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List of Criminal Judges: RICO & No Disability (Suing Judges 1st)

I have already decided I am filing for RICO if this habeas corpus is dropped and not treated as it's supposed to be treated.

Also, I would have to know who took the petition and what their religious affiliation is because that will decide how it's treated and if it's transfered.

I will not be filing for disability either. I will discontinue my claim for "mental illness" and make it entirely about physical problems I've had and I will sue for slander in calling me paranoid schitzophrenic to conceal torture and obstruction of justice.

I am proceeding with my torture claim against Canada today, through CAT proceedings.

I can bring several of the Judges even, and nail them under violations of 18 USC's in a RICO claim, and should they choose to continue to obstruct justice, this is exactly what I will do. Crime is not covered by judicial immunity.

That's why there are statutes specifically in place to prevent Judges and clerks from obstructing justice. It's not in "the course of duty". It's called crime.

It is impossible for me to pursue a discretionary review when I am being tortured.

Which is why I was forced to file for habeas corpus.

If someone wants to say I couldn't "stay" proceedings that had not begun, or which I had not filed a motion for, I would argue that the communications with the courthouse clearly show I filed my notice of discretionary review and then I tried to obtain more time because of physical and other reasons. So that started the process. The fact that this process is made impossible by illegal torture and illegal judicial crimes is party why I had to file at all.

Last night and the night before I wasn't tortured while I slept and it was the first time in about 5 months.

So I don't know what's going on. Either the FBI kicked into gear or the Department of Defense was questioned, or someone decided they could stop if they got rid of my appeals and habeas proceedings.

I will discontinue anything to do with Disability as of today, until I see how things are moving along with the habeas corpus.

I had additional information to provide, of about 4 or more different places for information and that is going to come to a halt until I see what is taking place in the federal court.

I will make my adjustments, if they need to be made, from there.

And yes. I would go after Judges first in RICO.

If the FBI won't do it, I WILL and I will get a jury trial as well. Actually, I can't remember if you get jury trial for RICO, suing as a citizen, but I think you do.

Judges are the ones in the way of my access to justice and defense of myself against criminals.

If they obstruct justice, there is no possible way to proceed for oneself or their family or child.

My parents are tortured besides, and all they do is lie to cover for the U.S. because otherwise, it's worse.

There are some things I would wait on, to get strength first, before suing. Suing Judges isn't one of them. If they ignore my habeas corpus, they're getting the shit sued out of them in a RICO case and I do not believe it would be prudent to wait. Suing the State, or CPS, and on grounds re. my son, would take more planning. Not the counts against the Judges. The Judges SHOULD be immediately investigated by the FBI.

But so far, I don't see any evidence of the FBI doing ANYTHING to protect rights of citizens, with regard to judicial and legal corruption.

I know there are hispanics in Wenatchee, along with others, who are trying to control my family and my son too. They think they have ownership of my son. They go to the Avila's church, some of them.

I have been blocked from communicating with my son at all since Eastern District of Washington federal court committed crime. Their entire courthouse is liable but you can't sue that way--you have to sue the individual and prove it's outside of scope of duty or practice. It's been 2 years. People wonder why I don't send something to my son for Easter and it's because he doesn't even get half the things I sent him.

None of the letters I send to him by email are read to him. I quit sending any because I found that out several years ago. I am told he gets "gifts" I send him but I am doubting this is even true. Why would he get material gifts from me but not letters?

I think some other bratty kid is getting everything I try to send to my son, or most of it. Half of my son's toys that I sent him have disappeared into another kid's house. People are stealing from my son.

I knew that even when I was still visiting him.

I cannot wait to sue Judge Hotchkiss and he had better keep his little motorcycle gangsters away from my Dad. Judge Hotchkiss is a criminal. Period.

He is a criminal. He colluded with his former law partner Paul Cassel, to delete motions from the court record. He colluded with Catholics and the AG to block me from videotaping evidence of visits with my son, when he had evidence of harm and then the next time, my son shows up with a cut out of his face. Judge Hotchkiss would cut my son with his own hand. Then, when I got evidence of this harm to my son, Judge Hotchkiss blocked me from entering it into the record.

