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Green Polka-Dot & Prince William Pees discovery & another collage for my son (photos)

this section started out as a chick and then became two wings and a stream of water from the wings together. I had to fill in a spot next to it so used something I'd already clipped out and it says "hedges". I already had the piece sitting there so I used it. The bird tracks sort of matched a design in the lace curtain so I combined them. There is no real design or good theme, it's just sort of symbolism that I don't even get myself. Sort of just happened. I still need to put a head on the chick. When I saw how it turned out I thought, "It's william peeing in that photograph". Anyway, moving on. The Hedges was from a scrap that was from a 1989 mag for a benson & hedges cig ad.
the next one has hands holding a plant which I cut from soymilk containers and placed into cut out dark brown tree trunks. The makes it appear as though there are arms but there's not. The lightening isn't striking the duck. It's behind at a distance and there are two separate streaks but one you can see, by the duck, and the other you can't. The fork at the end is the inverse of the upright fork of the trees (which v at the top). At the top of one tree is lilacs and the other I cut out, it's a "moneytree" but I cut it because it looked exactly like polywog eggs in the glop in the pond. I think my green polka dot dress for kindergarden was designed from that idea. I still remember watching polywog grow up in this bright green plastic bowl we had (very large) and my dress was the same color of green dots. I think that's why I had the dress but I didn't catch on back then. I remember the eggs were green and the frogs were green. And they grew to maturity in a huge green plastic bowl we had, like a huge tupperware or rubbermaid bowl, and it was the same color green, and round, just like the dots that I had on my dress later. Green polywog eggs, bowl, led to dress symbolizing the same. (I think). Maybe someone thought my enthusiasm was cute or something. I have never forgotten the event because I was so fascinated and excited to have them growing up in our kitchen. Just yesterday I pulled some glop from the pond and looked at the perfect round polka-dots (different color) in the glop and I realized all at once. So I cut out the money tree for resembling the same. the thing at the top is a shower head but it resembles a govt. building and I can't think of which one. There are roses at the bottom of the one tree but you can't make them out.
sort of same old
same old
I'm not a precious moments fan but I cut it out. It has the saying of when you see only one set of footprints, that's when the child was being carried. I might color in the hair so it's brown instead of blond since my son's hair is brown. In the background is an oak flooring I used for walls instead, and the small picture of the woman with red hair, I was going to fold under so it's not showing the woman and only the dove, but I decided to keep it, since I have red hair and to symbolize myself and my son. I had that hair-cut once. More than once actually. There are clouds in the precious moments thing that are popcorn shaped so I cut out popcorn from a recycled popcorn box and put it at the feet of the boy, beneath, and then the tall plant drawing is cut of burr reed.
You can't see it, but she has her hands folded together and a dove is presenting her with a heart in its beak. I thought the section of feathers there, below, looked like angel wings sort of. I need to switch to a different computer but forgot and used this one again and it's pretty fuzzy and not very clear with photos. It didn't take long, and I cut from a few magazines and recycled garbage. I taped it bc I haven't made glue. So i just put shipping tape across the whole thing. It's just for fun, for Oliver. I might have a short story with this one. These photos are really hideous. You can't see anything. I might see if I can take other ones quickly. (UPDATE: I got curious about benson & hedges, if it means anything, bc i'd have no clue so wondering about random symbolism I looked up the name on wiki. It's a british cig! brought up on "old bond street" and the royal family used them until 1999. It says they got rid of them or took off the seal in 1999. Who used them before 1999 then I wonder? In toronto, canada they are called belmonts. My Dad worked at a store called Belmonts when I was a kid--it was music store. Anyway, random thought, but the seal stripping of 1999 is reminding me I need to finish pursuing the rape that occured to me mid-1998. Just came to mind. Whatever reason.) I'm curious now, so looking up the pee photo, but didn't want to see "it" so I found an edited version but I don't know if that's the only one. It's from Nov. 21, 2008, or was posted on that date. I don't know, God moves in mysterious ways and I discover things, in unique fashion at times, when something is to be brought to my attention. What was I doing around that time? oh, I was pregnant and Chris Dabney, father, was pissed at me for it. In fact, my baby was aborted by use of technology. Because Chris had become so hostile and seriously concerning and scary, I distanced myself. Then I told him he was going to pay child support. He kept being extremely mean to me so finally I dropped the "child support" bomb. He hated me for that. He thought I was going to take everything he had, and he hated me. So all of a sudden, he started acting nicer. The coworkers were all mean to me, and started screwing up my tables and orders to make me look bad. It was exactly one week before thanksgiving or so that they put an ad in the paper for my replacement. I had just told them I was going to be high-risk pregnancy and might need time off sometimes but I'd let them know. The very next day, Kathy, the Irish-Catholic supervisor, put an ad in