Sunday, April 15, 2012

CIA and Military Torture (anti-intellectuals)

I named my Ex, Alvaro, because he worked with the Department of State. Which means I was either punished by the FBI for not marrying him because they wanted me to, as a favor to them, or I was punished by the FBI and military and they sold me and my son out to the military, because I didn't do what the CIA wanted me to do.

They have no problem with my blogging now.

Why? Because they already paid billions for their cover, to conceal torture of a child and mother by claiming I am mentally ill.

They tell the college to give me "additional time" for disability and try to make themselves feel better, as if that's the candy bar I get this week for being tortured in the United States.

I think they try to tell someone that oh, this way, it's not really interfering with her college.

You know what it comes down to is that my family is smart and they've tortured us over it.

They never would have gone to these lengths, if they were afraid of my brains.

This is why they torture me. They can't stand having someone smarter than they are, tell the world how it is.

They didn't like my success with my lawsuits, so they colluded with whoever they could, to oppress me. It's jealousy all the way around and I believe I left off on my CAT torture complaint, with the 2nd assassination attempt.

These people are so rotten, and have been so jealous, they have paid literally billions of dollars, to try to keep me from succeeding at anything, or appearing smart, or singing, or doing anything that would make money.

They have re-introduced all the same torture they committed in 2007, against me and my son, now, and they feel okay about it. They're not even worried anymore. They pull the same kinds of computer pranks they were pulling in 2007, and commit acts of torture against my family, and this time, they are not even worried, because before when they tried to kill us, and we left, they got what they wanted.

They deliberately smoked us out of the U.S. with the intention of going after me and taking my son and they had it set up years ahead of time because the Department of Justice ALREADY knew where I had said I planned to go.

Since I've been trying to get classwork done just tonight they used things to the back of my head, which they did on the day I was assaulted and developed a huge swelling, they've used technology to affect my heart, they've lasered me, they've used technology to torture me all night with low levels of technology affecting my entire body to create abnormal twitching and vibrating of the metal in my neck...



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