That was one time he illegally blocked me from entering evidence into a court record. The other time, he removed something that had already been filed, for Change of Venue.

He is a criminal. I know of criminal Judges from Oregon to Washington. How funny they should know FBI that defamed me to cops "from Oregon to Washington".

1. Wenatchee,Washington--Judge Hotchkiss: He has his gangsters over here too, to keep my Dad in line as he sees fit, because HE is one of the original criminals. Judge Hotchkiss is also the one who offered a pretty girl an easy way out of traffic ticket..."If you ever get a ticket or anything, come see me," she told me he said to her. Because he was going to "fix it" for her. I asked him to recuse himself for this reason and another reason and he refused. He admitted that I asked him to recuse himself but refused to have a hearing as I requested. It's on record though, that I asked for his recusal. The other thing, the "Change of Venue" motion I made, was deleted from the record and he lied and said he never saw it. Judge Hotchkiss has a biker group that tortured me in Wenatchee on his behalf. I don't what group he's part of, but some kind of Harley biker gang. He also tried to intimidate me one day when he knew of my whereabouts and what I would be doing and left a Red Robin restaurant with a group of Roman Catholics who took out large Catholic medallions and had them over their shirts and smirked smugly at me as they walked with the Judge--flaunting the fact that their religion played a part and I couldn't do anything about it.

2. Wenatchee, Washington--Judge Alicia Nakata: Cocaine. Concealment of crimes. I have not seen her using cocaine, but I have heard so much about her with regard to cocaine, I cannot dismiss the idea that sometimes rumors have a basis in fact (not always). She was indulgent if I was with the man from Colombia, who, for all I know, supplied her with her daily needs. When one of my cousins told me I would be surprised at what Judges and probation officers and police in Wenatchee did drugs, and bought from him, he wouldn't tell me who. However, since Alicia Nakata so often assigned herself to his cases, I would wonder if she didn't want to exert a kind of control over him, if, having bought cocaine from him, she then wanted to make sure he knew who was "boss". Supposedly, the entire Wenatchee judicial and legal system is corrupt. My cousin sold to probation officers, police, and Judges. Nakata sucked up to me when I was with Alvaro Pardo and then punished me when I wasn't. After I was sexually harassed and otherwise degraded at the Wenatchee jail, on a false arrest for "grand auto theft", she told me I could not make any comments on the record about anyone that was in that room (which included offenders). She said "If you want to blog about me that's fine, but if you write about anyone else here, I will put you in jail for contempt of court." She not only attempted to conceal crime for them, she obstructed me from making any public account or record of any incident and threatened to jail me if I exercised my right to free speech.

3. Wenatchee, Washington--Judge John John Bridges. Illegal bribery. Judge Bridges (Catholic) had his wife threaten me after I spoke up about Judges using and buying cocaine in that town. Between this, and my efforts to get a lawyer for my son for medical malpractice, he had his wife go out to my house in person with another worker, and the first CPS false allegation came about that way. When I lawfully said I didn't want her to come in because my son was napping, but that she could get a warrant if she liked, she then made a "deal" with Social services, telling me through Tina Thornton, that they wanted me to leave the State of Washington and go to Utah and they'd pay for the bus ticket and other moving costs if I agreed. I turned down the offer and was tortured, along with my son, instead.

4. Wenatchee detectives for City of Wenatchee (2 of them), in 2009. I will have to find their names but I went to them to report unusual bruising on my son's legs. One of the officers was Mormon (at least that's what he said) and I don't know about the other, but they tried to conceal evidence of a crime and then said, mocking me when they told me to leave, "Hey, Ms. Garrett. Have you had your PSYCH EVAL yet???" and smirked. Both of them. They are corrupt. I showed them photos of bruising and told them there other photos and they wanted to know where they were and if they had dates on them. Then they said they went out to the house and that my son was not harmed and was running and active and happy. They are both liars. When I showed them some of the photos they said it was just from playing and they made it clear they were aware there could be worse and more damaging photographs and waited to see if I had them first, before stating their position. When I was put under false arrest by Wenatchee police later, they deleted these photos and other evidence from my videocam. I had all of the evidence until my cam was taken in to Wenatchee police evidence. I was so shocked that they were concealing crime I knew they could also be perpetrators of crimes.

