Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obstructon with Education & New Evidence of Torture

This is seriously not working.

Not only was I still being tortured, even while trying to read this military history article called "Solitude and Leadership", then none of the blackboard things with EOU are working even though my connection to wi-fi is 100%. There is nothing like reading an article that is an address to "West Point" people, about how the world needs "leaders" and having the DOD target metal in your neck at the same time.

Reeally. Nothing like it.

Then, bc EOU stalled on disbursing my monies and I couldn't get books, I tried to do the extra credit. And then it was just one obstruction after another trying to watch anything and nothing is playing.

Almost all of the problems are coming from EOU's servers and techs. I'm not having a problem going to sites online or to my blog--I am having a problem getting into the online forums for EOU online classes, and then getting msgs about "eou.edu not responding". It's their end and I'm paying money for this.

Some of the articles and things professors' posted were not even showing up at all, and it wasn't bc they weren't there, it was bc there was something wrong with the EOU blackboard connection to my computer and my specific IP address.

Then, I tried to watch something which uses media player, and it's a link coming from EOU, and it keeps shutting down. Every single time I press play, first it played for 5 seconds and quit. Then it played for 25 seconds and quit. Then it played for about 1 minute and quit.

It keeps shutting down every single time, and then I have to start over and press the play button. First it wasn't buffering and then when it was, it was shutting down after a minute or less.

Making it impossible for me to do one single thing for these classes because everything online is tied to the EOU servers.

The wi-fi connection here is 100% and nothing is wrong with it. It's not a problem on my end. The problem is coming from Eastern Oregon University. It's not this computer either, because there is nothing wrong with this one.

I had to write a service "ticket" to the tech dept. about not being able to access the blackboard (which is the online discussion board where you communicate with your professors and find assignments and submit assignments).

Sorry to be so negative, but I am not the person creating this Truth. I am repeating what is true, and that is it. I am not the one designing this "Truth", I am summarizing it, because this is true and this is what is happening, and if my summary isn't appealing or positive, that determination isn't even in my control.

What am I going to do? Lie, to make people feel good for no good reason?

Write about how great everything is when I am not even given a chance to be involved and write about anything positive or about how I am interested in the materials these professors are presenting, but I just can't access it because of problems that are outside of my control?

And all night, it's one fricking airplane after another. Like that's what my parents want to think about. Middleton the Red Baron. He' not snoopy, and he's not snoop doggy either. He's just a frickin' devil.

It's like all of a sudden, tonight, we are living under the World's busiest air traffic zone.

My mother's eyes are totally black on the inside.

As for me, after being severely tortured yesterday, like I reported, my fingernails and nailbeds totally changed. I am only drinking bottled water and eating vegan food. It is from what these people, this country, did to me yesterday.

Before, my nails had a thin white line from the arsenic poisoning still, and then had turned white since I've been here and I started losing the moons in my fingernails. My parents lost their moons. When I showed up here, they both had moons in their fingernails, and now they don't. They are completely gone. I am missing one moon, from one pinky. My parents have no moons. NONE.

The newest thing for me, is that my nails are now half white and half bright red. The top half is bright red and the bottom part is white. Which, from what I've read, indicates heart failure or problems.

My veins changed yesterday too, and I've seen the same thing on my Dad, with my Dad showing up from work in this horrid community, and having all these bumps under his veins like there was all this blood coagulation inside his veins. The same thing happened to me yesterday after the torture and during it. And this has happened to me before too.

We don't have blood clotting issues in my family. But the effect of some of the technology used on us, which causes severe pain, is that instead of having veins that are smooth, there are all these globs through the veins and from the outside, it's this bumpy vein appearance like there are little marbles inside the vein that stick out.


England is totally tricked up with that bag of gags.

All of this crap that happened with Canada is because of people HE knows and I realized why I had the impression of Kate getting FBI files on me. They have Canadians married into the FBI in NY. Which is where she was planning to go until it looked too obvious to be that near Brooklyn and the Kochs.

I was making my CAT torture claim against the U.S. and starting with a timeline of 1998 until I made it about Canada and their collusion with the FBI, and that set the timeline back to 1990 for me personally.

