red Cross itself, is guilty of something. It's like the U.S. border patrol guy, colluding to have me sign a false statement with the Canadian border patrol, but then pretending to be upfront and nice and saying, "That's horrible!" and giving me his name and information to gain my trust and give himself an innocent front.

If the Red Cross was doing such a great job, why was Princess Diana on her own singular mission to put together a "dossier"? I don't think the Red Cross enjoyed her proximity and didn't want her to discover they were actually PR people for the same groups she was going to blame. The Red Cross wants to pick up some landmines on a little campaign with lots of photos and look like they're doing something, when really, they're not getting to the heart of it and already know who is behind the problem and are too profitable in their pretense, to want to do anything correct.

So Princess Di dies. Oh look! Let's win Diana's cause for her! "That's horrible!" the Red Cross said, clapping their hands over their mouths, so, like the U.S. border patrol who is secretly colluding to commit crimes and needs a good innocent face, they "ban landmines" with gusto and say it's all for Diana.

They probably had a hand in her death.

The Red Cross isn't doing their job at Guantanamo. I know that. So if they ignore the crux of the matter and try to appeal to people by raising reports that are selective and intended to cover for the real issue, over the U.S., they are not going to do anything different for other countries and special interest groups.

I would look into The International Red Cross, their funding, where they are based, their religious majority, and who knew Diana from that organization.

The wiki tries to combine the Red Cross and Red Crescent, but from a brief glance, it appears it is an organization that is primarily Roman Catholic. Almost all of the head leaders were/are Roman Catholic, and from the start, the main founder consulted Italy. Italy is next door to the Holy See and the Holy See uses Switzerland for their protection. In 1993, the Italian Catholic for the Red Cross asked the UN for permission for the Red Cross to be involved in every single privately or publicly held meeting.

This means The Red Cross acted as ears and spies for other countries and most importantly, the Vatican.

The German Red Cross assisted with the massacres of all peoples in Germany held by Nazis. It was mainly Catholic, as was Hitler, and they got the thumbs up from The Holy See, which was/is intimately connected to the Red Cross. One wouldn't expect the Red Cross to assist with torture, medical experimentation of people, and gassing and starvation.

But they did! And they did so, after they passed a law banning "gasing of people" in the 1930s.

The Red Cross reportedly helped British military with a massacre of people in Australia approx. 1996. But I find the inclusion of this massacre as the only "criticism" for the wikipage, to be highly suspect. It has a feeling of "blame british military, not the red cross!" about it. I think the Red Cross has some serious problems actually.

The Red Cross has not just assisted German military, or British military, or U.S. military and their respective spy agencies. They have created excellent covers for human rights violations most likely, for a broad range of countries and sought to keep the actual truth from being discovered to keep making money themselves.

I had thought, when I was in Wenatchee attempting to volunteer for the Red Cross there, I did so before I was arrested in that area. I was either newly pregnant or not even yet pregnant and they refused. Then they refused again later, and made excuses to keep me from volunteering. It's strange behavior unless you think, "Oh. I sued some part of the Catholic church and if the Red Cross is majority Catholic, it's not going to welcome me" or "I later brought up Princess Diana's work with landmines and if they are guilty, they would not want me getting into their ranks and offices...what if...she discovers something!" I had wrongly assumed maybe someone didn't want me to work there or volunteer because (at least later) they didn't want me to have connections to anything that even smelled of what Diana had done. So I thought it was some kind of jealousy, in keeping me out, because of an idea that they didn't want me to look "like a volunteer, or humanitarian type."

But no, I don't think it was that. I think they are possibly guilty of being directly involved in setting up Diana's death.

I went from Wenatchee Red Cross, in not being allowed to volunteer, to being spied on by one of their workers (literally), and then when I tried to give blood next, they were working with the CIA with some idiot from Virginia who was there with the band-wagon, to make sure my blood samples were identified differently from the samples belonging to everyone else.

Then! I had the shock of my life, to go into Red Cross offices after visiting a fertility clinic to discuss being a surrogate for parents. To my absolute horror, I left those Nashville fertility clinic offices, to enter the doors of the Red Cross and be assaulted by military technology and someone even thought to leave a bunch of U.S. Army military gear draped around chairs. So was it even military or just intended to have me think it's military and not plain corrupt Red Cross workers. I could not believe I had been assaulted in a Red Cross building, with a Red Cross employee standing right there. I had gone there to donate blood or find out when their next blood drive was and to ask about volunteering. They didn't need any volunteers he said.

The next time I saw the Red Cross, they were in a bunch of vans next to my Dad's place of work where a ton of other government vehicles were making a hasty exit from. Then when I approached, they acted suspicious. My Dad came home that day, totally tortured. And the Red Cross had been inches away from him.

