Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stealing From Me

I had someone steal something from me on Friday. I was thinking about it yesterday, about who it was and how they shared what they had done with others and laughed about it. I had purchased "golden flaxseed" from the healthstore and then it was stolen.

After thinking about this, I opened up my Bible to 2 places randomly and both places were about theft and money with "money" in the title and "the root of all evil is money" in the second passage.

I told my parents, "You know what, and I prayed in the bathroom of that place, so I wouldn't want to be them getting the karma back." I didn't even know someone had stolen from me. I left after it was done and then I went back because I had to use the restroom. While I was in the restroom, I prayed on my knees to God for a brief moment and then I left.

I found out this was stolen from me at that store, the next day.

I am pretty sure I know who did it, and he was gloating over what he'd done when I walked back in.

So I am not worried about it. Something like that, God takes care of on His own and it's not up to me.

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Anonymous said...

Someone stole your sanity and needs to give it back to you.