1990 is when the Canadian family moved into town as my family was moving out, and befriended my former best friend. Then, part of that family ended up in NY and with the NY FBI. Not just the FBI but the Department of Justice. I mean, what are the odds?

I would put money on it that that family is connected to Mike Middleton. Just a hunch.

I think the Middletons are much more connected to the U.S. and tied by intelligence than they are to the UK. I think the English are completely duped, but probably not all of them are, because there are smart people there as everywhere.

I have seen some shocking things from the science community, displayed in BBC articles, but I also one time saw something on the BBC that I thought, "I should have gone with that gut feeling" about.

It was this videoclip the BBC featured of a black bear in a net, trying to get untangled from some Alaskan net. When I saw that video, I don't know, I know there was something about God in it because I saw it, and I saw through the law firm I was dealing with which is out of Seattle, WA. It was instant connection. I knew, for whatever reason, when I saw that clip, "DUMP THAT FIRM NOW". I knew it. I knew they had entangled my son in their slimy net and I was going to lose if I didn't get out.

Instead, stupidly, bc I had no money and was being tortured even worse, I didn't follow my gut instinct.

I remember seeing that video was very popular in England. I just saw it and knew, that is my son, and that is what this "appellate" firm is doing to him and this case.

And I was stupid enough to ignore my gut instinct.

It was in the middle of this "Nielson, Brohman, and Koch" firm appeal. They were totally screwing me over left and right, and by proxy, my son.

I had enough time to do something but I didn't. But I knew, when I saw that video, that this was a clear sign and confirmation to get my son OUT and DUMP THAT FIRM.

So, I've seen some evil tucked into the BBC and I've seen some helpful things too but I didn't do what I should have done.

I never had such a bad feeling as I had with that firm, and they really ruined all things. I mean, huge, and I think they gave confidence to those assaulting my son too. I don't know who all those people at that firm are connected to, but it's bad.

I started shaking a little, my legs, after first writing about that clip. It's just true. I am sure no one put it there for a reason, not for me, but I got it and with the holy spirit or something I saw it as a symbol of my son and Seattle, WA and that firm that was corrupt.

They were the firm that snuck in after a diffeernt corrupt lawyer that I fired, and they didn't even introduce themselves. I mean, they took the case and just started running with it, in the wrong direction, and didn't want me to notice. Then I tried to get them to recuse themselves at some point, I DID try, and they refused. They ignored all my requests until the very end after ruining the whole case, and making sure no important points were made to appeal over. Then, right before filing for a motion for reconsideration, they wanted to drop me, and thereby ruin my chance to appeal it any further than them.

I hope the earth quakes and opens up underneath that firm. And I hope the same happens for the Irish-Catholic firm and Justin Titus.

There is clear proof that Canadians and the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI have been connected for some time, in working against me and my son. The same Canadian who has FBI connections in NY had Department of Justice connections through Schneider. The only way Karin could have matched what I was wearing, was either by having Schneider tell her about our conversation or bc of access to that information through FBI taps on my phone line. From what I have gathered, Karin knew Schneider, who is connected to the U.S. Dept of Justice and who knew Richard Whittemore and ? in the FBI. What this has to do with the Jewish element I don't know. It's mixed up.

The way my son and I were treated in Canada was not normal.

It is clear by hindsight that some Canadians had premeditated what to do with me and my son before we ever arrived.

They made it look so "sudden" and "rushed" and "suprising" and "disorganized" when it was highly organized and had been planned for months if not years. I even thought, yeah, they falsely arrested me and colluded, but I hadn't realized officials on both sides had PREMEDITATED what they were going to do, until, actually, recently, like, this month.

What I believed before, was that maybe one person knew what was going on, the main immigration man knew...and some Catholics there already waiting knew...but I didn't think it was a premeditated, organized event, until I realized later, there are way too many fucking connections between criminal FBI and Dept. of Justice people and those border Canadians.

They set us up.

The FBI was not just involved, uh, after my son and I crossed the border into Canada, they have been fucking me over since before my son was born, and allowing federal judges to commit shocking and aggregious felonies.

What was it?

