Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Paper Swan

I wrote about it last night. I didn't take a photo of the paper swan though maybe I should have, but I didn't want to interrupt what was unfolding by getting out the tub to take a photo. So I just figured it is not something I need to photograph. It looked exactly as I described, like a swan. The head snap I descibed, happened so strangely, I think I was a little spooked. The neck and head were white and not touched, it was that the burn on the inside of the paper caused something to shift and then it made the neck then move quickly and make a snapping sound. I have taken a few photos to show the "T" or whatever. It's what someone lasered all over my Dad's back, so I guess they were worried about something. It was the sign of the cross, but more on 3 sides and the fourth one was much shorter. It was a distinct pattern they tortured my Dad over. So anyway,I had my Bible and a history book with me and thought it sort of looked like the "Touchstone" symbol for publishing from Rockefeller Center. But I think the real touchstone is maybe the Bible. ? Actually, I ended up on a lot of passages about that last night. So! This morning I took photos of the "T" or whatever. I say whatever bc who knows, maybe it looks like something else to someone else. And then I wanted something as a backdrop for the paper when I held it up and grabbed a box under my table for a surface and noticed it said on the bottom: WAX. And something with a seal for "Planta Sinaloa" and it says "Temple Inland". I guess I could get a better photo of that seal. Then I took a photo of the Rockefeller symbol but I wanted my Bible in one photo so I brought it over and the computer started to take a photo without my having pressed the button and it was an instinctive reflex so I put my hand up. Then I looked at it, this photo I did not take myself and thought, "It's like the hand, to touch. The touchstone." First I thought it was the hand to protect against intrusion and then I thought it is sort of like putting out a hand to touch someone too. I think most candle wicks burn with the 3 prong but it was all different last night, at different times and then when I was blowing it out it matched the shape of the paper so I photographed that too. I just looked at the box again and it says on the side: "Master's Touch". Last night I read about being a servant and had "maid" soup. I had my maid soup and then ended up reading about how the psalmist says he is the servant and son of a maidservant. Well. Oh, and then this morning, the first thing I opened up was a part of "Who's Who" with someone in mind because this song came on, "If you ever come back/there'll be a light in the hall" so I thought of my son and for some odd reason, Diana's brother Charles. I asked for something about him or his new Canadian wife that I have reservations about and turned to, at random, a photo of a woman that looks like her. It's Rhoda, p. 353, in a section about Peter and then I saw, with my book from Cornelious Ryan next to me, that it describes the conversion of Cornelious. That was random and had nothing to do with the other things, but since it just happened, I wrote about it here. ************* turned to christian radio and he said, "Pray always" (I'm writing now from what he is saying) Pray Boldly, that means talking all the time, overspeaking. It means praying about anything. Even the angels are bold, we pray without arrogance but boldly and with confidence. "Father I thank you for hearing me." Confidence. When Lazarus rose from the dead, they gave thanks to God. If you harden your heart, you don't feel the touch of God. We don't need to pray for those who have hardened their hearts (but can). He who is born of God, Jesus keeps him, and evil does not touch him. Jesus was born again. He came out of light into the darkness of this earth so that we who are born in darkness may be brought to the light. We who are born in Adam, are then brought to light. And we know that the son of God has come and given us understanding. Just turned again to a song, "Turn the lights down low, walk these halls ships in the night...if it's just you and me trying to find a light... if it all comes crashing to the sea, and it's just you and me...keep passing me by you keep passing me by. like ships in the night. I'll find my way, back to the ships in the night you keep passing me by ************************ This interesting shift of a song about leave the light on and turn the lights down reminds me of something I sang last night. It was the same kind of thing and I thought about the God of night and God of day, the God to be bold & familiar with and to fear, the God of the dark and of the light, of the hidden and the seen. I sang the song while in the tub, "In his presence" which talks about being in the presence of God and how there is perfect peace with this. "In his presence, there is comfort, in his presence there is peace. When we seek the father's heart, we will find such blessed assurance." So then I told God I'd sing a song from psalsm with this same melody and randomly turned to something. It was about the presence of God and having the fear of God. How everyone ran. Psalm 114. When Israel came out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of foreign tongue, Judah became God's sanctuary, Israel his dominion. The sea looked and fled! the Jordan turned back! the mountains skipped like rams, the hills like lambs. Why was it, O sea, that you fled, O Jordan, that you turned back, you mountains, that you skipped like rams, you hills, like lambs? Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacomb, who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water. I felt more of the presence of God with the song I sang about his presence as comfort and peace though. But I thought, it helps to show how there is a time and place for everything. And I don't believe He is just the God of Israel, but the God of all. I believe many people love and revere God and make him happy. christian radio: He who eateth this bread shall not die, but shall live forever. If we walk in the light as he is in the light, the blood of Christ keeps cleansing us of all sin.The cleansing "The Winning Walk" by Ed Young, Know that He is God.

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