5. Wes and Rick Baken of the FBI, Wenatchee, WA. It is not possible we could have been tortured without the cooperation of Wes, who claimed to be Mormon but I thought it was a lie, and Rick Baken, who is Catholic and moved next to my grandparents after I met Christa Schneider and the Mt. Angel Abbey monks. I am certain Rick is involved and he was also involved with Laura Laughlin who was out of the Oregon FBI field offices. He told me to take it to her for a reason. He feigned shock when she tried to refuse the report but later it looked like an act to have it appear they were not working together all along. She then moved to Washington State and took charge for Seattle while a fringe militia of Spokane FBI colluded with the U.S. Attorney there, to keep crimes of international obstruction of justice and obstruction to access to federal courts out of the record.

6. Spokane, WA--Judge Edward Shea. This is an Irish-Catholic Judge who railroaded me after I broke up with my fiance and did a lot of favors for his Irish and other Catholic friends. He refused to acknowledge my petition for injunction and then when I sent it again, and efiled as I had all other documents, he told a federal courthouse clerk (or they acted alone) to deny my efiled injunction. It was already efiled. You can't "take back" an efiled document after it's sent and received. But he did, and knew this would affect the outcome of my case and my son's rights. It is one of the most direct evidences of judicial crime of obstruction of justice. He was the Judge in charge of receiving all my documents and would have been the one to instruct the clerk. The clerk had been receiving and accepting all my efiled documents. The "change" at the last minute was because of Judge Edward Shea. I was served by a process server wearing a shirt that said "Happy St. Patrick's Day". Both Judge Shea and Judge Warren (in Wenatchee, WA) are Irish Catholic Judges.

There were Irish from N. Ireland in Wenatchee, and elsewhere, harassing me. It was not just U.S. Irish but people who came in from out of the country with IRA connections. The FBI knows this and allowed torture and crimes against me and my family.

7. Wenatchee, Washington--Judge Gerald Warren. Irish-Catholic. Why is this Judge getting away with murder? Does he have relatives that were part of the Warren Commission? The WA Judicial Commission decided to sneak in a shut-down of my complaint against him the day after my laptop was shut down. No notice or deadline either, an abrupt about-face and the comment "no crime has been committed." Judicial Commission reviews ethical as well as criminal matters. It's not just about crime, which DID occur. Judge Warren was contacted by John Kaempf for a "restraining order" against me, minutes after Kaempf's law firm committed a crime by sending my grandparents threatening mail. It was a crime, according to 18 USC on threatening communications. After getting a default win bc I was in the hospital, Judge Warren went on to commit further crimes. 1st, before being contacted by Kaempf for the restraining order, he was the one who illegally blocked me from traveling. He issued an order which was direct obstruction of justice and interference with legal cases. Then, he refused to remove his error when it was pointed out to him. Next, he had me thrown in jail on false arrest and presided over the case, and committed further crimes by refusing to file kites I filed. This is not a "matter of discretion" but a crime. Several guards from the jail and Warren's own clerks know about it and were witnesses. It is illegal, and a federal crime to refuse to file motions made by a prisoner. Then when I was OUT of jail, I again attempted to file motions and his clerks had been instructed to not file anything by "Cameo Garrett". When I asked for a copy of the computer notation they said they'd have to ask the judge and then when I checked back, it had been removed as if it never existed. Crime. Crime. Crime. And the WA Judicial Commission is incompetent to recognize crime? Because they have no experience with the federal USC's and judicial ethics, or what? After Warren's crimes, my son and I were tortured for trying to tell FBI's "Wes" about it.

