Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mom? (other boy)

A different boy: He came around the corner of a door with a white frame (I think) and was stumbling and dizzy and kept saying, "Mom? Mom?" sort of staggering and walking torwards me and with a hand steading himself on the door frame he came around.

I don't know what was wrong. Just faintly or sort of weakly saying, "Mom? mom?"

As I looked at him, from inside the house, or wherever, the door was to the left and he was walking up to me with a hand on the frame, I think right hand on the door but not totally sure.

Blond hair. Some blond haired kid, sort of flaxen to medium blond. Not really short, sort of a boy bowl cut length.

Either injured, feeling sick, or emotionally upset but sort of staggering like dizzy and not knowing if I was there or not.

Mom? Mom?

I think he saw me but started saying this before he knew for sure I was there or maybe too dizzy to see for sure.

Pants and shirt.

I think.

But maybe the rest is filled out imagination.

The coming around the door staggering and faintly calling out for Mom came to me like an instant sight just after I wrote about my own son.

But I don't know who the boy is/was. Face was sort of fuzzy and I never see full faces, or rarely. It was hair, and his form and how he moved around the door from the inside to go in and find me.

I saw it right after I started crying after I wrote about Oliver not being able to use the bathroom. And I know of many things they've done to him. Horrible things.

I didn't plan to cry but I did and then all of a sudden, I saw this other thing and it was probably this horrid govt. trying to project something to me.

The boy was coming in from the outdoors and I think it was sunny outside. I was just around the corner. I don't know how old he was. He was just looking for his mom.

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