Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Vulgar" Laurie Laughlin Picture: Picture Potatoes

I was reprimanded about the one extremely vulgar and explicit thing I've written in my life, which has nothing to do with romance or relationships or my past or habits.

I wrote it for shock factor because apparently, writing about torture is not shocking enough.

"Out of the heart the mouth speaks"...not always. Sometimes, one is trying to get a political point across, of such magnitude and seriousness, something is said or done to "shock" and wake people out of their complacency.

For example, the Potatoe Famine. When Swift (wasn't it swift? or whoever) wrote a newspaper article with a recipe on how to boil babies and eat their flesh, he fully engaged in an entire explicit idea about cannabalism of kids. He described which kids might even have the best flesh for the meatiest bits and which child would be more a delicacy.

Does this mean he wrote "out of the abundance of his heart?"


He's not a cannibal. He doesn't think about explicit images of eating kids, and he doesn't feel in his heart, this desire to have it come about.

He writes something that is gross and shocking enough, to make a political point.

So that's what I did. I knew how it sounded and cringed myself at some of the words or picturesque language. But it had to be done, because it represents exactly what the FBI is up to. And if the Mormons in the FBI, or christians, or Catholics, feel it's not palatable or is distasteful, I find

TORTURE distateful.


Judges are allowed to commit felonies right and left, torture is being committed in this country, and I'm getting NO RESPONSE from those who should be investigating--in fact, some of their agents have made it a worse situation and committed crimes as well.

So was my descriptive picture of Laurie "Felonia" Laughlin something brewed up from my heart, and spat out of hatred? No. Not at all.

So when these critics try to portray me as slutty or pornographic when I'm not, and when I have never written this way, thought this way, talked this way, or acted in accordance, there is no evidence to back that up but for one political comment about the FBI which was made explicit for a reason.

It has no more bearing on my character than the Irish Baby Boiler's recipe for stew of children's flesh had on his.

It is intended to shock because the gravity of the situation is beyond the norm and can no longer be addressed by other means. It is also an accurate portrayal of what this really does come down to.

When I still had the devil's advocate yelling at me for what I'd written and arguing about how it was from "depravity" that I wrote this, I said,

"Do you masturbate? Because guess what? I DON'T. I don't read porn, think about pornographic things, act things out or have any relationship to these things in my heart, and in fact, if you must know, I don't even masturbate. So when those hypocrites who DO masturbate, and then try to portray ME as a bad person, stop masturbating, maybe they can argue I'm more depraved than they for writing a singular charactature of a woman who has tortured my son and I and the organizations defending her."

So which one of the FBI Mormons, Catholics, or Christians now want to cast the first stone?

How about working on your little "torture" problem and prosecuting some Judges.

Another thing--You don't have to read my blog if it offends you.

Self control means you can take something from one extreme to the other and feel no lack or pain. It's called willpower. If I then, in my private knowledge of what I am capable of, with regard to my own determination or will or self-control, choose to craft an idea of the FBI prostituting itself, that is my prerogative. It has zero bearing on my "heart", nor is it reflective of my personal habits and decisions. I would not have even brought this up if I were not being accused by people who had others tell them to accuse me.

If I choose to reign myself in, with the idea that it's not required or necessary but voluntary and believing God will honor it by granting me power, if that power comes through in the form of a disgusting image of the Department of Justice, SO BE IT.

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