"Fast and Furious" for the Department of Justice on Oliver?

All this heat over one grown man dying because of a "Fast and Furious" ploy "gone wrong"...They let all kinds of crimes unfold with the excuse of "we want to see where it leads."

This "Fast and Furious" FBI TORTURED my son.

My son will NEVER, EVER, give respects to the FBI.

The FBI should be fucking on their knees, all of them, BEGGING HIM for HIS forgiveness.



Fowler came over from NY FBI to protect Karin's own interests and her Daddy's own Mo-Jo.

"Fast and Furious" FBI allows assault of a child and mother for the Vatican, allows countless federal judges to commit crimes from Salem, Oregon to Knoxville, TN to Washington D.C. to Seattle, WA and Spokane, WA.

I spent 3 days in isolation in a Canadian jail because of premeditated crimes and collusion to do this to me by some Rookies and FBI. I didn't sleep at all. Only God knows what kind of trauma this was, to know my son was beside himself in grief.


I wasn't wide-awake in their fucking jail because I felt sorry for myself. I was distraught beyond reason, knowing what this was doing to my son.


Do you know what Oliver Garrett has to say to you?



I am not even making up my mind about what to do with a small amount of money until it's in my hands but I will tell you one thing...


You premeditating fucking FAST and FURIOUS TORMENTORS OF CHILDREN.

Then there are these weird msgs recently on my parent's VM machine, and I only heard it because I had to pick up some messages for myself.

One with someone playing a weird music clip and nothing else and another one with people coughing and saying they believed all the "records" had been dumped and thrown into the garbage and that they were sorry because maybe some local psychologist or psychiatrist could have done something to help but it's "difficult" and too bad that "difficult" times come up and people dump records and evidence. And then cough, cough, cough, cough.

I got some kind of mail from courts and it has to do with my son and I am not opening that mail until I have my money in my hands and then I'll decide what I'm doing with it.

I remember exactly how my son was screaming, SCREAMING and crying for me on the other side of the Penticton facility.

Canada LIED to him. He had fuckers from Canada LIE to HIM. Along with fucking U.S. corrupt agents and police who cover up child abuse. FUCK YOU.

Yes, there are some decent people in Canadian intell and U.S. intell, and do you know what's happened? they've been terrorized and pushed by superiors who have conflicts of interest to get out the way.

NY FBI brought in Alvaro Pardo. Why? Because they are GUILTY and the whole bureau was in danger of being exposed. Then they allowed their own agents to issue death threats, steal all of my belongings, tortue and poison me, and they still want my mom and dad to lie for all of them.

My son is not going to be a citizen of the U.S. We are leaving this country and we are not going to Colombia or any such place either.

What basis of trust does my son have for living here? None. Who protected him? The FBI?

The police did? The POLICE protected him? The Spokane U.S. attorney?

Who has been stealing photos from my Granny and Grandpa by the way? Their photos began disappearing after Rick Baken, former FBI, moved in behind their house. Granny said she didn't know, she thought my Uncle Loren had taken them for a photo album. Not so. Her Dutch cannisters disappeared. Her photos disappeared. My mother's photos of Granny disappeared too, all of the black and white ones where she looks like a movie star. CIA has a little gallery starter? or does the fucking FBI have a Hannibal Lector with a pear orchard.

How about Granny's spinning wheel.

Who the FUCK took her antique spinning wheel.

I used to play with that spinning wheel and look at it whenever I visited and went upstairs.

She would never sell that. And there is no one in my family that would take it either. Not one cousin would have any reason for taking it or wanting it.

Someone stole all of my mother's geneaology papers about our family, the photos of Granny, and they also stole my great-great-grandmother's diary and that was when we still lived in Moses Lake.

They stole that diary about the same time Karin's parents came into town from Canada. Bitch.

I remember when it happened. I first saw that diary when I was 13 years old and it was what inspired me to begin keeping a diary of my own. That diary was in our house and it was stolen from us. It was the diary of Grace Louis-McQuerrie (or MacQuarry). I believe it was "Grandma Louis's" diary. The one who was gored by the bull.