That was when I read The Red Cross involves themselves to observe interrogations of suspects of intelligence agencies and military.

Basically, I think you might have a few good people like me, thinking they are this well-funded humanitarian agency, and actually, they are doing more PR work for the intelligence and military of other countries than one might expect. Not only that, most of that PR work is being done with Catholics who are working in the intelligence and military for other countries.

That information, along with information gained at the UN, goes straight to the Holy See.

It was "meditterean" people that witnesses claimed were suspiciously around the scene of the car crash.

When this man "Michael" wrote some article in 2008, with really interesting timing, about how he believed Princess Diana was killed over landmines or government interest, I felt then he was also trying to put an emphasis on military or government over religion.

Why? maybe because they didn't want any fears about religious groups interfering with getting one of the royals hitched up to their murderers. Better hurry and make them think it has nothing to do with Dodi's muslim religion which might invite inquiry into religions that oppose or would oppose muslim intermarriage and power. So let's say, yeah, it was over weapons.

How about both? how about, weapons are employed and used by people who are religious that cover for the crimes by pretending to be humanitarian agencies?

And then let's have a big hoop-lah and law passed to "honor Diana" so no one thinks to go poking around in their burn piles.

All this time I had thought, well, P.D. was probably looking into things and getting "help from" the Red Cross and then someone didn't like it, and didn't like the marriage idea.

After all that's happened to me, and noticing some really strange patterns, I am much more inclined now to think that The Red Cross was directly involved in setting up the murder and accident. I don't believe they shared information with P.D. which was why she tried to do it herself. If they gave her anything, it was surface stuff, skimming the top, nothing important.

Look at some of the groups affiliated with the Red Cross, by the way. Notice the page for Roerich Pact? Hello.

Glad to see William married her.


Lucia Flecha's husband was some Grand Knight of Columbus and ended up as an ambassador to Italy. That's as Catholic as it gets. Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima.

Her other "friend" at the time was another Catholic, or with husband who was, Dominic Lawson. Rosa Monckton.

If you look at who was so excited to have Kate Middleton marry-in, you can also notice how many favors were done for the Catholic church immediately after their engagement.

They didn't want a Muslim.

Do you really think the same changes that occured with the monarchy would have taken place if Princess Diana had married Dodi? No.

This would be why someone was quick to add "the red crescent" next to the wiki page for "red cross" lest someone think the Red Cross was motivated to kill "the Red Crescent types".

Any information shared by Princess Diana, with women she thought were her friends, was most likely passed onto intelligence. Diana had sort of started veering a little in the direction of Catholicism at one point, but she had begun correcting this and I don't think they liked it. Pakistani here, Pakistani there, and then oh my gosh, bona fide public outings with Saudi man here...Muslim. Muslim. Oh! and...uh...MUSLIM!

Wow. She is really going to do big things for Catholicism.

Time to ship her out. As for the Jewish...they might not get along with some of the Catholics but they would agree with the Catholics on this point: "No thank you to a Muslim".

Oh wait, wait. It's Pakistani, pakistani (with query to priest about marriage!?! before or after>), Islamic art dealer, Pakistani (?), Saudi...

And this time she's not hiding the Muslim under the magic carpet in the back of the getaway car.

THIS TIME (GASP), he's not even popping up his head furtively like a groundhog, but he's a Muslim ON TOP OF THE WATER, crrrruuuuuiiising through the waters in bare-chested bravado with reporters gawking about.

Oh yes. Oh no.

Oh this is definitely a BIG problem.

Mabel: "How many Muslims has she dated Mervin?"
Mervin: "Mabel, I think it's,..I don't know Mabel, but she's been on sort of an Islamic Muslim streak, and I heard she was even reading The Koran."
Mabel: "Why would she want to read The Koran?"
Merven: "Mabel, why don't you mind your mind your own business."

So yeah. Catholics and Jews are prime suspects but let's turn this into the big-bad wolf of military to eliminate fears and not mention how intertwined Dianas best friends and charity groups (Red Cross) were with the Holy See.

Even if Dodi's son (which one is Dodi? the son or the dad? well anyway, I think the son), used cocaine sometimes, that's not what would get in the way and he's certaintly not going to have Muslim pals put a hit on his own kid.

Kate's family is into drugs, but who cares. No problem at all, for marrying in, because she's not Muslim. It had nothing to do with drugs and the Middleton's proved that.

Drugs were not an obstacle or a problem.

It WAS religion and it was also most likely religion playing a part with her so-called friends, who saw their friendship with her not helping to correct Diana's Muslim inclinations, with the Red Cross, who were acting as PR for the enemy, and with intelligence that was religiously motivated.

How about Blair. Has anyone found little pieces of white paint in his garage?

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