Sunday, April 8, 2012

Delirious "Can You Feel The Mountains Tremble" & Pope's "Sovereign Immunity"

Happy Easter.

This is the year to sue the FBI for failure to prosecute the Vatican and child sex offenders. This is the year to sue the FBI for allowing Roman Catholic agents to interfere with lawsuits involving their church, and protecting torture of citizens on behalf of Roman Catholic Judges and the Vatican.

The Vatican wants to have it both ways. They want to claim they are "religious" not a "state" with responsibilities" whenever they get sued.

And then when someone tries to go after them, they want to claim "political" immunity by trying to point to the fact that they ARE a "country" and that the Pope gets immunity as the Sovereign leader of a nation.

They have tortured people and killed people, in the Name of God and of their "religion".

There is NO constitutional basis for allowing citizens who profess allegiance to Rome, and The Holy See, to allow try to claim as doubles, that they are putting the U.S. interests first. It is the greatest mistake of the U.S., to have allowed Vatican agents to serve as representatives for their church, in violation of separation of church and state, in this country.

They have committed crimes from which it is impossible to recover, and assumed and took over every single high office in this nation aside from the actual office of President, settling for shadow of the President instead.

No nation in their right mind makes an argument of "right to representation" with regard to members of foreign nations. It is the craziest thing and most illogical thing that has been allowed and it has driven this country into the ground and permanently corrupted the justice system and the courts.

Catholics have the vast majority in:

1. FBI offices,
2. CIA offices,
3. CPS and Children's Services offices,
4. The Supreme Court of the United States,
5. Federal and state courthouses,
6. Pro bono legal services which choose who they want to help, and take federal monies for their support,

and they have tried to take the lead by nominating Catholics and those with Catholic ties to the highest offices for:

7. The Department of Energy,
8. The Department of Defense,
9. The National Intelligence Directorate,
10. The Department of Housing,
11. NSA
12. The FCC
13. The Department of Justice
14. The Medical community

They have used their majority and power in these offices to persecute those who are not of their religion and who they feel has "offended" their religion. They have used religion to run this country and it is a Catholic nation, run by another country, The Holy See.

The FBI has allowed Catholic militias to get away with crimes and even funded these militias while persecuting other groups as "terrorists" (the IRA). The FBI has allowed sexual assault of even Catholic children, in the name of the country they truly serve: The Holy See. Because of this conflict of interest, they have misused and abused their authority to surveill anyone in a lawsuits against Archdiocese and spent money illegally sharing this information with the church to give them a legal advantage and they have allowed federal and state Judges who are Catholic to commit felonies of obstruction of justice for the Roman Catholic church.

They have used their members to seek out the richest Protestants and marry into those families to assume more power and have infiltrated those with power of any kind, to control it. They have used strategy to align themselves to whoever they can in order to create political allies as well, and lie while doing it, claiming "peace". They have used their power in the science and military industry to put hits on rich Protestants that remain, to sabotage their business in favors for Catholic competitors, and have killed anyone from a foreign country that challenges their church who they first used and lied to, to get close. They have started massacres for The Holy See and used U.S. resources to pay for it.

Today I am having problems with opening pages online for research but not for blogger. They want me to write. They just don't want me to back up what I write with evidence. I have been trying to open up the page for Department of Homeland Security after writing about illegal use of FBI agents to do favors for the Catholic church.

I.e., Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza.

Two Catholics have been the VPs for the Department of Homeland Security. Paul A. Schneider until 2009, and then Jane Holl Lute. Schneider is a Navy man and Lute went to Stanford (where Dept. of Energy Fetter connection is from) and to Georgetown, the Jesuit Catholic college in D.C. Janet Napoliano claims to be Methodist and half Italian at the same time and I've never heard of a Methodist Italian. If she is Methodist, she still have ties to the Catholic church. Her VPs have been Catholic.

So that means the Department of Homeland Security also put Catholics in at the top, which means almost every agency of any kind of power is being run by The Holy See.

And yes, I am being tortured today through use of illegal U.S. military technology and it's laser and suctioning of my heart. It began after I started making this post about the Catholic church controlling the departments in charge of this kind of technology. I can give an exact address for my address in Maryland which was next door to the Department of Energy. I think the public might find it fascinating to see how close they were. They are also doing sonic things to my ears, which they have been doing for months and did last night.

My son has a right to be free from this country when it's run by Catholic criminals.

You know what I need to take? I need to take a class in myth of religion and write a huge paper and thesis addressing and naming every single Roman Catholic in charge of this country at this time, and how their religious connection to The Holy See has ruined America and the Justice System.

So what class would that be? A religion class? poly-sci? because that is something that needs to be addressed. Instead of pointing to a few names at the top, I want every single name and their contact with the Catholic church address so the public can see that I am not making this up.

They are running the country in an almost 70% majority, for another country, while the U.S. has a majority population of Protestants and other religions combined--which shows how far politically motivated Catholics have gone by infiltrating all organizations; this would help prove this is who is responsible for torturing and persecuting protestants in the name of The Holy See.

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