Sunday, April 15, 2012

Federal Loan Education: Illegal Computer Obstruction and Stalking

I continue to have stalking and computer obstruction today with college.

Someone has been minimizing my screens, changing my screens and redirecting the arrows, and then I have been trying still to access "webinars" which are lectures required for classes.

In my opinion, it's federal crime again.

There is federal law that prohibits interference while someone is trying to use a federal site, which was done with me for years and then I realized, "Oh yeah. The Department of Justice makes up at least half of the U.S. population's criminals." I sent requests for inquiry due to loss of actual incomes and monies from some of it and not once did anyone even bother to get back to me, and that was from the 3-person internet crime coalition that is branched off of the FBI.

Now that I have a small amount of the records from the FBI, now I know what the motive to lie about me has been, or for telling doctors to inject me with drugs.

Accessing a site for college, if it's a state college, may not be interference on a federal site, but it interferes with the use of federal monies for the loans to even go to college and try to work on education.

If I am paying back the U.S. federal government and someone is obstructing me from doing what I would normally do with this money, it's not a direct federal crime, but a back-door crime.

I don't even think it's EOU tonight, I think it's the middleman, which is Microsoft.

I have everything being shut off and shut down which forces me to sign up and re-sign up and sign up and sign up and keep signing up for lectures that never play.

My connection to wi-fi is 100% so it's nothing wrong with anything over here. It's the server inbetween and EOU servers. Tonight, I'm not getting any pop-up messages about EOU servers not working or not connecting to EOU, or EOU "not responding". SO either they removed their alert signals to tell you what's going on, or they have someone else involved in the middle of it that has been obstructing things.

I'll bet they're pimping for Judges.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is probably handling this one himself.