craigslist, asking for a server. A woman showed up and I was asked to train her. After I trained her for one week, I was fired. They had fired me because I was pregnant, and had me train the woman replacing me. I was fired the day or weekend before Thanksgiving, Nov. 28, 2008. So basically, they put an ad out for my replacement sometime around Nov. 21, 2008. I had told Chris I didn't want him going with me to prenatal visits and said, "Maybe after you quit drinking so much." But he never forgave me for saying I was going to make sure he paid child support. He loathed me and got rid of me after that, but faked friendliness. They made sure I had nothing. And their parting comments to me, from The Post Pub, were "Cameo, you should watch "The Titanic", have you seen it?" I will never forget the looks on their faces because they were gloating and stared at me like they knew I was walking down a death ramp. It was Chris Dabney's mothers' neighbor and good friend, Nikki, his girlfriend pal, and Chris was there. Kathy called me saying don't come back. I had called to find out what my hours were for the Thanksgiving time, bc it was going to be slower, and she said don't come back. So I thought, "They had me train that other woman just to replace me without notice." I decided to check craigslist and it was true. There was Kathy's ad, a week old, and exactly one day after I made the workplace announcement that I was pregnant. I would not have any doubt at all, that Chris himself wanted my baby to be killed. He didn't want it, he'd been rude and scary actually, and then he was pissed off that I reminded him he was paying child support. When I said this, he treated me decency and work was tolerable. I remember he was also not happy that I said something about "Tiggy" and I thought, "Why does it matter to him?" I wrote in my blog about "Tiggy" and what I thought and he and a lot of others were really, really, upset by it. Between Tiggy and the Italian AG for Washington D.C. CPS, I was screwed. I know he's connected someone in England that knows the royal family because too many things were said and done. I left that place, with almost nothing, and went back to the apartment in Arlington, VA, and then was tortured while I stayed there a few more days. My housemate had a "Insane Yardsale" with Jewish people coming in to check things out. He said I was going to move out because he was. I wasn't tortured by use of technology while pregnant until after I was fired from The Post Pub. It happened after I was fired. I would have no doubts that the women and people who told me to watch Titanic knew something bad was going to happen to my baby. They didn't want it, Chris didn't want it. They would definitely kill it. And people they are connected to would kill for them, if they thought he didn't want it, or his Jewish girlfriend didn't want it. Absolutely. After I was tortured first in the apartment in VA, I was then taken to a hospital where the technology "malfunctioned" and the baby was killed deliberately. I knew it hadn't been an accident. They murdered my unborn baby because they did not want it. Then I had nothing and got back-whacked by CIA. It was CIA workers that took me to that hospital wherre my baby was killed. After they took me to that hopsital, I was back-whacked and actually, my back has a huge bony lump from that incident. It wasn't like it was a little strain. I developed a protruding bone on that side of my spine where she did it. It still sticks out and is an obvious bump, a bony bump, on my lower back. This is what my fiance was trying to keep me from contesting in court. THAT woman put a restraining order on ME, and I tried to go to court to challenge it. Before that happened, I was in so much pain, I had to get a prescription for valium and narcotic painkillers. It was not a small injury. She whacked me. Seriously. She whacked me like she knew exactly what she was doing and then I found out she worked with CIA and police in her home country as well. I got a job at a Latin American restaurant and that's the last time I had a job without being tortured or defamed. Ever since I worked at The Post Pub, I had the worst possible experiences. I had every govt. official in every U.S. and state agency screwing me over when I didn't marry Alvaro. They made sure I didn't get unemployment from any state (for working at the Post Pub), that I didn't have a lawsuit started, that I didn't have housing, the IRS harassed me when I tried to get copies of my statement from Post Pub. The Post Pub is not what it pretends to be. I had NO problem getting work or employment, even while I was pregnant with my son in 2006, and I was never tortured while in the workplace, until after I worked at The Post Pub. My next job was this Latin American place and no one tortured me there either. I was fired though, because I was on valium and percocet, is what they said. I told them it was doctor prescribed and for an injury (which was serioualy painful) and they let me go anyway. But they didn't torture me there. By that time I was then with Alvaro and then I tried to correct the restraining order smear on my name and he blocked me. And he knew Chris Dabney. He and Henry wouldn't let me drive the car all of a sudden, claiming the brakes were out but I saw them laughing about it together, like they knew they were pulling a scam. I had to find out where a bus was and then they realized I was serious so I went to the courthouse and that's when I walked in to be approached with a full-on set-up. I could not believe it. Alvaro had me with him to string me along and distract me as a favor to others. I don't believe he was sincere. I think he had flashes of sincerity but not really. They mocked me over even things like how much money I said I thought I might need to get a lawyer to help with my case for my son...they thought I was a walking joke. At first they acted like they wanted