Who else would have taken it? some Jewish person? Ray Barcart? Someone who came to buy "puppies" from my mother like Cruella Deville? Were the Hayes around? Did
Sandberg's pass it over to the Middletons? Did Middleton fly into the Moses Lake airport one day for fun?

It was there when I was 13 years old and then it wasn't, it was gone, when I checked again when I was 14 or 15 and it has never turned up again. Ever.

So exactly WHO cares that much, that they want to steal antique documents and diaries from my family? What are they trying to hide? what are they worried about?

By the way, I want my things back from Seattle.

Oh, and I remembered--I was tortured and had migraines triggered at the end of my employment with the DelBalzos and at CTR but it never happened when I worked in the mall at Helzberg Diamonds. What happened? Not enough gangsters in the store? or it's just too hard to use technology in a mall? My "migraines" first started at Carl and Mary DelBalzo's house.

So who do they know, besides Italian mafia on the East Coast. I've always guessed Mary is with the FBI in some way. Which enables highly illegal activity and it might be nice if Panetta is familiar with your family in some way. My migraines were triggered at THEIR house, not in the middle of the night, but in the middle of the day.

And then it was happening after I left, interfering with my work at CTR. Then when I worked in a mall, it didn't happen for awhile...but let's see, maybe I'd moved somewhere.

The DelBalzo's are ganster. FUCKING Gangster.

What did they do? a dirty deal with the Italian mob next to England?

Who was Mary trying to protect? Richard Whittemore and Vatican lawyers.

It's not like Mary wouldn't know some engineers, physicists, and DOD people. She worked at Intel. It's Intel that sports the "Sandy Bridges" processor for laptops and computers.


Like that isn't obvious. Sandy Fetter Bridges. What a great "bridge" between England and the U.S....torture!

Maybe it's DelBalzo's Eastern Indian friends that were freaking my mother out when they called after they got back from Arizona.

The only people I met next to DelBalzo's, in 1996-1997, were the white blond that followed me around everywhere and was malicious and the Jewish woman next door with just a wood fence between them.

But no, I think Carl knew. I think he came home and Mary came home, knowing exactly why I had a "sudden headache".

Sandy Bridges.

In every CIA and FBI and military laptop across the United States.

A Sandy Bridge.

How many MI5 laptops have the "Sandy Bridge".

Let me guess. Middletons' got a free Sandy Bridge. Compliments.

Do you know what the DelBalzo's had in their "Island" room?

Seashells, tropical colors, and file cabinets full of locked up documents. The Sandy Bridge was in California, colluding with the Brooklyn Bridge.


(that was Chris, at the Post Pub, because only Kate Middleton was supposed to drink pina coladas?)


I never even knew why he made such a big deal about it until a few years later, when I accidentally came across some title to an article about her that said her favorite drink was "pina coladas"

Like I knew she even existed.

And it's some huge deal because I ordered a pina colada at the Post Pub. Fuckers.

I was drinking pina coladas before she was out of high school, virgin ones, and sans cocaine, in the Dominican Republic until Christa Schneider came along. My favorite fruit drink had been pina coladas. And mexicans have them all the time and half of my family is mexican.

Kate Middleton does not own rights to pina coladas. Or to trees in public places with branches holding up Asian photographers. Give me a FUCKING break.

My son and I are being TORTURED and I'm trying to sue just to defend myself on my reputation on extremely serious matters, and she is suing people for taking a picture of her playing tennis.


She's got spiritists, occultists, mediums, and "prophets" talking about her "party habits" all over Middleton, TN.

She doesn't blog. That requires independence. She gets Daddy to hire one of his thugs to torture people. You know, the man who can handle an Uzi. Uzi or Uzzi because they're very different things. Alvaro is her man, a Middleton man.

I just freaked out, and then look back on this and know it sounds horrible but I don't think anyone can judge me.

No one can judge me when the most disgusting fact is that I cannot even pursue college and read a military article without being assaulted.

How does this make watching a video about "business" even relevant?

All it does, is make everything I try to do, and all the things these people are saying, seem futile and vacuous.

The video finally played and the entire time I was listening to it, how is this supposed to even have a point? It does, if your life is normal and you're not tortured.