The FBI knows it is a crime and they dismissed it with, "Oh, he's retiring anyway." And he never retired. He disappeared from sight for awhile and then after my son and I were tortured, he only popped up again like a little weasle, after I had brought my Catholic fiance back with me to Wenatchee. Then Judge Warren assumed that if I was with a Catholic, all was forgiven and forgotten. Judge Warren was the man stalking me by car in the middle of the night with a Wenatchee police officer in tow (2 cops) after I was forced back to Wenatchee without my son. He drove by in a jaguar, mocking me boldly. I had to check records and find out, "Oh MY GOSH...I think that was Judge Warren...." if it was really his car and it was. He owns, or owned, the same vehicle. I saw him, in his own personal vehicle, stalking me at bizarre hours (1 a.m.). He was alone in his car and was followed and backed up by Wenatchee police in their own patrol cars, who also mocked me.

What else does Judge Warren do? Cocaine? It was on a night when I was bussed into town for a visit with my son and the State had to put me up in a hotel. I was walking from one place to another to use a computer or find one, bc the State refused to put me in a hotel with a computer. It was about 1 a.m. in the morning and Judge Warren's wife is probably in bed, and I was walking down the sidewalk of Wenatchee Avenue, when he comes driving by slowly, and circles. He slowed down enough to look out of his window and smirk at me, full of hate, and then I was so shocked, and then I saw police right behind him, who then leaned out to laugh and escort Warren to wherever he was going that time of the night. No one else was even on the road. It was just him and police. Judge Warren was feeling high that night, on getting away with torture and obstruction of justice.

The FBI knew he had broken federal law and did nothing about it. It is even documented in FBI files I received, that I made the report I said I made. I haven't read it through to see how it's worded, but it was about Warren. After the FBI did nothing, and Judge Bridges tried to bribe me to leave, my son and I were subjected to torture. Later, after I'd been with Alvaro, he dared to preside over a matter involving me, wearing this bright yellow shirt and acting as innocent as kittens. He is a CRIMINAL. And the FBI is CRIMINAL for allowing him to roam about like a wildman.

8. Wenatchee, Washington--Judge Nancy Harmon. Catholic and bigoted against protestants. Nancy Harmon showed such prejudice that I had her recused right at the start. I also found out she has a cop husband and connections to police which she uses for her own religious agendas. It was possibly her own relatives that escorted Warren on the night he mocked me as a mother forced to return without her son to intolerable conditions. I later had to have her for something and she yelled at my son in the middle of court, acting like she hated my SON, and saying, "KEEP YOUR SON FROM THE MIC" and something about "drooling all over"--it was some kind of derogatory comment about my son, made in his presence and hearing. She is a bitch. I cannot think of a specific crime with her except for the fact that her husband may be involved with Warren's activities. She is also connected to Christine Gregoire.

9. Spokane, Washington--Judge Cynthia Imbrognio. This Catholic Judge and Judge Shea colluded to conceal Shea's crime of refusing to process an efiled injunction. Shea couldn't do it, because then it would look like him and not the clerk, so Cynthia jumped in to do it and tried to change the story. She tried to conceal the crime of interfering with an injunction by reclassifying it as a restraining order which would not have been affected by the refusal last minute to process the efiled injunction. It was already filed, so they basically removed it from the record. She concealed Sheas crime. She is Catholic, like Shea.

10. Salem, Oregon--Judge Paul Lipscomb. Catholic Judge Lipscomb was the first to refuse to file motions or documents in a court record, or to alter them or delete them from the record. I had not known, in 2004, when I discovered this is what he'd done, that this was a felony and federal crime. He set the standard for the other Catholic Judges that came after him and obstructed me from justice, with zero penalty for their conduct by the FBI or FBI investigation.

1. 18 USC 1506. The penalty for refusing to process something or attempting to delete it from the record is a fine or imprisonment not less than 5 years, or both. 18 USC 1506.

2. 18 USC 2076. The penalty for refusing to make or forward a document, by any clerk of a U.S. District Court is a fine or imprisonment of not more than 1 year, or both.

3. 18 USC 2071. The penalty for any judicial person who tries to conceal, destroy, remove, or mutilate any document filed in a court, is a fine, imprisonment of not more than 3 years, both, and relinquishment of office (including judicial office).

