Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heart in Tree (and torture evidence photos)

Torture before trees--I included photos of myself with some trees and of the heart from a White Birch. (The torture evidence photos were taken a week ago and the one's of me in the blue shirt and cream fleece next to the trees are all from today, taken before 11 a.m.)

But first I am including photos of my nails as they've changed because of exposure to torture. Like I said, these are not good photos and it's much more noticeable in person. I don't keep my nails this long either, but I did for taking photos. There are bands of white across the center of the nail, most noticeable on the thumbs, which showed up when I had internal bleeding in TN and tried to show FBI in Nashville. I have some medical things, but I have also been poisoned and tortured. After repeated torture by technology that affected my heart, my nails went bright red at the top and white from the center to the base. It is the same for my parents but theirs are even redder and it's not starting from the center for them. They also had no moons left and I still have some moons in my nails. My hands are at weird angles because I was trying to get the lighting to work and it kept dimming and getting fuzzy each time I tried to take a photo of these things.

Me, with birch bark and UK knife

Me and the German pot

My stand-by Revere, defender of the fortress

The random hair assortment

My heart in tree

White Birch


Apple Tree

Stream, Stones, & Green


I didn't mean to make a heart. It just happened. I went out with a knife to get the inner bark of the white birch and I pushed in the tip a little, and then slid it underneath and lifted up and peeled off the pieces. I didn't carve out the bark. I leveraged for it and then peeled and it ended up in a small sort of heart-shape. I thought about my son. And I felt sort of sorry for the tree. I wondered if it heals and how it heals and thought it was such an obvious mark. The first layer is dark and then it's sort of reddish and the point I reached, it was cream colored. I went out in my clothes I've worn for two days, pale pink over a long john top and jeans and with a cream fleece over and then went inside to boil it and change. I've worn the same pink for 2 days so I changed then to pale blue but I think I will need to add a sweater as it's getting cloudy.

I took a couple of photos of bark after it was boiled and might post them. I will add photos of the torture evidence of my nails as well.

The books say to get inner bark and last time I took surface bark but I think next time I'll take surface bark again. I am not into cutting up trees actually. I don't know, I felt something--maybe that it was a shame to mark it at all.

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