I am putting Judges in jail.

I guess I can't do anything about the DOD or military but I will put Judges in jail.

The entire time I tried to listen to this seminar, I had all the muscles in my head and body twitching from DOD satellite use and yes, Iran is correct. The U.S. IS using satellite technology and MRI technology on their own citizens.

It's not voodoo or physical problems, it is torture and Vatican sponsored FBI and others have been getting away with it since 2005. I was told "That's when your Social Security insurance ran out."

So before this, they tried to pull a few things with experimentation and then ordered CT scans they never allowed me to have copies of.

But supposedly, according to the SSA people, 2005 is "when your Social Security insurance ran out" which means what?

The U.S. was allowed to target anyone who was deemed "not profitable" to the U.S?

As far as I know, my parents are highly profitable, and have not been in accidents from assassination attempts like I have. Their "insurance" didn't run out. They were still making money, so what's the excuse for their being tortured?

Is the excuse to torture me that I filed a report against the FBI?

Does the U.S. torture people who "haven't made X amount of dollars since X date?"

Is that how the new "Who We Torture" protocols were established?

I know for a fact that my family is not communist or even new diplomatic russian or ukraine and has nothing to do with them. However, I find it very strange to see Russia is the only one naming Canada and the U.S. as having a bad Human Rights record of late. What other country has made such a report to the UN?

And then I found it strange to discover that in 2005, when the U.S. began torturing me full time, Russia on the other hand, was implementing new laws that specifically addressed torture of civilians and how they do not believe in it.

Why would Russia think to put such new laws in place if they were not aware that other countries were doing horrific things with their citizens and so they wanted to take the opposite stance?

Russia, in 2005, wrote all these new laws, to PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS, from being used as experiments or in research for the government and addressed use of "non lethal" weapons like microwave, radio wave, ultrasound and other forms of technology including lasers.

The U.S. does not even address this. The U.S. doesn't even admit such weapons are the norm now, and accuses anyone who isn't a physicist who brings it up, as being 'crazy'.

Tell me something. Since when is RUSSIA the Leader in Human Rights?

Best Human Rights Record and Laws:

1. Russia?
How far down on the totem pole is the United States and Canada these days?

The point is that while the United States began engaging in full blast torture of me and my son and possibly others "whose Social Security insurance ran out in 2005", there were other countries in the world who knew what was coming, and what military and CIA leaders had planned for some U.S. citizens. They probably already knew who had been trying things out here and there since 1992. And then they come up with all these laws on Russian record, that addressed this very same kind of technology and made it illegal.

What happened to updating the Justice System in the U.S.?

In TN, they had laws to protect police officers from being "assaulted by lasers" but nothing for citizens.

Really fascinating don't you think?

The U.S. is turning into a military-state and no one gets it.

Basically, we have these "new" great laws that protect "whistleblowers" but that's only if you already work for the government or FBI. There are no "whistleblower retaliation" laws for citizens, just government workers.

We have some "new" laws showing up around the U.S., quietly, that address use of "lasers" in airports and on law enforcement. So that's really great if you think you're God because you are a government worker or police officer.

It does NOTHING for normal citizens.

The U.S. is not keeping up with the times for citizens and doesn't seem the least bit interested actually. Do you remember what Russia's guy said recently?

He said, "It's not the 70's anymore."

Now I could take that to mean I shouldn't mention my wood-and-dried nutshell bead curtains I had a few years ago, or I could take that to apply to something that actually matters.

Domestic security and protection for citizens and equal protection.

Bill Gates can't wait to release the latest version of software and students rush to buy the newest iphone but our country is not even addressing the most crucial aspects of holding a country together.

We have NEW laws to protect government workers and law enforcement from torture and retaliation and that is only available if you...

WORK for the U.S. Government.

And from what I've seen of my parents, I don't believe all government workers are feeling very safe these days either.

What happened to keeping up with the times with laws that protect CITIZENS?

We're all just dummies?

While new laws are put into force to protect police and government workers, laws that strip citizens of their rights are being put into place.