If you want to check the text from any site, it's available at the GPO: Government Printing Office.

While looking up statutes and laws for habeas corpus, I found a couple of small errors with findlaw so I compared it with the site, but at the bottom of their page, they mention any govt. text (law, code, policy, regulation) that is printed is at this site in accurate form. So, for anyone else interested, that's the link.

There are other Judicial crimes. But that's the appetizer. It's enough to torture a kid and an innocent mother over, don't you think?

What Judge wants to go to jail? So much easier to use friends in high places to torture her, and say she's mentally ill, and go after and terrorize her entire family. There is motive for crime beyond the original crime and I first noticed the worst of it after I filed a claim in Portland U.S. District Court, about JUDGES. And that was in 2004. It hasn't improved, it's gotten worse and while the FBI does NOTHING, it looks like collusion or conspiracy to aid and abett judicial crime. It sufficiently blocks and restrains me, and holds me hostage, from accessing the courts. I want my son returned to me without argument.

According to RICO statutes, I am permitted to issue a restraining order against any unlawful action by Judges or attorneys attempting to adopt out my "property" (my son). Habeas corpus is most appropriate because my claim is of obstruction of justice and of torture and imprisonment/kidnapping, but if it denied, I can always drag a bunch of Judges into federal court and accuse them of felonies myself, if the FBI is still feeling "shy" about it.

How about criminal. The FBI has aided and abetted conspiracy to commit these crimes to begin with. They should do their job, get someone in there to fix things, and return my child.

Here is the law about restraining criminals from taking something that doesn't belong to them:

The federal GPO site wouldn't allow me to download anything so I had to go to another site instead. I entered several searches into that site and got a lot of obnoxious results having nothing to do with RICO, and then when I found it, it wouldn't download at all. It wants me to agree to allow anything from their site as through certificate 'trust' or whatever. I don't know. I am clicking out of there because at this point, I do not trust them OR anything coming from a fucking federal site. Show me my SON.


The FBI has PROTECTED criminal judges since 2004 and possibly even colluded with them. Then they allowed me and my son to be tortured and then kidnapped my son. They continued to allow obstruction of justice and felonies, knowing very well what was going on. What have they done? NOTHING. So Judge after Judge has gained courage from that, and followed suit. I have not seen or heard from my son for 2 years. I saw one photo of him looking extremely unhappy and skinny as a rail, in shoes that were a size too small.


That photo of my son was taken at a wedding where my brother is there, with a huge lump on his head at the same time I developed an enormous lump to the back of my head, after being lasered repeatedly one Sunday at my parent's house. The BBC had a cute article on the topic, after the event, and who is involved with the head of the Department of Energy? An English asshole, Sandy Fetter.

Oh, by the way, for parents wanting to sue the shit out of the federal government for illegally abducting their child...You COULD file RICO on their ass. I don't think anyone has done it before, but I just found a mistake I made in reading hastily and it helped me to see it from a different angle. I read it as asking for a restraining order to keep the govt. from taking your property. But that's not what it says. It says it's a restraining order that you ask for in order to prevent the party you are suing from doing anything with it, because you intend to confiscate their unlawful gain. So basically, I can't do it, because they supposedly adopted my son out of their "custody" or property file, to private guardians. However, if your child is still with the government, and you have grounds which can prove they conspired and can be found guilty under RICO, you can put a claim on the property, even if your parental rights were terminated. I think you could do it, it's just that no one has thought of it or done it yet (to my knowledge). Parents have filed for habeas corpus, arguing their children are prisoners and it's unlawful custody and most of the time lost, on a narrow margin. Part of the problem is that if you are alleging habeas corpus, there is this idea about person of actual interest, and relationship, and parental rights and the final orders matter. However, with RICO, it doesn't matter if your rights were terminated. What you allege is that the party you are suing has property that doesn't belong to them, and belongs to you and you intend to acquire it as satisfaction for the damages they caused. So if you are alleging the U.S. acquired property "in the commission of a crime", you can take that property from them, and you can also file a restraining order on that property to prevent further loss. It sounds weird, to call kids "property", but that's how the government views them, on legal terms. The constitutional right, fundamental right, to "property" has historically included children as a "property". Women used to be property of their husbands, remember? So children, as minors, without right to vote or have independence, are considered to be "property" of parents.

