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Internal Review of Portland Police Officer Sgt. Austria

Before my son and I were tortured, I had contacted this agency about a bribe between police Sgt. Rich Austria and Portland FBI. Austria took a bribe from the FBI when I found out certain FBI tried to conceal what was felonies committed by agents. All the facts of what I described happening to me, which was altered and changed in my testimony to FBI S.S.A.s, fit the bill for felony. I hadn't known until I went to a woman's domestic assault place and she showed me the statutes after I talked to her, saying, "What you are describing is not just misconduct, it's a felony." I said, "It is??" and she pointed me in the direction of the Oregon statutes and I read them for myself. She was right. It was felony. The agents had committed felonies and that was what the Portland FBI was concealing. I read it for myself and she read it for herself and we had the same conclusion. It also wasn't as though I had changed my testimony to make it sound worse. I gave an honest testimony, to her, which was the same one I gave to the FBI S.S.A.s who altered and took away from my actual testimony to dumb down my complaint and lower the level of crime.

I contacted Portland police at that point, and they put me in touch with Sexual Assault lead Rich Austria. He first refused to take my report, saying, "Let me call the FBI and then I'll get back to you." When he got back to me, he said the FBI told him not to do anything. I said, "They can't tell you that, it's illegal. Your offices are the ones in charge of prosecuting for sex crimes. If they want to investigate professional misconduct, that's up to them, but the felony of sex crimes is your jurisdiction." So he kept going to the FBI about it. Then he wrote up a report and said he was sending it to the D.A. but I said I wanted to write my own statement. I asked what he'd written and he read it back and he'd changed all my testimony and dumbed it down, to get them off easy. I knew, the way he wrote it, the whole thing would be thrown out by the D.A. I said, "DON'T send that. I am going to send a written statement of my own." He said okay but I found out he lied to me and had sent it to them anyway. He called me a week later to say the D.A. threw it out and closed the case.

And then I and my son were being tortured. I tried to do a few things anyway, as described below, but when the FBI has blocked me from their offices or slandered me to others, and taken my son, and had me injected with Haldol, and called crazy, it's been to cover up for their bribery of officers, concealment of felonies committed by their agents, and concealment of the felony of refusing to prosecute Judges who were violating U.S.C.'s in obstruction of justice. They have had a great motive for working against me and my son.

Then, the entire time, those involved in committing these crimes and concealing them, sought to prevent me from getting my son my son back out of retaliation and revenge. I sent another request for investigation to the internal review board.

I am still being tortured, but I'm not being drugged as I've been since they took my child from me. So if anyone were to wonder why I didn't do it earlier, every single time I tried, I was thrown into jail on false charges for something, or drugged without my consent, detained in psych wards, kept out of money for even printing things out or filing, and kept in a constant state of chaos and trauma over my son. They tortured my son to intimidate me, refused to investigate violent crimes and death threats, and shut down my communications. They brought in an FBI asshole to redirect me and try to set me up again, Alvaro Pardo, and worked with CIA to do it.

Every single time I put out a complaint against Judge Gerald Warren who has the most shocking and glaring crimes, which the FBI refused to investigate (which is a felony), I am tortured worse. So whoever he knows, like "Jimmy" and others, do him favors by torturing my family each time I attempt to do anything against him.