to help me out and said, "We can help you with a new car, and _______, and _____, and ________" and how much do you think you'll need? and I low-balled an estimate because I wanted to do it myself on the bare minimum and then make the rest myself, independently. So I gave a very low number and they mocked me over it, like I was stupid. I was just nice to them, and didn't let them know it bothered me they were mocking me and giving eachother looks. They thought I was stupid. Period. I was stupid, stupid, stupid. One of them sort of sneered and began kind of patronizing me after that, pretending to be nice but looking down the nose at me. It was like they thought I was some kind of poor person who thought a few thousand was a big deal and they mocked me over it. I already knew they had higher numbers in mind but I wasn't greedy and I prefer to do things myself (unlike some women I know). I was then punished for wanting and trying to be independent. I broke up with Alvaro and no one gave me the time of day all of a sudden. No work, no chance, nothing. They didn't want me to do it myself. They wanted to make it impossible. After that, I was tortured in the workplace when I was hired by a place. It never happened before. Not in the workplace it didn't. But after I broke up with Alvaro, I was tortured. And I am not mentally ill, it is the truth. All this to ssay, when I put a collage together and then wonder why I put things together the way I did, I looked into it. Sometimes I get insights that way. It is like God shows me something I would have no way of thinking up on my own. I'm not making any conclusions. I just know I have been held hostage and made fun of for a long time and that my son is illegally adopted (so far) to others who have no legal right. This country had no legal right to do or allow most of the things they've done and allowed. I think Chris Dabney is a horrible person. They used me for research in that restaurant and I didn't even know it. I wasn't tortured there, but I was later at my apartment and had my unborn killed as well. And then ever since, unless I was with Alvaro, who was a dog trying to set me up left and right, I have been tortured in the workplace. Why did I look up Prince William's pee photo? Because after I put this random collage together, I thought, "this is turning out to look like William peeing." That's what came to mind. So then I wondered why I had "hedges" behind him. Basically, I wondered what hedges meant symbolically, if anything and it was a scrap from a 1989 Benson & Hedges ad. After reeading the hedges wiki, I then wondered what the photo looked like again (because the last time I looked, it was by chance and back in 2008 or so, and I didn't look them up at all then. Maybe it was 2009). So I looked at the photo where he chose to pee, and yeah, it matches my collage. The hedges has lines across it, straight lines like the fencing he peed on, above. Then below the lines that are straight and horizontal above, there are these bird tracks in the shape of what looks like chain-link fencing. And then the strem of water with the "earl grey" chick peeing. I didn't plan it. But these bastards try to plan MY life, don't they. Does anyone ever "read my mind" or "predict the future" for GOOD purposes? or are they just always trying to screw me over and care nothing about my family and son. Did someone tell him, "hey, go pee on that fence over there, bc a few years later, SHE'll know." In Nov. 21, 2008. Do people TELL him to do these things, or does he do it on his own. I would bet anything the bitch Carole or Mike or maybe Chris Dabney has something to do with this. Oh, and get this, at one side of my collage is the little boy with blond hair and blue eyes, next to a wood fence post tied together, just like the posts to the fence he peed on. Do William and his friends get to parade through my house uninvited too? I have people snooping through all of my business, all of the time, and I can't get the respect I deserve or even my son returned to me when he was illegally taken. FUCK YOU He is connected to criminal people that have known and know is responsible for torturing my family. Those criminals have done horrific things to us and then used it to try to impress others with counterfeit "miracles, signs, and wonders" (2 thess. 2:9-10. That's which verse I wrote on the back of that section of my collage because I found 3 verses today, and then wrote them on the back of this and then added a few more.) So maybe there is a point to be made. If I am writing about counterfeit signs, on a section where I find out others have tried to use us and forsee things for purposes of harassing us and trying to impress others, maybe one should wonder about that. Just because someone has an ability doesn't meean they always tell the truth. I have Patty over here, who tries to predict things and if she's right enough times, she can scare people into believing if she says something is true it must be true. that's how people mislead others. Take me off of your fucking psychic hotline shit list fuckers. THIS COUNTRY HAS NO RIGHT TO DETAIN MY SON AND ADOPT HIM OUT UNDER COLOR OF LAW TO USE HIM THE SAME DESPICABLE WAY THEY"VE USED ME. Someone had better do something about that, and return my son to me. Forward with my CAT claim about Canada. By the way, next to the pee thing in the collage, it looks like "ICE" which would certaintly describe Katie Middleton. It's not CE, it's ICE. As in steel hearted, ice cold bitch. Stay the fuck away from my family and keep your spies off of us. It's Chris Dabney, some Catholics, and some Jewish. I met a bunch of peoople at the Post Pub and they're connected to people Kate knows in L.A. and these people know others that have literally conspired to spy on us and torture us. I guess I'll upload my argument that I made to this "Magistrate"

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