Now, it's not just foreigners who can be held without being charged, for 10 years in jail, imprisoned behind bars or in house arrest made to look 'natural'. Now, it's U.S. citizens. Obama signed that into law for the NDSA just a few months ago.

That means, this country is not only a plutocracy, with most of it's intelligence working as doubles for another country called The Holy See, it is becoming a militia-state where the only way to have your rights protected anymore is to be a cop, in the FBI, CIA, or government.

Screw you if you're "just a citizen".

My "social security insurance ran out in 2005" so therefore I get to be tortured.

So, another thing, if you are a citizen, you had better be making a decent profit for the U.S. or you'll get rounded up to be a research and hate crime target, just because you aren't making enough money, possibly because some group has been anti-competitive and criminal to keep you from it.

The entertainment industry looks "current". Fashion looks "current". Electronics and business looks "current".

So why is the Justice System looking like ...?

So 70's.

I would say it doesn't even look as good as it did in the 70s. It's looking the Justice System of a renegade, militia cop state with religious favors to a religious country.

It is like The Jesuits bought and infiltrated the U.S. and are now moving in the muscle and the technology to persecute and assault anyone they think has noticed. They have Obama signing laws to allow them to hold prisoners in the towers again, for no reason at all, just put them on the rack because we say so.

Why is the U.S. refusing to address use of military weapons, black market technology, and other harmful devices?

Russia at least mentioned the existence of such, by addressing it.

Do you know what I was told in Knoxville, TN?

The police said to me, "Even if you are being lasered, there is no law that protects citizens from lasers." and they said, "We don't investigate claims of being lasered."

I said, "You don't investigate claims about lasers? is that why Tennessee put a new law into place to protect their own Judges, FBI, and police from being lasered or assaulted with any other form of 'technology'?"

They thought about it enough to want to keep their own bodies safe but want to then ridicule citizens when citizens complain about targeted with the very same thing?

And for all these physicists, where is the item a citizen can buy for self-defense and to prove assault by technology?

There isn't anything because the scientists who know about this technology, are being paid millions and billions to keep their mouths shut and do favors for the rich. Torture keeps out competition.

They're not going to put anything on the market which would allow citizens to prove they are being harmed because they're getting rich off of harming them.

It's like Bill Gates and his philanthropy and this seminar I just heard about the purpose of business. In the seminar it said 200 years ago, 85% of people made only one dollar a day and now, it's only 20%.

It's only twenty percent? If Gates was really the philanthropist he claims to be, there would be no starvation at all in Africa. And no 20 percent.

This man goes on to say the eradication of poverty is possible in this lifetime and that now people are richer because of capitalism.

one dollar a day today compared to one dollar a day 200 years ago is like five cents a day now. He didn't figure out the equivalence.

So basically, there are some people who make more like five cents or nothing a day, and that's twenty percent of the population. Maybe he forgot to mention another twenty percent make only five dollars a day.

There is NO excuse for starvation. It is a choice that is being made, to keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

In the very same way, scientists keep murderers and torturers in the U.S. supplied and get rich and named in brands for worldwide computer processors like "Sandy Bridge". They get rich, have their egos fed, and send their kids to the best schools, in exchange for torturing little kids and supplying criminals with the means and then keeping their mouths shut about what they know.

They aren't going to put anything on the market that allows citizens to protect themselves, prove anything or defend themselves.

It is not only a plutocracy, it is a dangerous one and is quickly becoming a religiously motivated militia state and no one seems to notice.

So did Russia write up the laws and put them in place because they are guilty and want to cover their guilt by looking like do-gooders? or did they write these things intending good but despite a bad track record in other regards? or are they genuinely just more interested in the rights of citizens and their constitutional guarantees than the fat cats in Washington D.C. and Seattle and L.A. are of U.S. citizen rights?

I love organic food. It takes even better when it's organic when you're being tortured.

That's what I'm interested in. How "organic" my food is or being thrown some college classes when I'm being tortured.

Starving children love to be given care packages of lbs and lbs of sugar. Just sugar. Keep them happy with sugar while they die of malnourishment.

The U.S. is producing iphones and "cool movies and games and software" while the justice system has gone underground.

