Sunday, April 29, 2012

Detractors Over Stairs??? My Fall In Walker

I just posted an ardent comment from someone who made a point to write and say I never fell down a floor when I was a baby. The person is lying and why they want to lie about this detail I don't know. Let me guess. It's another "incident" refered to by someone, which others later wanted to cover up or switch around to fit them and their fairytale versions of events? oh, I mean nightmare, not fairytale. So this person writes, who is not even part of my family at all, and claims stairs were already up and that it was my mother that fell, not me. No, maybe my mother also fell. But I fell, as a baby, and I was in a walker. That is what Granny always told me, even when I was little, and she wasn't older then, and it's what others told me too. If there were stairs, they were not done or partially done, and I had always heard that I was a baby, in the kitchen in a "walker", which I assume is one of those moveable things that wraps all the way around a kid, and I went over the stair edge and fell, and everyone was supposedly shocked I was not injured. I have asked the same question: "How was I not injured?" several time because this is what was told to me. If anything is different, it's that someone like Carol Middleton came over on break from wherever, and had one of her bouncer push me over the stairs and then hurried to get pregnant and set up financially as soon as possible. I am sorry, but why is it that I was raped by a Jew and that it was premeditated, and occured after others knew I was a virgin? Every obstacle has been to keep me from being educated, pretty, or talented, and YES, I do know for a fact that Kate Middleton is not kind or "good" and she has had, seriously, SPIES over here, trying to keep my parents in line. So I know what I have been told, and what's the big deal? I get a comment like THAT, which really goes out of its way to make a point, and start thinking, "What did I say?" "Is it not supposed to be known I fell?" "Is someone trying to cover up the possibility that it wasn't a "fall" at all, or accident, and I was pushed and then someone ran out of the house?" "Is the fact that I used the word "walker" which is the only word ever used by Granny while telling me about what happened?" So why does it matter at all, unless someone freaked out because they don't want actual history to be known or told, just their horrid "adaptation".

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Anonymous said...

Cameo, how seriously do you believe that you have a personal connection to Carol Middleton, the mother-in-law of Prince William in the UK? Do you honestly and seriously not see how that is delusional and psychotic?

I hope that you can pull yourself out of this schizophrenia.

I am shocked that you are not being involuntarily treated w/ antipsychotics. Do you not have insurance?