So parents who are dealing with a corrupt government have been forced to deal with "appeals" processes which are almost always prejudiced and ruined by bribed public defenders who work for the state, not you. Some parents have recognized that their children are being effectively jailed, and in custody of the state (or feds) and they have been using habeas corpus. But another way to go about it, would have to think about when and how, is to sue their asses for treble damages, and put a temporary restraining on their "property" which they claim to be their property, which you are claiming was obtained in the commission of crimes. It wouldn't matter if your rights are terminated because you're alleging crimes and fraud to begin with, however, you would probably want to file it before final order of termination, or before they try to adopt out the kid from their "ownership" because this is why you file TRO to begin with. Still, you could potentially use TRO even after they have allowed an adoption, and allege it was done under fraudulent aspects. You could also sue the State for any monies they have received as income and profit from their taking of your child. So you could go after fucking State salaries and U.S. Attorney salaries if you really wanted to. They get their income from a federal check in D.C. that makes its way to the State. You could add up what the total earnings has been, from making money off of illegally taking your child and processing things through court and paying off lawyers and social workers, and claim this money BACK as illegal proceeds gained in illegal trafficking of your child, and commission of crimes (there is a huge list of crimes you can prosecute them over).

Yeah, I just read, it says any property that is transfered from the original defendant (state or CPS) to a second party (adoptive parents) can be taken back. It says such property is subject to forfeiture. So if you prevail, it doesn't matter if they adopted your kid out.

In fact, it doesn't even matter if your kid was adopted out from you while you were in jail under false arrest as an innocent person.

You can SUE the shit out of them and still get your kid and SCREW "the adoption".

You can't do that with habeas corpus. With habeas corpus, you allege you and/or your child are held prisoner. It's a better venue where it's appropriate and it's appropriate for me.

However, after reading RICO law again, I see an immediately applicable law for parents who have been falsely imprisoned and their kids are adopted out, to get their kids back. But it is challenging because you either have to find a kick-ass lawyer that has money and thinks like me, or you have to have some money and time to plan in how to do it yourself. But you can get your child back, after they were adopted out, IF you are able to prevail in a corruption case against the government.
You can find this through 18 USC Chapter 96, section 1963, (c). At c it talks about how any property transfered to another party that is not the defendent is still subject to forfeiture. You can still put out a TRO on it, for your kid.

So basically, this means the Wenatchee parents who were innocent and thrown in jail...they were told they couldn't get their kids back because they had already been adopted and the adoption was finalized.

Bullshit. No one told these parents, not even through "The Innocence Project", they can still get their kids back, or try. So which one of those "innocence project" lawyers will do it?

Let me guess. None of them. Why? because they're too busy taking federal monies for their "non-profit" to care about screwing over the federal or state government for screwing parents out of their own kids.

If Wenatchee parents had wanted to, or still have time (I think the kids are grown now) or if parents in similiar situations want to get their kids back, if you think you can prove conspiracy or make it fit any part of the requirements for RICO, you can pursue any defendant and put a TRO on the property, the child. I am not sure, but you might be able to TRO someone from taking an adopted kid out of the country, from giving them vaccinations or treatments you are against, or even from taking them to a church that is against your religious beliefs. I think the main thing is movement...that you could restrict unlawful attempts to further abscond with the child.

There is a money amount involved, but that goes with the monies paid for adoption fees and any other money used with regard to the property. Anyway, I haven't researched it, but I believe a good lawyer could sue to get a kid back for parents even after they were adopted out (transfered) to a 2nd party. And with RICO, the statutes are something like 10 years or so, to file. They're much longer than normal. They go way farther out than any of the statutes for appeals over a child or anything like that. You could be in jail 10 years and still file a lawsuit to get your kid back, if you can prove conspiracy and prevail by RICO.

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