You want justice?

I know a lady in the backwoods who has some tools that are kind of rusty but she might be able to help you if you really want it bad enough.

Oh wait, she and her husband were murdered already.

If you want justice, you'll have to find someone who isn't part of the justice system. That's what they want now bc that's how THEY are getting paid.

Just like doctors who withhold painkiller from people they know are being tortured first, to try to drive them to an illegal dealer to profit their share in the drug industry...

The justice system doesn't exist anymore. The only way to get justice, is by going gangster, and that's what they want you to do, because that's all they amount to and it's how THEY are making money.

Trying to find justice or protection of your rights isn't possible.

Oh it is possible in the U.S.?

Prove it.

It's not just "broken", it does not exist. Trying to find access to the courts, or justice on such an important matter as not being tortured is harder than it was for a woman who wanted an abortion to find a backwoods doctor.

You can't even find a backwoods lawyer anymore. And the Judges are snorting cocaine with the FBI and sending their tithe to another country.

They're not? is that why Judges have committed felonies in broad daylight with the whole world looking in and the FBI has done NOTHING?

Oh wait, they wanted me to be a part of their FBI mafia. That's right. That was my door to justice. I had "to do" something for the U.S. when they violated every law, right, and principle this country allegedly stands for.

And Russia is the country, the Iron Monster, with the flinty eyes and calculated a thousand and one cruel cuts, that is outshining the United States in the justice and legal category.

And making Canada look like a "green and clean and happy hippie" fraud.

Don't worry about locking your doors in Canada and no one cares if you smoke pot but don't expect to leave without signing a false confession and spending days in jail if you allege torture of a child.

Shining examples of democracy.

I am not backing down on my torture claim and I'm not crazy. I am not going to lie and say I am either. I am a witness to felonies committed by Judges, and FBI and several others and my son has been terrorised and abused in this country and by Canada as well.

If you out there want a militia Vatican state, feel free to do and say nothing. I'd like to know why so many other countries out there are not speaking up about what they know of U.S. harm to their own citizens.

My Social Security insurance ran out in 2005.

What? My Grandpa Garrett didn't do enough for this country? Or he was just moved
out of the way?
That was 2002.

Three years later, my "insurance" ran out?

The fucking FBI dues to the mob? or the CIA coverage quit?


and fuck you George Bush, because you allowed this to happen under your Presidency first and you haven't said a thing about it and then passed it on to Obama.

Torture of U.S. citizens by the U.S. and most specifically for me in this State, under FBI head Fowler.

They wanted me to marry into the FBI and fucked me over for not doing it. It was CIA or FBI. I always thought CIA frankly, but FBI is looking a little closer to the mark.

They tortured me and my son, and then tried to hold me hostage and torture me to marry Alvaro Pardo to do a favor for them. They literally used me to try to get other people to do what they wanted and put other people ahead.

This country did that. And when I didn't go for it, because they're liars and tried to set me up too many times, they dropped their hostage negotiation deal and just signed me and my son up as hostages of the U.S. military.

Because I refused to marry into U.S. intelligence.

Then they were so stupid as to think I had some kind of English fantasy and that if they kept torturing me they could push me to be an exchange student in England with Middleton lording over me. Like I need to be a victim of experimentation in another country too.

They are torturing my brother and my parents to do psychic research for them and some of the people harming them have been "church" "christians". Who basically use them and don't want the practically free ride to ever end.

They hold my son hostage and have ruined him.

It is not hard to quit torturing someone, or to quit torturing a family, and you'd think someone in the Executive Committee has brains, but no. They are all Cartrights.

Taking what they can get and knowing they are firsthand witnesses to High Crimes.


Anonymous said...

Garrett et al v. Mueller et al
Filed: April 4, 2012 as 6:2012cv00581
A Minor: O.R. Garrett
Department Of State, Seattle, Wa: John Doe
Director Of Fbi Headquarters, Washington D.c.: Robert Mueller
Petitioner: Cameo Loree Garrett, a severely and persistenly mentally ill welfare slut
Portland, Or: FBI S.S.A. Gregory Fowler
Respondents: Alvaro Pardo Barbosa, Michael C. Ormsby and Attorney General of WA, Rob McKenna
Seattle, Wa: FBI S.S.A. Laura Laughlin
Secretary Of Defense: Leon Panetta
Cause Of Action: Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
Court: Ninth Circuit > Oregon > District Court
Type: P. Petitions > General

Anonymous said...

you talk about how innocent and modest you are because you know deep down what a gigantic whore you are. get real.


