Thursday, April 19, 2012

Copy of email to S.S.A. Fowler (Portland FBI)

For S.S..A. Fowler: FW: Report of Judicial Crime and Protection Against Retaliation‏

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Please forward this to your director, S.S.A. Fowler:

Mr. Fowler, I have submitted a report of a pattern of judicial felony that has affected me personally and resulted in a kidnapping of my son and adopting him out from me, under color of law. Because of the severity of the damages to both me and my son, who is now 5 years old, I need to know if your offices will be doing something about this or not. I first made a report about one of the Judges, Warren, in 2005, and because nothing was done, matters worsened and at this point, there is already some irreparable harm that has resulted. In order to immediatly prevent further irreparable harm (which I would consider to be a finalized adoption without recourrse to appeal as is currently happening), I would demand this office move on it, and do something now.

Taking a child under color of law, and terminating my parental rights, to take this "property (my son, as designated by legal definition)" to guardianship of the State and then try to transfer him to another guardian and call it "adoption" is no less than child laundering and an attempt to conceal crimes and the unlawful taking of a property through commission of crimes.

I consider this to be no different from the illegal transfer of properties that is addressed in RICO lawsuits, where the law provides for the injunction of further process and the relinquishment of said property back to original owners.

I would not want to be party to irreparable harm that your Bureau could have, and should have, prevented.

So either you do something now, or I will take this as an admission your offices and Headquarters has colluded to allow child laundering and supports judicial felons.

This is notice of impending lawsuit in addition to habeas corpus petition.

Cameo L. Garrett

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 09:55:30 -0400
Subject: RE: Report of Judicial Crime and Protection Against Retaliation

Thank you for contacting the FBI concerning your issue. We have forwarded the information to the squad handling those types of issues. If any further information is required someone will contact you.

Thank you again for contacting our Agency.



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