Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Lies From EOU (refusing to send check)

So this morning I discovered more lies.

My check for college, to allow me to buy books and materials, when it is already one full week past classes, was not sent as they told me it was. They lied.

Everything had been sent over to them on Friday evening. They had it waiting for them and all they had to do was put the check in the mail on Monday.

I called the billing and accounts offices at 10 a.m. yesterday and talked to "Michelle" who told me yes, they were sending my check that day. I asked if it had already been sent and she said no, because the morning mail went out before 10 a.m. and so, since I had called, it would go out that afternoon.

It never went out. I was specifically told it would be mailed and it wasn't.

They told me yesterday, however, in the afternoon, that it DID go out. So first they lied about how they were sending it out, and then they lied and confirmed it had gone out already.

I called today, at 11 a.m. and I had "Cindy" tell me it went out yesterday. So I said, "Which mail did it go out with? the afternoon mail?" and she said she'd check. Then she got back on the phone with me and said "It went out yesterday but it will have today's postmark date."

I said, "Why would it be postmarked today if it went out yesterday? Did it go out in the afternoon mail?" and then she said, "I was the one who printed it out and put it in an envelope. And then I put the envelopes in a box to go out, after 3:30 p.m." So then she was telling me, "It went out after 2 yesterday so it will have today's date."

They are just liars. They have lied so much they can't even keep their dates and logic together.

So then I said, "So you are saying it went out yesterday but it's going to be postmarked today. Did it even go out today?" and then Cindy said, "Oh yes. It went out with the morning mail today. Do you want me to check?"

So she gets back to me and said, "The envelopes are gone from the box so it will be mailed today." I said, "It WILL be mailed today or it already was mailed? because first you told me it was mailed yesterday."

She said, "It will be mailed today."

I said, "Michelle told me because I called early that morning, it would have been mailed yesterday. Could I please talk to Michelle?"

So she gets on the phone and I asked her why it didn't go out and she said it had to be printed first. I said, "Who is in charge of printing the check out?" and she said, "All of us do, any of us can do it." So I said, "So then you told me you were doing that and you didn't do it." She said, "Sorry." I said, "Did you choose not to do it or did someone instruct you not to?" and she said she was the one who chose not to do it.

So far, from EOU's billing, Michelle, Cindy, and one other woman there have lied to my face even after I try to confirm something with them nicely and politely. That's just one department. In the Registrar's offices, Annette Williams lied to me. And then in the financial aid offices, Christine Mino lied by saying she was sending out 2 emails she never sent and then lied when she "confirmed" and said yes, they were sent out already, she'd already done this. She lied twice.

So to get revenge for Christine Mino in EOU's financial aid offices, her friends in billing decided to do the same thing, to make her happy.

Who is Christine Mino connected to? Which ugly mobster?

I have not even listed all of the employees who have lied, but those are the main ones, and because of their constant flagrant lying, they have maliciously held up my getting money in time, to pay for my books and other things that I needed a week ago.

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