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cam huegenot
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The date and time given are approximate. My complaint is regarding accepting a bribe from FBI by Portland police office Sgt. Rich Austria.
I contacted this officer in 2005 and 2006, about crime of sexual abuse committed by FBI agent Raul Bujanda and FBI agent Armando Garza, within Portland jurisdiction.
The FBI told me not to tell Portland police about it and to just file a "professional misconduct" complaint with them, in 2004. I was then visited by S.S.A.s who altered and obstructed my testimony against the agents and other parties involved.
I was then receiving services at a women's domestic violence center, in Washington state, and mentioned what had happened and she asked if I had reported the incident to police. She said what had occured was not just misconduct by crime, and then pulled up the criminal statutes by code for Oregon. She said based on my description of facts to her, what the agents had done was considered to be "sexual abuse" and was not misdemeanor level, but felony.
I told her the FBI had instructed me not to tell police and she said if it occured in Portland, it is the police that would prosecute such matters.
I then contacted Portland police and spoke with Sgt. Rich Austria. He got back to me saying the FBI told him not to do anything because they were handling it. I told him how can they handle it if it's your jurisdiction? He told me to talk to Portland FBI and I did and was put in touch with the head of the FBI, Bob. After I talked to the lead FBI person, Sgt. Rich Austria told me he'd take my report but the FBI was going to take care of it.
I told Austria, "I am going to send in my own written and sworn statement, please do not write one for me."
He ignored me and wrote one of his own, calling me and telling me it wasn't really a "felony" but a misdemeanor level. I said this wasn't true, according to my facts and testimony. I asked him to read back to me what he was proposing to send to the Portland U.S. Attorney and he did and it was full of misleading statements and changed my entire testimony. I told him, after he was done reading it, "Do not send that to the D.A. I will write a statement myself."
Sgt. Austria immediately ignored my request and sent his version to the D.A. who promptly dismissed it. He then blocked me from accessing any victim services through the courthouse as well and clerks obstructed me from getting records. I asked him to send me a copy of the file and report and he refused.
Shortly after he did this favor for the FBI, Sgt. Austria received a promotion in position and a raise in pay.
He went from Sexual Assault division to being in charge of Homocide.
I know for a fact that the FBI bribed Sgt. Austria not to take a report from me and that he was rewarded for concealing crime and trying to dispose of it by changing the facts of my testimony.
Since this time, I have been accused of being mentally ill, wrongfully detained, had my child taken from me under color of law and have been retaliated against for being an informant and victim of crimes.
I attempted to contact this department in 2006 and did not have anyone reach me other than to say they talked to Sgt. Rich Austria and he and the FBI said they were "taking care of it".
Both groups committed felonies and obstructed justice.
I would like an internal investigation into Sgt. Austria and all of his communications with FBI at that time and after, and I request assistance from someone who will take my report of sexual assault by FBI agents as this has still not been done.
Thank You,
Cameo L. Garrett


Anonymous said...

If you weren't so crazy and destitute someone should sue you for defamation. Your blog is simply defamatory of so many people. Anyone that has the misfortune to cross your path ends up tortured ... by your incessant emails and blogs. Wake up. You are mentally deranged and you need help. If your family gives up on you, you will undoubtedly end up in an institution. Go see a psychiatrist. Get on medications. Stop your insane ramblings and get some help!

Mama said...

I swear to God, everything I wrote about Sgt. Austria and my conversations with the FBI are true. Everything I wrote in this post is true.

Some of my posts are more opinionated than factual, but I never defame anyone.

Alvaro Pardo worked for the FBI and he was always telling me to say to everyone, and write on my blog that what I said "is just my imagination". That's the kind of favors the FBI wanted to pull through him. They wanted me to discredit myself and then find a way to either imprison me or use me.

The only reason I am still here in this country, as of 5/23/2012, is that for 7 years I had my freedom of travel illegally blocked by the FBI. Literally.

Now, I have freedom of travel but I have discovered they've tortured my family too and this is the ONLY reason I have not left this country.

There is NOTHING here that I would stay for. They continue to sponsor torture against me and my family while I stay here but I do not feel I am able to leave at this time, without my family. I made a petition of habeas corpus which is not being treated as it should be treated.

The FBI conspired with police and bribed them to conceal crimes, and then did the same favors with Judges. They also tried to entrap me to go to prison for marriage fraud and then decided since it didn't work, to use me instead, to get someone into the country to work for them without going through the normal process.

When they broke promises, and I told him I needed more time and asked him to leave, he didn't just leave for a day, he went to Seattle FBI offices after shaving his pubic hair first.

I guess that's what one does when going into the office for the FBI. Most people get a haircut, like the hair on their heads, and he evidentally had something to look forward to there because he shaved his pubic hair.

After trying to use me to marry him into this country, the FBI then tried to kill me and get rid of me, literally. I found out they gave doctors parts of my blog in an attempt to encourage the continued injections of Haldol and other drugs, to assault me and this was after I lost my singing voice to being tortured in Seattle 3 blocks away from their office. When I went to their offices to try to talk to someone, they barred the door and told me no one would talk to me.

They're criminals. It is high crime, and after I deal with the habeas corpus and UN, I am finding out how to contact Congress to give my testimony.

The FBI is in serious deep water and they are the group that sponsored tortured against me and my son and defamed me to begin with.