Lewis might know. He is founder and CEO of Brightworks, a Portland-based green building and sustainability consulting firm. So he and his wife Laura Rose-Lewis are determined to build a house that reflects their concern for having a smaller impact on the planet while living in relative luxury.

At nearly 4,000 square feet and a construction cost of $1.2 million, Lewis's house is not the way for most people to go 'green.' It's anything but a mud-and-straw hut. At $300 a square foot, his construction budget is roughly twice that of new standard-quality residences.

Mama said...

This is a comment left on my blog that refuses to appear for me to moderate or post so I had to cut and paste. It showed up after I got an email from an officer re. rape
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Obstructon with Education & New Evidence of Tortur...":

Garrett et al v. Mueller et al
Filed: April 4, 2012 as 6:2012cv00581
A Minor: O.R. Garrett
Department Of State, Seattle, Wa: John Doe
Director Of Fbi Headquarters, Washington D.c.: Robert Mueller
Petitioner: Cameo Loree Garrett, a severely and persistenly mentally ill welfare slut
Portland, Or: FBI S.S.A. Gregory Fowler
Respondents: Alvaro Pardo Barbosa, Michael C. Ormsby and Attorney General of WA, Rob McKenna
Seattle, Wa: FBI S.S.A. Laura Laughlin
Secretary Of Defense: Leon Panetta
Cause Of Action: Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
Court: Ninth Circuit > Oregon > District Court
Type: P. Petitions > General

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to Cameo Garrett at April 11, 2012 11:52 AM

Mama said...

In response to your comment:
I am the petitioner, not respondent and you have me listed in the middle. Secondly, it was filed under federal provisions, not state, for cause of action. It specifically states federal first and state as secondary. Also, this was filed in a section of court that is part of Mark O'Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, which works with FBI and U.S. Attorneys and this courthouse recently committed a felony.

I submitted a request for preliminary injunction and they date stamped it October and then delayed sending it back to me until November 15, with a letter stating they were not going to file it. That's a felony, to not file a document and I suspect it was a favor to Spokane, WA federal courthouse which has done the same thing, always through Catholic Judges. The first to do this was Catholic Judge Warren in Wenatchee, WA and he colluded with FBI and police in Oregon.

It's not suprising then, that when felonies are being committed (violation of USC's that allow for charges and jail-time) by Judges, if the FBI is not doing anything, they are then supporting and encouraging this.

I guess it means I will write another report to the FBI to investigate judicial crimes. Let's see how the FBI responds, shall we?

Also, this Magistrate who took this, Clarke, eliminated all respondents except one, which is illegal because it's against the law to alter a document.

I think the point of these corrupt Judges lately, has been to blur the lines in an attempt to make small mistakes or error take away from commiting felonies. Instead of having people focus on their felonies, they'd rather point to smaller problems which they are deliberately creating in an attempt to cover the real issue, which could send them and their pals to jail.

As to your comment about my being mentally ill or a welfare slut, you're entitled to your opinion.

Mama said...

I should add, I might have some reservations in the long run, about reporting fully to the FBI, because it would seem to me, that the past history has been the FBI does discovery for people I'm suing or about to sue. So if Judges are commiting felonies, maybe they're just adding things to try to prompt me to talk to the FBI, who they know would tip them off as to how much evidence I have, before I take their asses to RICO lawsuit in federal court myself.

Mama said...

I should add, I might have some reservations in the long run, about reporting fully to the FBI, because it would seem to me, that the past history has been the FBI does discovery for people I'm suing or about to sue. So if Judges are commiting felonies, maybe they're just adding things to try to prompt me to talk to the FBI, who they know would tip them off as to how much evidence I have, before I take their asses to RICO lawsuit in federal court myself.